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We hand-picked this because: The natural open weave of Aura Weavers blankets makes them über-breathable – helping your baby maintain a comfortable body temperature. This reduces the risk of overheating while keeping your baby snug and cozy. Not only do these make the perfect gift but your little one can use them now through toddlerhood!

What is muslin?

Made with 100% cotton, muslin is a soft, gentle and versatile fabric. This openly-woven fabric allows the air to circulate through the fabric and reduces the risk of overheating while keeping the wearer snug and cozy, making it suitable for hot as well as cool climates.

History of muslin

Archaeologists believe that Muslin of the finest weave found from the excavated sites in India was produced during the Indus Valley Civilization about 5000 years ago. Though the first documented origination of this finely-woven fabric is from Dhaka (ancient India). For millennia, was considered one of the finest luxury textiles, and adorned by the royals and the nobles across the world. While the fineness of this fabric found favor in Victorian times as a draping material for clothing, it also gained popularity for multiple other uses including swaddling the newborns.

Why we chose muslin for babies?

As history says it all, muslin has been loved for innumerable generations. Our special muslin is the most gentle and soothing fabric to put against baby’s skin. Breathable: open-weave reduce the risk of overheating while keeping baby warm and snug. Durable: Strong fibers and lightweight makes for the softest and most durable fabric – ideal for everyday use. Soft: With every wash, our muslin creates natural crinkles that make the fabric ultra soft. And the fabric only gets softer with each wash!

muslin swaddle 2-pack

Aura Weavers Muslin Swaddling Blankets are just the right size for infants (47” X 47”), with a natural stretch that ensures snug and secure swaddling for your little one. Lightweight muslin makes for the softest and most durable blankets – ideal for swaddling your baby everyday. And the fabric only gets softer with each wash!

  • special features : Aura Weavers makes an exquisite baby shower gift with its fabulous boutique quality muslin blankets and beautiful packaging.
  • material : 100% cotton muslin
  • dimensions : 47” X 47”
  • perfect for : Aura Weavers blankets are the ideal companion for babies from birth to toddlerhood and beyond. These versatile blankets can be used for swaddling, nursing cover, as security blankets, sun shades, play mats, burp cloths, changing pads and much more.

About Aura Weavers

Each member of Aura Weavers team has experienced the joys and the concerns that come with raising little children. They are also familiar with new parents desire to surround the little ones with safe and healthy environment. That’s why they chose to begin Aura Weavers!!!! They started their journey with basic muslin swaddle blankets and today, after being tried-tested-approved-loved by numerous childcare experts, medical professionals, parents and most importantly babies, Aura Weavers has grown to carry a gorgeous array of 100% organic, breathable and absolutely comfortable muslin products including swaddling blankets, sleep sacks, crib sheets, burp cloth, multilayered blankets and more.

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