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the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor is everything you could ever hope for. It offers a 1.8 colour screen and a superb range of up to 300 metres ensuring you have complete portability. The Two-Way Talkback allows you to soothe your child from another room and parents see little ones in the dark with the Night Vision Capability, also included is an integrated temperature monitor. No need to spend $200+ on a video monitor when you can get this!

Digital Video Baby Monitor with 1.8 Inch color LCD Screen and Infrared Night Vision - MBP621

  • $46.99
  • Retail $99.99
  • Camera: -1.8 inch colour screen.
    -wall mountable camera.
    -zoom function.
    -features infra red night vision so you can see your baby in the dark.
  • Contents: -parent unit with 1.8" diagonal color screen
    -baby unit (audio/video)
    -belt clip (parent unit)
    -support stand (baby unit)
    -users guide
    -quick start guide
    -rechargeable battery pack (parent unit)
    -power adapter (parent unit)
    -power adapter (baby unit)
    -model Motorola MBP621
  • Special features: -two way communication
    -infrared night vision
    -room temperature display
    -wireless technology: 2.4 GHz FhSS
    -520 ft range
    -1.8" diagonal color screen
    -belt clip (parent unit)
    -high sensitivity microphone
    -out of range alert
    -volume control
  • Note: When there is a clear line of sight between parent and baby units any obstruction between parent and baby units will reduce the range significantly. With parent and baby units indoors, the typical range is up to 100 feet.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor



"I found this to be everything it is claimed to be. The instructions were clear and easy to follow(one booklet in English and one in Spanish are provided). It took about 11 hours to charge the battery in the monitor out of the box. I tested the device first in normal light. The image quality was excellent and I could easily see detail and color. I could also hear sound from the handheld(of course, you could set it on a table as well, or clip it to your belt) and speak into it and it came out very clear. I tested all features at about 15 feet and also at about 30 feet between two floors of the house. There was never a problem. Then, I tested it in total darkness. The image was in black and white, as expected, and still with excellent definition, as long as the subject was not too far from the camera. In the infra-red mode(it comes on automatically if the light falls below a useable level) when the subject is more than five feet from the camera, the definition falls off and the image becomes grainy(that is because the infra-red illumination isn't that intense and image quality falls off due to lack of intensity). So, for nighttime use, try to put the camera no more than several feet from the subject(I suppose that would be a baby...or maybe a puppy!). In the infra-red mode, the camera has four bulbs that glow red slightly. I hope that doesn't disturb the baby. This is a great choice in baby monitors that gives trouble-free service and setup." -J. M WILINSKY

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