Livie & Luca Baby Shoes

Unique, leather shoes for little ladies.

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Livie & Luca

We handpicked this because

these handmade shoes are as sweet in design as they are comfortable for tiny toes. Livie & Luca shoes meet the highest standards, and give your tiny walker the comfort, style, and support needed to take every step with confidence.

Livie & Luca Baby Shoes


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"Livie and Luca is hands-down one of my favorite brands. Their shoes are so unique and whimsical that to me, they represent the magic of childhood. The details and quality are amazing — even the packaging is adorable!" -Kristen, Director of Merchandising

About Livie & Luca

If a Livie & Luca shoe could whisper in your ear it would say …Spread Joy! It would tell of its journey from a sweet bubble of an idea to a final inspired design. You would hear of its crafting in the hands of artisans where beautiful materials are combined with touches of whimsy and joy to create a shoe unlike any other. Working passionately is their way of life at Livie & Luca, and you will see and feel it in each shoe they make. Designed to "tread lightly" on the earth, Livie & Luca incorporates eco-friendly practices wherever possible. This commitment to the environment combined with fresh designs and taking cues from children's creativity, has created the magic that is Livie & Luca.

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