Korra Large 60" x 72" Home Throws

Ultra-soft fabric for the most luxurious blankets.

Lifestyle for Korra Large 60" x 72" Home Throws Lifestyle for Korra Large 60" x 72" Home Throws

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We handpicked this because

these are one of the softest blankets we have ever put our hands on! Korra USA Home Throws are made of lush fibers and beautiful color combinations. This luxury line is a beautiful (and addicting) addition to your couch, bed, chair....you name it. Get comfy and cozy.

Korra Large 60" x 72" Home Throws



KORRA USA Luxury Home Collection was created by two devoted mothers with a singular goal, affordable luxury for every home. Their combined passion for supple materials, classic designs, and beautiful interiors served as inspiration for the brand. Additionally, their love of family and creating a welcoming, warm home environment is reflected within the attention to detail in every product. The initial collections are designed for the entire family, with a super luxurious assortment of baby and throw blankets. Each product is carefully hand made in Los Angeles, California. They understand the importance of creating and supporting the local economy and proudly feature the label, made in the USA.

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