Truly Delightful Essential Oils

Harness pure and all-natural wellness benefits.

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Truly Delightful

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essential oils provide the solutions you need to feel rejuvenated and at your best. Cleansing, calming muscles and nerves, emotional wellness, and supporting every system of the body, essential oils can help.

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Truly Delightful Essential Oils


Essential Oils Can Help With...

Peppermint Oil: backache, fatigue, bloating/cramps, cold, headaches, memory, dizziness, hot flashes, fever, mood swings, upset stomach, shock, nausea, cough

Eucalyptus Oil: insect repellent, acne, hayfever, asthma, sinus infection, high blood pressure, bronchitis, immune system, circulation, cough

Lavender Oil: calming, burns, inflammation, acne, headaches, allergy, reproductive, stress, DNA repair, scrapes, bee sting/insect bite, cuts, insomnia

Tea Tree Oil: skin care, antifungal, blisters, antiseptic, coughs, mold, MRSA, scar tissue, hair care, lice, immune system, warts, sore throat, candida

Clean and Happy
Lemon Oil: cleanser, digestive, detox, disinfectant, depression, flu/cold, clogged pores, odor, asthma, sore throat, allergies, cough, UTI, produce prep.

Orange Oil: nervous disorders, anxiety relief, appetite loss, immune support, endocrine support, immune system, colic, asthma, sleep aid

Fresh and Free
Grapefruit Oil: addictions, stress, dry throat, appetite loss,migraines, cellulite, pms, kidney/liver support, digestive system, skin cancer, edema, cardiovascular, fatigue, jet lag

Cinnamon Leaf Oil: odor neutralizer, personal hygiene, disinfectant, insect repellent, green pesticide, aromatherapy, antiseptic, stimulant, cardiac, memory, anesthetic

Head to Toe
Rosemary Oil: hair improver, poor circulation, muscular aches, sore throat, anti-dandruff, scalp aid, digestion, gall bladder, inflammation aid, cramps, headache, mood enhancer, memory, sleep/dream aid

Bergamot Oil: stress/anxiety, anorexia, depression, antibacterial, skin - acne, eczema, cold sores etc, reduces fever, heals wounds, blood circulation, infections, flu and cold, pain reliever, relaxes nerves and muscles, mood helper, scaring

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