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Love Me Baby Me Natural Baby Care Products
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hair putty 8 oz
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bubbly wash 8 oz
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smoothy shampoo 8oz
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creamy cream 8 oz
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butt balm 4.5 oz
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Your baby's skin is soft and sensitive. You need products that are natural, tearless, hypoallergenic, and free from synthetic chemicals, fragrances and preservatives. Love Me Baby Me delivers all of those things. These products are thoroughly tested by parents and pediatricians alike. With their own proprietary blend of pure and natural extracts from flowers to preserve them, you can rest assured they'll stay fresh as well as their synthetic counterparts...without the sticky, greasy feeling. You'll pamper your delicate baby's skin in these soft, silky, natural products.

Sensitive, natural products for your baby's delicate skin!

Bubbly Wash 8 oz
  • free of those nasty ingredients that cause urinary tract infections and skin irritations
  • luxurious tear-free formula
  • contains vitamins, herbal extracts, and nourishing botanicals that help cleanse and soften your baby's tender skin
  • surfactant-free
Smoothy Shampoo 8 oz
  • tear-free and gently agrees with your baby's fine hair
  • specifically formulated with extra-mild botanicals and surfactants
  • natural ingredients and herbal extracts to cleanse, soften, condition and rinse away without any residue
  • leaves a clean, refreshed, easy-to-comb head of hair
Creamy Cream 8 oz
  • perfect lightweight moisturizer formulated to hydrate and nourish your child's skin
  • enriched with natural emollients like aloe and jojoba, which are known for their softening benefits
  • silk proteins and Vitamins A and E help moisturize and protect your baby's tender skin
  • soft and silky, yet never greasy
  • remember, massaging your baby helps promote physical and emotional well-being
Hair Putty 8 oz
  • non-toxic, child friendly styling gel
  • unique formula adds luster, softness, and fullness to your child's fine, delicate hair
  • rinses easily and is ph balanced
  • all hair types and textures benefit from this unique formula
  • great for spiking boys hair or adding volume to girls' curls
  • say good-bye to the "fly-aways"...and hello to a great look
Butt Balm 4.5 oz
  • 3-in-1 formula
  • zinc oxide helps keep baby dry by forming an invisible barrier to seal out wetness and irritants preventing future diaper rash
  • sunflower seed oil helps provide a protective barrier resisting against skin infections helping to soothe red, irritated skin
  • vitamins A, C, & E and Zinc Oxide promote quick, effective healing and smooth healthy skin
  • also soothes cuts, scrapes, and burns


I absolutely cannot live with out these products. The Butt Balm is to die for and it works better than anything I have used in the past. My son has very sensitive skin including eczema and your products: the Bubbly Wash and the Creamy Cream, have vanished any worry of skin irritations in my mind. My son is eczema free and it is nice to know that I do not have to worry anymore. Everything smells wonderful too. My next favorite is the Hair Putty, this stuff is holds my sons hair in place all day long. He has very fine hair that is hard to handle. Your Hair Putty is the solution. -Sarah B., Denver, CO

All of the Love Me Baby Me products are amazing! As an Infant Massage Instructor, I work with babies on a daily basis. I have significant concern for the products that are on the market containing dangerous, synthetic preservatives. I constantly take an active role in educating my parents on the safety of baby skin care lines. I am happy to recommend Love Me Baby Me products, as they are safe, smell delicious, are easy to work with, and moms and babies love them. Finally, we have products that we can feel good about putting on our baby's skin. - Octavia Lindlahr, Certified Infant Massage Instructor

I've been plagued by acute atopic eczema for thirty-eight years and have tried every medicinal cream and non-allergic moisturizer on the market, but nothing has provided the relief and healing that Love Me Baby Me's Creamy Cream has. It is so good, I'm not even embarrassed to be buying a baby product for myself. -Michael D., Brooklyn, New York

About Love Me Baby Me

The idea for Love Me Baby Me has always been in Rosemary Anthony's blood. Growing up, Rosemary was always interested in health and beauty, mixing up concoctions and using her siblings as her guinea pigs.

Years later, as a new mom, Rosemary was prompted to put those childhood interests back into use. Her newborn daughter developed Urticaria and other sensitive skin issues that made it impossible to use conventional skin care products. After trying everything on the market and conferring regularly with her pediatrician, Rosemary realized that if she wanted the best, most gentle and natural products for her baby, she was going to have to create them herself. That's how Love Me Baby Me was born!

Today, Rosemary's mission is to educate parents across America and around the world that not all "natural" products are created equal. She invites aware parents everywhere to join her by trying Love Me Baby Me for their own families.

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