aden + anais Easy Swaddle™
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effortlessly swaddle your babe in soft, breathable muslin

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We think this is a must-have because: we love that aden + anais' easy swaddles™ make wrapping your newbie up simple enough to do with one hand! Plus, the breathable cotton muslin fabric make them perfect for babies born in any season.

They are called Easy Swaddles for a reason! See why:


"Not only is it adorable and very soft like all aden + anais products, but it is so versatile! I did not realize when I ordered it that it came with multiple sizing options. There are 4 sets of snaps so you can tighten the wrap around portion according to how big baby is! My little man will be able to sleep in this for many months to come!" - Corrie

"I received this as a gift for my first child, at one week old he will only fall asleep while nursing, but refuses to nurse swaddled, and leaving him Unswaddled means a max 30 minute nap which is no good for overnights. With the aden + anais I am able to swaddle him after he's fallen asleep without waking him, and almost guarantee a 4+ hour sleep. This has been an absolute life saver." - Stephanie R.

easy swaddle™

aden + anais® simplifies the act of swaddling with the easy swaddle. This wearable swaddle blanket made of 100% cotton muslin and snaps, helps create the perfect swaddle for a perfect night's sleep.

  • closure : snaps
  • special features : - breathable: helps reduce the risk of overheating
    - comfy: natural give ensures a secure swaddle
    - easy: secures and adjusts with simple snaps
    - stylish: signature prints that complement your style
  • material : 2 layers of 100% cotton muslin; cotton muslin is a soft, breathable fabric that's ideal for your baby's delicate skin
  • care instructions : machine washable
  • lining : 2 layers thick
  • recommended age : switch from a swaddle to a wearable blanket/sleeping bag, before your baby starts rolling over
  • how to use : [STEP 1] Slide baby into easy swaddle, gently place baby’s arms across chest slightly bent at the elbow and tucked into the opening.
    [STEP 2] Fasten the snaps at the top, making sure baby’s arms stay tucked in.
    [STEP 3] Take the left side of the easy swaddle and bring it across your baby’s chest.
    [STEP 4] Take the right side of the easy swaddle and bring it across your baby’s chest. Bring the excess fabric around the back of your baby and fasten with the snaps to secure.
+ aden + anais Easy Swaddle™ Sizing

Easy Swaddle™ Sizing

0-3 mo
up to 23"
up to 14 lbs.
3-6 mo
14-20 lbs.

About aden + anais

When CEO, co-founder and Aussie native Raegan Moya-Jones moved to the U.S., she was shocked when she couldn’t find the muslin swaddles she knew and loved from back home. Before she could stop herself, Raegan was a mom on a mission, inventing by way of necessity. In 2006, aden + anais® was born and now can be found in thousands of stores, across 63 countries, worldwide.

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