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Moms, we feel your pain—hours on your feet, sitting with poor posture, lifting laundry baskets, and carrying that sweet bundle day and night takes a toll on your back. Give your body a break with moisture-wicking LumbarWear. This ground-breaking, patented, seamless garment promotes stability and lumbar strength with sensory integration, a proven technique used in physical and occupational therapy. Precise, appropriate, and graduated pressure throughout the garment focuses attention on the torso to activate core muscles and reduce back pain by encouraging better posture and muscle strength. LumbarWear is also recommended by doctors and midwives during the post-partum period for its added support and anti-microbial properties. With a stronger core, you'll be comfortably snuggling that precious baby for years to come, and making it look good!

  • seamless, stretch fabric allows freedom of movement and breathability
  • slip-on style
  • moisture-wicking technology absorbs perspiration, leaving skin cool and dry
  • thermodynamic material keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • anti-odor and anti-microbial
  • discreet design is invisible under clothing
  • can be worn daily, both at work or during leisure time
  • made of high quality cotton, polymide, elastine, silver yarn


  • highly recommended by M.D. and midwives during the post-partum period, as it provides protection and support
  • the Silver X-Static Yarn is anti-microbial and will aid in the prevention of getting an infection
  • encourages a better posture and muscle strength in the lower back and abdominal region
  • slip cut undergarment support
  • helps build core strength
  • supports a straight spine at all times
  • encourages muscle activation and greater stability
  • supports muscle recovery
  • can aid in injury prevention
  • helps relieve lower back pain
  • graduated compression
  • seamless manner - perfectly suitable for diabetic patients

LumbarWear may help relieve symptoms of the following conditions:

  • lower back pain
  • herniated disc
  • degenerative spinal disorder
  • lordosis
  • minor postural disorder
  • sciatica
  • slipped disc
  • soft tissue injury
  • sprains and strains


size waist circumference hip circumference
x-small 21"-25" 33"-36"
small 25"-29" 36"-40"
medium 29"-33" 40"-44"
large 33"-36" 44"-48"
x-large 36"-41" 48"-52"
xx-large 41"-45" 52"-56"

Care Instructions

  • machine wash with like colors in cold water
  • hang to dry


After my third child and more than 30 pounds, I was a bit concerned about my back and getting back into shape. I received my first LumbarWear as a gift. With a lot of effort, I have lost most of the weight and feel great. -Rocio (Madrid, Spain)

I am extremely satisfied... It really supports my back and is simply great for my cycling and hiking. It has been of great comfort and has really helped with my confidence. -Carlo (Trieste, Italy)

It is like a second skin and it has relieved the tension in my back. I am very happy with my LumberWear since it does not heat up and my postures have improved during my pilates classes. -Sarah (Paris, France)

I am very happy with my slip! I was recommended to wear it in my relaxation and exercise. It really helps me keep focused and improve my exercises. I have recommended my slip to all of my friends. -Maria (Seville, Spain)

About EVAPAT and LumbarWear

The company’s president, Ramon Torrent, inspired the first project because of necessity. He was an avid golfer, but suffered from back problems. After unsuccessfully searching the market for something that would provide the lower back support he needed to resume playing, he began developing his own garment. As a leading textile engineer, highly motivated to pursue his favorite sport, the first incarnation of LumbarWear was born and a year later it was selling successfully throughout Europe.

Using X-Static Silver Yarn and seamless technology, they have created a comfortable, lightweight “second-skin” that incorporates graduated compression technology. EVAPAT is constantly researching and developing new trends in textiles engineering and fashion.

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