Snapping Turtle Kids Baby Swimwear

Seaside inspired swimwear with snaps for quick changes.

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Snapping Turtle Kids

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it's never easy to change a wet squirming baby in a sopping wet suit. Snapping Turtle Kids has designed swimwear to make your job as a parent smooth sailing. These suits feature stainless steel snaps at the crotch for an easy change or potty break. Inspired by favorite seaside vacation spots, Snapping Turtle Swimwear offers comfort and functionality for your little ones.

Snapping Turtle Kids Baby Swimwear


About Snapping Turtle Kids

In the summer of 2010, first-time mom Kimberly Goodwin was ready for a day at the beach in Nantucket with her three-month-old daughter, Reese. Having packed everything but the crib, Goodwin was prepared for anything—until the baby needed changing. Only an hour into the day, Goodwin struggled to pull off Reese’s wet suit, change her diaper and put the suit back on, all while the infant wailed. She thought, there has to be an easier way. Why don’t they make bathing suits with snaps? An idea turned into a mission and Snapping Turtle Kids was born.

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