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We handpicked this because

when you become a mother, you suddenly don't have enough hands to carry everything! The Okkatots Carrier allows you to comfortably cuddle your sweetie hands-free from newborn to 25 pounds. It even detaches so you can take baby out without waking him!

Front baby carrier - black

  • $29.99
  • Retail $99.99
  • Special features: Carrying pouch can also be used in a shopping cart seat as a child restraint; folds into its own pocket for convenient storage, Attachment on the OkkaBand for keys and pocket for small items, such as cell phone and toys
  • Pockets: Insulated pocket holds several baby bottles or sippy cups
  • Sizing: Holds babies from newborn up to 25 pounds
  • Ways to wear: Fit carrier to baby rather than other way around, natural way, Baby wears separate pouch that goes on and off as easy as a diaper, extends two ways for a custom fit, and detaches to gently move a sleeping baby,
  • Strap: Harness straps allow baby to lean back for parent interaction or be easily removed when asleep
  • Adult fit: Padded shoulder straps adjust for a perfect fit (approximately 28"-66" adult chest).
  • Note: Carry baby two ways: facing in or facing out

The Okkatots front baby carrier system is designed to carry your baby in a natural position against your chest. Carrying your baby at the center of your body, rather than on the side, is better for your spine and hips because the weight is evenly distributed across your chest, shoulders, and hips. Holding your baby close provides optimal support for him and also minimizes any shifting in your center of gravity, which helps reduce back strain

Okkatots Baby Carrier



"First of all, I love this carrier! I seriously use it all the time. I just love that Carson loves it so much. He falls asleep any time he's in it. I love that I can go places, like the movies, and get him asleep and he'll stay asleep as long as he's in it. It's also easy to put him in it and get going. I absolutely love the Extend-to-tend feature - when Carson is fussy, I can calm him down with this and then tighten it back up. It is so user friendly. I really appreciate how versatile the carrier is. I just can't say enough how much I love this carrier! Thank you!" -Danica

"The Okkatots baby carrier is amazing. While traveling and walking through airports and carrying bags and pushing luggage, I would never have kept my sanity without it. The waist belt made it feel like I had nothing on, it was so comfortable. My little girl loved it and made everyone around her smile with her babbles of enjoyment while walking along. Then when she was getting tired I would quickly unclip the pouch part and turn her around and she would fall right to sleep. I had so many compliments on the carrier and everyone wanted to know who made it. I could carry her for hours at a time stopping only to feed her and she loved it, never complained. The design is chic and classy and looks good on anyone. The system allows me to unclip her once she's fallen asleep and lay her down without waking her up! It's easy on the back, I would highly recommend it to anyone, but especially those who have sore backs." -Liz B.

"We bought the Okkatots Baby Carrier because we have triplet grandchildren and it's the best for holding one of the three and tending to the needs of the others. The carrier is designed very well.... it allows for one person to strap the baby in the carrier. Our grandbabies love it. They feel close to you and can view all that is going on. The carrier is very comfortable." -Larry

About Okkatots

Okkatots was created for the love of little ones. Their deepest desire is to increase the enjoyment of parenting for mothers and fathers everywhere for their children's benefit. We hope to provide security and comfort for babies and young children, making it easier for them to be included in your everyday life. Because they truly care about parents and the responsibilities to their children, they make every effort to incorporate parent feedback into their products. Working hard to meet your needs in many areas, they strive to incorporate efficiency, functionality, style, longevity, and value into our baby carrier, diaper bags, and other products.

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