Floppy Seat Shopping Cart Covers

Pillow soft comfort that protects your baby from germ-filled seats.

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Floppy Seat

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shopping and eating with babies is tough enough, but shopping and eating with germs can make life even tougher. The things left behind (leaked diapers, saliva, blood), just ew, ew, ew. That's why we are a fan of the Floppy Seat, a shopping cart and highchair cover that is super snug. Line all four sides of the hard, cold, and germ-filled seat with a patented elastic perimeter. With fun and modern prints, plus toy and bottle pockets, the Floppy Seat is a great choice for keeping baby comfy and protected while you shop.

Floppy Seat Shopping Cart Covers


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Germs and Shopping Carts

A University of Arizona study revealed that shopping carts failed more hygiene tests than public restrooms: 54% of them contained bodily fluid and 21% of them tested positive for blood, mucus, urine or saliva. So why put your baby on a dirty shopping cart with no protection? source: Kelly Renolds, PH.D Microbiologist, U. of A.

About Floppy Seat

Floopy Seat's Mission is to protect babies from germy uncomfortable shopping cart seats and restaurant high chairs.

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