True Womb Swaddle

Designed to mimic the womb, providing security & flexibility.

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True Womb

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TrueWomb is the only complete system designed to mimic the natural feel of the womb for baby's arms and legs, allowing baby to have more movement then other swaddles. Their two-stage swaddle system is available in multiple sizes to meet specific needs for newborns and infants as they develop and grow. True Womb gives your little one flexibility and security.

True Womb Swaddle


"True Womb makes your baby feel safe and secure. My four-month-old gets startled in her sleep and wakes herself up, scared and confused and sad. When she's bundled up with her arms snuggled to her chest, she is so much happier. She loves it. She is able to calm down much quicker, and she sleeps sounder and longer as well. Night-time is no picnic with a newborn, but it is so much sweeter with the True Womb." -Kami, Merchandising



"So simple for men, grandparents, babysitters. Instruction on the actual outfit...intuitive for women. My baby wouldn't sleep without it. I want one for myself!" - Steph

"My husband and I stumbled upon this product while looking for a swaddler for our newborn. It has become my favorite baby product we own because it has helped our daughter to sleep so well. At just a few weeks old she was only waking twice during the night to feed and sleeping completely through the night at 8 weeks!! She will wiggle and squirm a little during the night still but won't wake herself up completely because she's swaddled so well." -Kmm

About True Womb

The TrueWomb Swaddle is an award-winning sleeping system designed to help your baby sleep better. It is made to replicate the feeling of mother's womb, making baby's transition to the real world happier for everyone!

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