Tie Chair Portable High Chair

Turn any seat into a comfortable high chair.

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Tie Chair

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babies are a busy lot, and just because you're on the go doesn't mean your mini muncher won't get peckish. Stick this handy Portable Tie Chair in your diaper bag and be prepared when there's no highchair in sight. The Tie Chair baby-fies regular adult dining chairs, so your little one will feel all grown up while being snug and secure at the table. Foldable, machine-washable, safe, and fashionable, the Tie Chair is like having a portable highchair wherever you go.

Tie Chair Portable High Chair


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"I am all about convenience and the tie chair is so, so helpful! I have had mine for 5 years and used it with both my boys. It rolls up perfectly to put in your diaper bag and saved the day for trips to grandmas and restaurants. Both my kids preferred sitting in a big chair just like the rest of us instead of a restaurant high chair. And to top it off you can wash it in the washing machine! " -Kianna, Director of Customer Service

How To Use the Tie Chair

1. Simply slide the Tie Chair over the back of the chair, and tie the top two ties in the back so the Tie Chair is secure.

2. Next, place your child on the seat, and lift the harness between the legs, up to the top of the chest, directly under the arms.

3. Finally, wrap the straps around the back in a criss-cross, then around the front, tying them snugly. (Straps can be wrapped around again for extra security.)

4. Your child is now safely secured in the chair!


About Tie Chair

After months of design ideas inspired by her youngest daughter's demands to join the family at the table, the savvy inventor of the Tie Chair settled on a design. She began using the Tie Chair in public, at family gatherings, friends' houses, and while traveling, and questioned how she had survived without it. Not long afterward, she was being asked by others where they could find one. After encouragement from her husband, the inventor decided to patent her invention and sell it to other mom's with the same need.

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