Bestaroo Rosette Dress

Let your little one feel like a princess.

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We handpicked this because

these dresses are cute, comfy, playful pops of color that will make any little girl cheerful! From parties to photoshoots of your little lady, in this outfit the compliments just keep coming!

Bestaroo Rosette Dress


About Bestaroo

An Indian (from India) and a blonde (from Cali) come together to make the most adorable outfits for your princess. Every piece is dreamed up and designed with love by a mom and loving aunt who live in Southern California. Both women have been in the children's apparel and accessory industry for years. Between the two of them they have a total of 22 years in the Industry! Each have had their own separate companies and they have decided to partner up because two heads are better than one.

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