Peek Away Breastfeeding Plus and 4-in-1 Kit

A nursing cover, pillow, diaper bag, and changing pad at your fingertips.

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pregnancy can be tricky. These innovative pillows from Peek Away make sure you and your baby are supported through pregnancy, nursing, and development. The brand new Breastfeeding Plus supports your tummy and lower back while you grow, then becomes a comfortable nursing and tummy time pillow as your baby grows. This pillow also features an easy to reach pocket for a pacifier, remote or phone, so you can have everything at your fingertips. The 4-in-1 Essentials Nursing Kit makes a sophisticated fashion statement with its elegant prints, quality construction, and perfect size. Tucked inside is a nursing pillow that props baby up for more comfortable nursing, a built-in changing pad with a removable wipes case, and a coordinated nursing cover that ensures privacy even in public. All you need to do is sit, relax and enjoy the moment with your baby.

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Peek Away Breastfeeding Plus and 4-in-1 Kit


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Peek Away Mom


"It provides proper positioning, giving ample support and comfort when nursing in cramped spaces or at home. It does not take up much room and it has all the essentials, including storage compartments and a diaper change pad with a built-in wipe case, forgoing the need to lug a diaper bag and pillow. By nature, I’m modest and I wasn’t comfortable nursing or pumping in the car without a cover; therefore I included a separate matching nursing cover to come with the product for moms to use if they choose. " - The Leaky Boob blog review

"Once spring and summer hit, we are constantly on the move. Between birthday parties, play dates, softball games, cookouts and walks to the park, I need something that is quick and easy to grab that stores exactly what I need. I love the built in pockets which hold exactly what I need when I’m on the go. I don’t ALWAYS want to carry a large diaper bag and sometimes I don’t need to. Even when we take a walk to the park or around town, it’s easy to just grab my Peek Away and go. It holds everything I need." - Fun with Four blog review

"The feature I liked most about the Peek Away 4-in-1 Nursing Kit was the cover is a large oval shape with an opening at the top that allows you to keep eye contact with baby. All of the materials are easily washable which we all know is very important with babies since they are messy. The clutch unfolds to be a thick changing pad and has a built in wipes holder which is super convenient as well." - Everything Mommyhood blog review

About Peek Away

Peek Away is a wonderful product that promotes nursing and is an invaluable item for offering moms a nurturing start both for meeting their child's nutritional needs and bonding. Peek Away is committed to producing a safe, fashionable product made with love from people who care about children, life, and family.

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