Milkstars Nursing Apparel

Stylish nursing apparel basics.

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We handpicked this because

these are staple pieces for every wardrobe and the versatility allows you to mix and match with your own closet. With Milkstars Apparel's innovative designs, you can strut flattering looks while having easy access for nursing. In styles this fashionable, we’d love to wear this nursing apparel — nursing or not!

Milkstars Nursing Apparel


See how luxurious and simple these basics are!


“We’re ga-ga for the entire line of Milkstars nursing apparel." -Parenting Magazine

“Breastfeeding attire has improved by leaps and bounds from the old days of frumpy frocks. Splurge on a few pieces that allow you to feel polished and put together — your hormones may be all over the place, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to be.” -Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

About Milkstars

Milkstars was created by a new mom who, like so many others, dreaded getting dressed after her baby was born. While she was pregnant, Jamie Rubin had her pick of designer clothing to flatter her growing bump. The party ended once she gave birth and took up nursing, so she created Milkstars - a line of chic nursing shirts she'd want to wear, nursing or not!

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