Dapper Snapper Toddler Belt 2-Pack with Clips

Fix droopy drawers in a snap.

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Dapper Snapper

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busy kids do not have time for droopy drawers, and belts are too difficult for little ones to manage. Dapper Snappers keep pants up, and do not infringe on pulling them down for potty training. With these fun colors and patterns, your toddler will be happy to pair any of the Dapper Snappers with any outfit. It is an overall win!

Dapper Snapper Toddler Belt 2-Pack with Clips


"My son is a beanpole. He has always been average height, with a tiny waist -- which makes buying him pants that fit completely impossible! Even adjustable waistbands left his pants sagging below his bum. I was introduced to Dapper Snappers when my son was still in onesies... but I bought a set anyway, and I am glad I did every single day! They are so easy for me to snap on, but my favorite part, is they don't make it too difficult for him to pull down for potty time. They have given new life to pants I never thought he would get to wear! Buy a set, and your days of sagging pants are over!" -Kerianne, Buying



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About Dapper Snapper

After trying many different things to keep her 9-month old's jeans on, Michelle came up with a prototype made up of elastic and snaps. After showing the invention to several moms, she had come to the conclusion that she may be on to something. Their encouragement sent her on an 18-month journey of research and development. On June 21st, 2007, she launched Dapper Snappers toddler belts and started selling them retail and having them reviewed by mom bloggers. It took months to build up the momentum, but now this little empire is a force to be reckoned with. Who’d of thought that a lil ‘ol no-college-degree mom would invent kids belts that would rock the toddler world? They currently sell Dapper Snappers globally to 14 countries and the company's still growing.

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