Baby Banz Swim Gear

Fun and protection in the sun.

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Baby Banz

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we know how great it is to get your little ones outside, but in an ever deteriorating climate, it is more important than ever to protect your child from the sun. Baby Banz leads the charge in the fight to keep your little ones safe now and in the future from sun damage.

Baby Banz Swim Gear


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About Baby Banz

The Baby Banz Inc. journey began in 2001 in Australia, one of the harshest UV climates in the world. One Australian's search for a proper pair of 'sunnies' for his infant son, forced him to take action, leading to the inevitable development of the now popular Baby Banz sunglasses. Baby Banz sells its products nationwide in a variety of outlets including optical and specialty baby stores. Baby Banz has not only made a name for itself in Australia, but across the globe as well. Baby Banz products can be found in countries such as United States of America, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, England and New Zealand. Baby Banz Inc. Australian headquarters are based in Perth WA with corporate offices in the United States of America and England.

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