Robeez Kickproof Socks

Comfortably cover tootsies with socks baby can't kick off.

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We handpicked this because

these are simply our favorite socks! They simply stay on like nothing else we've seen, which means no more missing socks, or worse - cold tootsies! Not only are these baby socks super cute and fun to match with outfits, but the unique kick-proof gather gives you peace of mind your babe is always covered from head to toe.

Robeez Kickproof Socks


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"My little guy got plenty of socks as gifts as a new baby, but after I started using Robeez Kickproof socks, I never looked back! They are the only socks that would stay on his feet from when he was a tiny newborn to an always-moving crawler and walker. His sock drawer is stocked with nothing else!" -Angie, Marketing


About Robeez

After she was downsized from her airline job, Sandra Wilson began handcrafting pairs of brightly colored soft-soled leather shoes for her son. She hand-stiched 20 pairs and attended the 1994 Vancouver Gift Shoe trade exhibition where over 15 retailers fell in love with her quality products and adorable designs. That humble beginning lead to her brand becoming a well-known name in the boutique baby industry. The "easy on, stays on" function of the shoes continues to be an underlying theme for all Robeez products from socks to shoes.

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