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Lilliputiens Bath Book and Cuddle
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arnold pirate
bath book
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nicky splash
bath book
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noemie reversible
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walter reversible
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A sprinkle of magic and a pinch of whimsy, Lilliputiens brings you a world full of wonder. Snag a set of bath books to let your baby swim with the fishes, and sail with pirates all from the comfort of your tub. Then cuddle with the sweetest dragon and gnaw sore gums on the knots of the silliest giraffe around. Capture the magical adventures of childhood with the wondrous world that Lilliputiens will bring to your home and tub.

Bath Books

Nicky and Arnold can join little ones in the bath with this colorful bath book. These little friends, the fish and the hippo love to spray bath water all over children. Bath fun guaranteed.

  • soft and squishy book
  • each set comes with a book and water toy
  • waterproof
  • 6" x 6"
  • for ages +9m
  • air dry

Walter & Noemie Reversible Cuddle

A little bit afraid, feeling a bit down? You’ll soon feel better with this lovely, soft friend. Walter the dragon will turn nasty nightmares into beautiful dreams with a wave of his magic wand. To fall asleep with Noémie, the giraffe, and to wake up next to Coco, the parrot—that’s the magic of reversible cuddles!

  • reversible for twice the fun
  • cuddly and bright fabric
  • great for on-the-go comfort and teething babes

About Lilliputiens

Lilliputiens is a through and through Belgian company. They focus on the creation of stuffed toys and decorations--they create wonderful and enchanting toys to stir the fantasies and curiosity of your children, toys that grow as their world grows too. It couldn’t be better, or more fun. They set themselves apart through the extreme quality and the compelling creativity of their products. Their goals incorporate educational, fun, and aesthetic values. They strive to offer the best price and quality possible.

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