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Hotslings Adjustable Pouch Sling
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carry your bun in cozy, stylish comfort

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There are plenty of carriers out there that come close, but few reach the heights of comfort, function, and style that set the Hotslings Adjustable Pouch apart. So easy, stretchy, and comfy, this intuitive sling gives you multiple ways to carry your babe and find the perfect fit for both of you. Adjustable sizing ensures comfort through postpartum changes, and allows other users like family, sitters, or nannies to comfortably carry your babe. Not just ready to give you and your baby hours of support, the Hotslings Adjustable Pouch also comes in fashionable prints that modern moms love.


  • only adjustable fitted pouch on the market
  • safe for babies 8-35 lbs
  • two hidden dummy-proof buckles
  • continuous loop - cannot detach or break apart
  • bonus pouch case can be used as a diaper pod
  • hands-free
  • easy to use
  • multiple carrying positions
  • wear sling on either shoulder
  • sleek, minimal padding built in for comfort and support
  • great for nursing moms
  • promotes bonding
  • calms fussy babies
  • Adjusting the Buckles

    1. Adjust your pouch before putting baby in. Out of the package, the Hotslings AP fits the largest in the caregiver size range. To make the pouch smaller, pull the straps through the buckles.
    2. While holding the buckle, pull each strap equally to tighten the pouch to desired tightness. Without baby in sling, check for correct fit by placing the pouch on your shoulder (red arrow against your body, pointing toward your neck). The "hs" tag should be at the top of your hip bone or approximately 3 inches below your belly button.
    3. Place baby carefully in pouch according to the directions below.
    4. If pouch feels comfortable at this size, you are ready to go. If pouch is too loose or too tight, take baby out of pouch and adjust slightly by pulling the straps through the buckles until you have a good fit.
    5. Baby should be high and tight with the lowest part of the pouch near your belly button. If pouch is fully extended or fully collapsed and does not fit, please contact customer service for a solution.

    Click here for a Hotslings instruction booklet {pdf file}

    Cradle Carry (8lbs - 4 months)

    1. Put pouch on shoulder. Line up "hs" tag under the breast opposite the wearing shoulder. Hold baby in the arm of the "wearing shoulder" and cross baby's feet.
    2. Open the outer edge of the pouch so it clears the baby's bottom. Line up the seam with the baby's bottom.
    3. Lower him/her bottom first, sliding their back down your front. Baby's feet will be crossed and on top of his/her body.
    4. Use arm to support baby's head as you slide baby down into the pouch. Baby should be between the two layers of fabric.
    5. Do not put baby's head in until baby's bottom is all the way at the bottom of the sling. Now cradle his/her head with the side of the sling.
    6. Baby should sit semi-reclined. Baby's chin should not be pressed against his/her chest. Regularly monitor your baby's breathing while in this position.

    Front Carry (2-8 months)

    1. Put pouch on desired shoulder. Line up "hs" tag under the breast opposite the "wearing shoulder." This position is for babies with full head and neck control.
    2. Hold baby high up on your chest, his/her back to your front, slightly facing sideways (away from "wearing shoulder").
    3. Find the pouch opening. Cross baby's legs and put them on top of baby's body. Grab "padding."
    4. Lower baby's bottom into the pouch. Baby should be between the two layers of fabric. The seam should be in front of baby.
    5. Baby's weight should be tipped toward you and resting back against your body. Baby may be facing forward or sideways.
    6. Check to make sure baby's bottom and legs are between fabric layers. Baby's arms can be in or out. Head support should not be necessary at this stage.

    Hip Carry (6-8+ months)

    1. Put pouch on desired shoulder. Line up "hs" tag under your breast opposite the "wearing shoulder."
    2. Hold baby with his tummy on your shoulder opposite "wearing shoulder."
    3. Put baby's feet all the way through. Make sure the "seam" is in line with baby's spine.
    4. Open folds of pouch to make a seat. Drop baby into seat by lowering baby's bottom between layers of fabric.
    5. Bottom "padding" should be under baby's bent knees and can be pulled up over baby's back.
    6. Baby's bent legs should straddle your waist and his bottom should be below his knees. Periodically bend baby's knees to keep baby's legs comfortable.

    Safety Precautions

    • do not use until you have reviewed the printed instructions included & watched videos online
    • use common sense
    • adjust before using
    • wear your sling high & tight
    • make sure your baby is breathing at all times while being carried in a sling

    Click here for additional safety information.


    • fits caregivers up to 220 lbs
    • safe for babies from 8lbs to 35lbs
    • safe for carrying small pets

    Care Instructions

    • machine wash cold
    • tumble dry low

    About Hotslings

    Started in 2003, Hotslings pouch-style baby carriers were originally a hybrid between the sleek pouch-style baby sling and the large, padded ring sling. The pouches were also the first cut to fit just about every size person possible and offered in to-the-moment fashion prints. Their mission is to provide high quality products to parents and caregivers that make attachment parenting and bonding easier in today's busy world.

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