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aden + anais made for Target Sleeping Bag
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Introducing a lighter-weight, single layer sleeping bag for the budget conscious mama. Made from aden + anais' signature natural cotton muslin, these sleeping bags are playfully designed in exclusive modern prints. The muslin's open-weave construction allows liberal airflow for even the youngest baby—perfect for spring and summer! So say goodbye to loose blankets and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. The magical feel of aden + anais brings comfort and sweet dreams to your wee ones.

For every mother. For every child. For every moment.

  • 100% cotton muslin sleeping bag
  • pre-washed
  • designed to be worn over a baby's pajamas
  • ensures a safe night's sleep by eliminating loose crib blankets
  • muslin's light, open weave allows a baby's body temperature to regulate itself naturally helping to prevent overheating
  • ultimate in breathability and softness
  • the more you wash them, the softer they get
  • inverted zipper makes it easy to put on and take off
  • perfect sleepwear to transition baby from the popular swaddling blankets


small up to 6 months 23"-28"
10-18 lbs
x-large 18-24 months 35"-38"
26-36 lbs

Care Instructions

  • wash before first use
  • machine wash cold water
  • tumble dry on low heat
  • do not add bleach
  • do not iron

About aden + anais

In preparation for the arrival of their children, aden + anais, Aussie mothers who moved from Australia to the United States went in search of muslin wraps like the ones back home, a staple with Australian mothers. None of the wraps they found on the market in the US were the right size, they were too small to securely swaddle babies. None of the materials the other wraps used were the same soft, breathable muslin cotton used in Australia. So, they decided to make their own.

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