Itzy Ritzy On-the-Go Essentials

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Itzy Ritzy

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as a new parent, it can be so hard to know what essentials you need in your diaper bag. Well, here are two of them: a great reusable bag to hold dirty diapers (cloth or disposable), or an extra set of clothes; and an easy to use nursing cover. Itzy Ritzy's wet bags are some of our favorites - they don't leak and those dirty diapers won't stink up your diaper bag or car. We also love the nursing covers. Easy to use when baby is screaming for food, they're adorable and they don't take up much room in your ever growing bag. Trust us, we have a few moms around here that know about these things.

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Itzy Ritzy On-the-Go Essentials


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About Itzy Ritzy

At Itzy Ritzy, they believe parenting in style is possible. Their modern collection of baby toddler and lifestyle accessories provides smart, attractive solutions to everyday challenges, from carrying heavy car seats to keeping school snacks under eco-friendly wraps. They love making your life easier, so our multi-purpose products pack a number of dazzling punches without making you do a lot of work. Plus, they tread lightly on Earth with environmentally conscious, no-waste solutions. Through it all, they keep style top of mind, designing chic prints you won’t find anywhere else in a confection of eye-catching colors.

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