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A swaddle that grows with your baby is pretty darn cool.

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babies outgrow their new gear so quickly. Sometimes your baby uses it a handful of times, if you are lucky. NüRoo is a 3 sizes in 1 swaddle you can use from the day your baby arrives until she rolls over. So you are only spending $14.99 for a swaddle that lasts four months! You can easily remove the seam to grow with your baby and provide a perfect fit at every stage. NüRoo gives your baby... and you a sound night of sleep. Make sure to grab a couple to have an extra after those messy diaper leaks and spit ups.

How the NüRoo Swaddler Grows

NüRoo Swaddler


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3 sizes in 1 Grow With Me Swaddle Blanket

How long will my baby fit in the swaddler?

From Birth to 28 inches long, which is typically up to 4 months, depending on baby’s growth. Every baby grows at a different rate but you should always discontinue swaddling as soon as baby shows signs of rolling.

What is the best position for baby’s arms when swaddled?

Babies are inherently used to crossing their arms over their chest, similar to the fetal tuck position they were in inside the womb. However, placing arms at their sides can also be comfortable, as well as help prevent baby breaking loose of the swaddle. Let baby decide which they prefer…

How many swaddles should I buy?

We recommend at least 2. Given how much they sleep in those early months, they will inevitably spit-up or have a diaper leak. With more than one, you’ll always be prepared.

How do I know when baby is ready to transition to the next size?

Baby should have plenty of room to move and flex their legs freely. When they are kicking and extending the seam with their legs straight, it is time to move to the next size.

When should I no longer Swaddle my baby?

When baby starts to roll to their side or their back, they should no longer be swaddled. It is best to Swaddle when baby is positioned on their back, for safe sleep.

How should I dress baby underneath the swaddle?

Baby should be dressed appropriately for the season. Our signature fabric offers breathability and moisture-wicking properties, to help keep their body temperature within normal limits. Never overdress baby when swaddled.

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About NuRoo

Every product from NuRoo fosters the bond between mom and baby, and is backed by scientific evidence. NuRoo is inspired by their children and have learned the benefits, both for mom and baby, of keeping baby close. NuRoo's mission is to offer mom and baby optimal time together in those first few months, allowing for every early advantage. Simply put, Closest to Mom. Best for Baby.

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