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Oops! Sheet Fitted Bed Sheet
50% off retail
a super-soft, waterproof bed sheet that keeps mattresses dry

crib sheet
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twin sheet
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double sheet
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queen sheet
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king sheet
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You and your children will sleep easy on the ultra-soft Oops! Sheet Fitted Bed Sheet, and the mattress will stay dry too. From expecting mamas wanting a little insurance against their water breaking and leaking into the mattress, to mamas who nurse in bed and need spill insurance, this waterproof and amazingly soft bed sheet absorbs liquid and prevents it from seeping into your mattresses. That also makes Oops! Sheet ideal for potty training and nighttime security for infants, toddlers, and kiddos. When you do need to make a sheet change at 2am, the mattress stays dry and odor free thanks to Oops! Sheet. Now available in King size!

  • protective fitted sheet
  • four-way stretch ensures a snug fit
  • soft micro-plush top
  • simple to use
  • super soft for cozier sleep
  • ideal for nighttime potty training, nursing, pregnant mamas, and anything else that might go oops in the night
  • thin, waterproof, and breathable
  • poly threading for maximum strength
  • award winning, celebrity loved
  • anti-allergen, protects against dust mites
  • 80% cotton (face), 20% poly (threads)
  • 100% polyeurethane waterproof barrier

Crib: 28"x52"x8"
Your baby's sleep is of the utmost importance. Make cleaning up the occasional diaperblow out or spit up quick and minimally disruptive so baby can get back to those restful z's.

Twin: 39"x76"x17"
The move into a big kid bed is a wonderful milestone. Keep it low stress with an Oops! Sheet to protect against the occasional vomit session or potty training mishap.

Double: 54"x76"x17"
Many cribs on the market convert into double-sized beds. Protect your child's mattress from bouts of the flu and occasional oopsies. Also, help keep night diapers out of the landfills.

Queen: 60"x80"x17" / King: 76"x80"x17"
Pregnant Mamas, will your water break when you are in bed? Do your plan to nurse your baby in your bed? And what will you do when your partially potty trained child wants to crawl into your bed in the middle of the night?

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Care Instructions

  • machine wash warm
  • dry on low or line dry


About Oops! Sheet

Oops! Sheet is an award-winning, celebrity-loved line of products designed to simplify parenthood.

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