Diaper Diamond Cloth Diaper Sprayer Shield

Poop happens, so might as well have fun cleaning it.

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Diaper Diamond

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Diaper Diamond Cloth Diaper Sprayer Shield takes the dirty work out of cloth diapering. We understand it may seem intimidating to cloth diaper your baby. It brings back that stereotypical memory of mothers drowning in poopy diapers and it can become overwhelming. Using cloth diapers doesn't have to be scary though, especially with the patented Diaper Diamond Cloth Diaper Sprayer Shield. Just stretch out the diaper using the slits and push down to secure it to the shield. Close the front panel and spray the mess into the toilet. Drop the diaper into a wet bag or pail for the next load of wash and store the shield easily on a hook behind the toilet. Make rinsing those messy diapers a breeze!

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Cloth Diaper Sprayer Shield

  • $12.99
  • $23.95
  • Dimensions: 25 1/4" w x 17 1/2" h
  • Fit: Compatible with all size cloth diapers
  • How to use: Open the sprayer shield flat, working from top to bottom slide diaper fabric into slits and push down on tabs to secure; close the front panel of shield; hold over toilet and spray diaper; remove diaper, place in wet bag or pail; hang shield behind toilet tank

The Cloth Diaper Sprayer Shield stretches diapers flat so it makes cleaning messes effortless and contained where it belongs... in the toilet.

Diaper Diamond Cloth Diaper Sprayer Shield


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About Diaper Diamond

Diaper Diamond founder, Bernadette Drew has come a long way with her appreciation for cloth diapering. In 2008 her Mom suggested she use cloth diapers on her first born and her initial reaction went something like this: "Absolutely not, that is disgusting!" After a family friend shared her positive cloth diapering experience and showed her this nifty device called a diaper sprayer, Bernadette decided to give it a try. Environmental concern was the main reason for considering cloth diapers. It wasn't long before she was giving the diaper sprayer a run for its money! The overspray made another mess to clean up, but what was the alternative? Besides the overspray issue Bernadette always felt like she needed an extra hand to pull the elastic in the diaper taut to make spraying that scrunched up area easier, however no one in her household was volunteering for the job. So she started working with different materials like plastic cutting boards and garbage cans and over the span of several years and 13 prototypes later she had figured out the best design. Bernadette and her family live by the phrase REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE as much as possible so it isn't surprising that once she got into cloth diapering she was passionate about sharing her experience with others and encouraging anyone else that showed interest. She does believe that each one of us can make a difference in helping our planet and the health of our children even if it is one small step at a time. The most important thing for Bernadette and the Diaper Diamond family is providing quality products and great customer service. Bernadette's reason for pursuing this idea is to make cloth diapering easier and less messy therefore encouraging parents to choose cloth over disposables. You can see other videos and info showing tips to get the most out of your Diaper Diamond at www.diaperdiamond.com

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