Saranoni Mini and Receiving Blankets

Breathable warmth and ultra-soft fabric for the best baby blankets ever.

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We handpicked this because

these are the softest blankets we have ever put our hands on. Which is why Saranoni continues to be a Fan Favorite. Saranoni Baby Blankets are made with the highest quality of fabric. Perfect for bundling, cuddling, sleeping, or even decoration. Get baby cozy with the softest blanket you'll ever touch!

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Saranoni Mini and Receiving Blankets


Every age, every stage


"I gave each of my three kids and my husband a Saranoni blanket for a Christmas gift last year. Saranoni = perfect gift! They opened them all at the same time and they were an instant hit! Saranoni blankets are amazingly soft, with the perfect weight to feel cozy. A favorite night at our house is "Movie Night With Our Fuzzy Blankets." We use our Saranoni blankets year-round, even in the summer when the air conditioner is on. There is something great about wrapping up in the softest-blanket-ever when cold season hits. You can't have just one. They are large enough to share, but awesome enough to fight over! " - Amy W., Utah


About Saranoni

Saranoni believes quality, designer baby duds and accessories should be made available to all. Saranoni offers affordable luxuries for the everyday mom - without sacrificing excellence in design, materials, and service.

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