Indestructibles Book Sets

Chew-proof, rip-proof, nontoxic, 100% washable story books.

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Indestructibles Inc.

We handpicked this because

these books are made to handle the way babies "read" books — chewing, sucking, throwing, tearing, and crumpling. Small and strong enough to handle outings in your diaper bag, these are perfect to always keep baby entertained with hours of fun and developmental learning.

Indestructibles Book Sets


Indestructibles: Books babies can really sink their teeth into!


"Indestructibles have been my favorite books to stash in my diaper bag since my little guy was just a few months old. They are smaller than a board book, but I don't have to worry about ruining the pages, especially now that he's a busy, ever-curious toddler!" -Angie, Merchandising


Indestructibles Grow With Baby

Indestructibles have something unique to offer babies at all their developmental stages between 0 and 2 years. Because they are wordless, your conversation can change as your baby develops, understands, and interacts with you more and more. Here are some examples of ways a baby might use an Indestructible at different developmental stages (these are just examples; your baby will have his/her own unique experience):

  • 0 months: baby enjoys hearing your voice and seeing you turn colorful pages
  • 4 months: baby may reach out and touch the book with her own hands
  • 6 months: baby can chew and explore the books with his own mouth
  • 9 months: baby can start learning to turn pages by herself
  • 12 months: baby can start to identify the animals in the pictures and soon say their names
  • 18 months: baby can talk about the animals and what they are doing
  • 2 years: baby and mommy can tell stories about what might be happening in the book


"That is one indestructible book!" -Julie Marsh (Associate Editor,

"These look wonderful. I used to search high and low for indestructible books for my babies to read. I love the illustrations!" -Michelle

"The books came yesterday, they are beautiful and exactly what I hoped for - real books with real paper, no cardboard, no plastic. To be honest - I was so thrilled that finally someone had such a good idea that I bought them way too early - the baby is due in November." -Alexandra, Germany

About Indestructibles Inc.

Indestructibles was founded by a mother of triplets who quickly found that paper books, even "board books" are too easily turned to mush and can even be a choking hazard. Wishing to provide her children with a book that they could "read" as much as they wanted, she enlisted the help of Kaaren Pixton, a renowned children's artist, who developed three working prototypes-three beautiful child-size picture books that were instant and enduring hits. Indestructibles continues to strive to bring the world of reading and imagination to the very young – beginning when they are babies – by providing parents a product that is designed age-appropriately for infants' physical, social, and cognitive development.

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