Stonz Booties

Washable rain, wind, sun or snow booties.

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Forget bulky boots that kids can't walk in...Wear Stonz boots over bare feet, socks, slippers or shoe. From spring rain to winter snow layer these water and wind-resistant booties to keep your little one comfortable. April showers bring May flowers. Spring season is almost upon us. Stonz booties are perfect for keeping your little ones feet dry! Layer these up or down to make them the perfect all season bootie for your little explorer.

Stonz Booties pair perfectly with soft-sole shoes underneath!

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Stonz Booties


The perfect all season booties!

Stonz Original Versatile Booties from STONZ on Vimeo.


"I love that they stay on! And it is amazing that they are so easy to maintain - just throw them in the wash!!! LOVE IT! Will definitely be buying another pair for baby #3!" -Sandra

"Also...wanted you to know that the booties that I used for both my girls and passed on to my cousin are now on their 5th child and look great!! I recommend Stonz to everyone...and they're my favourite new baby gift!!" -Erica

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