Bumpboosters Cookies by Milkmakers

Delicious, nourishing snacks for moms-to-be.

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pregnant moms are under a lot of pressure to nourish their growing babes. With Bumpboosters cookies, you can have a sweet indulgence that is actually good for you and your babe. We love the taste, but the organic nutrients designed to boost your pregnancy are even better.

Bumpboosters Cookies by Milkmakers


About Milkmakers Cookies


"100 percent of the moms called in with positive results in less than a week. Most of the moms were only eating 1 cookie per day. All of the moms were pumping at least once during the day so they could actually see measurable results." -Renee Beebe, M.Ed., IBCLC

"As a dietitian, I am fully supportive of the concept that women and moms can, and should, enjoy eating. So, the fact that Milkmakers is a cookie simply shows women that tasty food, that has sugars and fats, can be nutritious and used in the body for good purpose." -Julie, Registered Dietitian

"The cookies are fantastically delicious. I do think they make a positive difference in my supply. Thank you for great advertising in Parenting magazine, otherwise I’m not sure I would have heard of them." -Catharine

"Tasty and effective! Milkmakers helped boost my milk supply for pumping when I went back to work. After 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding, it became a point of pride that my son had never had a drop of formula…much thanks to Milkmakers!!" -Commenter on dailycandy.com

"Milkmakers make a welcome and generous gift for nursing moms. They do just what they say they will do – MAKE MILK! And they are beyond delicious." -Francesca, commenter on dailycandy.com

"I had troubles with both my daughters in nursing…I tried medication but that option came with bad side-effects so I was so grateful for a natural way to boost my milk supply." -Kara, commenter on dailycandy.com

About Milkmakers

What a mom eats while pregnant can help provide her baby with a solid foundation – for life. Pregnant moms frequently need to add more vitamins, minerals, protein, and calories to their diet. Emily (founder of Milkmakers) spent a long time researching just what belongs in a pregnancy cookie. She sourced ingredients that were organic and “real.” Emily's favorite definition of real food is this: if your great-grandmother wouldn’t have thought of it as food, it’s probably not real food.

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