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Outlook Car Shade and Stroller Shade
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keep your babe in the shade

curved single car shade
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curved double car shade
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rectangle single car shade
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rectangle double car shade
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black single shade a babe
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black double shade a babe
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These inventive products from Outlook work to keep your baby's sensitive skin from being directly exposed to harsh UV rays while in the car or stroller. Keeping the sun off your babe is one of the most important things you can do to protect their young skin. When the family hops in the car for the much anticipated summer road trip, or you are taking the wee one to an outdoor event, make sure to use the Outlook Car Shade and Stroller Shade to keep them cool and covered.

Car Sunshade Features
  • helps protect from strong sunlight, UV, glare, heat and insects
  • shades screen up to 90% of harmful UV rays with UPF 10+ rated fabric
  • windows can be raised or lowered for ventilation with the auto shade car window shades fitted
  • shades attach easily leaving no residue or marks on the vehicle
  • fits quickly and easily over the entire rear door window frame
  • shade will stay in place even when the window is open
  • multi-fitting shade design - 2 models available (rectangular or curved
  • unique pull down strapping device ensures the shade never "rides up"
  • unique design covers the entire window on the inside and only
  • top of the outside allows for greater vision for drivers and passengers
  • endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia

Click here to see fitting and safety instructions.

The rectangular auto-shade will fit most 4-door vehicles. If the rear window on your car has a sharply curved or angled outer edge, the curved auto-shade will fit better. If you are not sure which model would fit best, it is recommended to choose the rectangular shade. Shades are not suitable for sliding doors.

Shade A Babe Features
  • UPF 50+ sun + sleep shade with soft solar-screen mesh
  • all around protection from, sun, glare, insects and wind
  • created to shield delicate eyes and skin from bright light and UV
  • helps prevent long term eye damage
  • lets lots of air in, lets your child see out, yet blocks 92% of light
  • helps maintain your baby's sleep routine
  • simply fasten to any stroller and enjoy the great outdoors
  • side panels feature single layer of open-weave mesh for effective cross ventilation
  • features easy-access zip panel
  • light & small - folds into built-in pocket
  • suitable from newborn up to 4 years
  • universal - fits most 3 and 4 wheel prams and strollers
  • double model fits twin (side by side) strollers
  • endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia

Care Instructions

  • spong with warm water and mild soap
  • air dry

Pip Codes

Click here to see UV Test Results and Pip codes.

Car Shade Testimonial

Having a large people carrier I have found the usual stick on sunshades too small for my windows- they end up in the wrong place for the angle of the sun or fall off or are pulled off by little hands....then along comes this fantastic car sunshade which stretches over my large windows with ease and provides full sun shade and excellent sun protection. The packaging and instructions are clear and straightforward. The shades are quick and easy to fit and remove and the bag they come in can be used for storage when not in use. The window can be opened whilst in use and then flying critters can't get in either! My older girls aged 7 and 9 learned quickly to appreciate the shade they provided as we have used them all summer on our holidays and days out; and my 2 year old boy has not been able to pull them down! The packaging shows the product to be endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Australia and state that they block 90% of uv and glare with a upf 10. It is recommended they be removed in prolonged heavy rain probably because they go over the seal of the door so may allow leakage if it is really heavy rain...but really they come off so quickly and easily and in this country heavy prolonged rain is not associated with sunshine so they probably wouldn't be on then anyway! If you are doing a lot of reverse sideways parking you may find your vision impaired and rear view mirrors should be used. I did not find this a problem myself but the packaging does mention it. The packaging also states they are not suitable for use on sliding doors. Overall despite initially looking a bit pricey I would definitely recommend this product as they more than pay for themselves in how well they perform making them value for the money. An excellent product. - mother of 3

Shade A Babe Testimonials

This is a fantastic product. Keeps baby in the shade and stops bugs. It is really easy to fit and it fits my 3 wheeler (nipper 360) prefectly. I would highly recommend to anyone. - Sara, UK

We love our baby shade. It's sturdy, fits well and does exactly what it is meant to do, helps protect my son from the sun. Your product is very unique and we really appreciate it- Lynne

I am just writing to say what a great product your baby shade is. We live in a place where there are heaps of flies and insects and the cover gives us peace of mind that we can get out and about without Rhianna being bothered by them or the suns glare. - Lisa and John, WA

Samantha won't keep sunglasses on, but hates sun glare. Now she's happier going for walks as the shade-a-babe is like sunglasses for her pram! - Yolanda, Australia

About Outlook

Daily walks in the stroller can be uncomfortably hot for babies in the full glare of the sun - particularly as most modern strollers don't have the reversible handles of old. Pinning a diaper or towel to the stroller hood shows real ingenuity but doesn't make the experience very interesting for babies.

There just didn't seem to be any specific shade products for strollers on the market. It was this first eye-opening observation that led to the formation of Baby Shade Ltd in 1997. The objective was to provide a solution to the sun's glare while helping to shield babies from potentially harmful UV rays. Baby Shade Ltd also wanted to provide infants and toddlers with a good view of the world.

From small beginnings it has grown its brand through dedication to quality and innovation. Not only are Outlook shade products endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Australia, but they are also assessed and tested to meet strict European standards and have internationally recognized.

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