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Twirls and Twigs
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blue/pink lace heart
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blue/white fish
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pink/purple dress
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purple/red panda
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pink/orange paisley
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Inspired by pirouettes and a love for nature, these dainty summer styles from Twirls and Twigs will tickle any girl's fancy. Frolicking through the grass, or dancing in a summer rain, she'll be cheerful and fanciful in these uniquely fashioned outfits. The design is in the details with organic cotton, soybean, bamboo, and recycled designer cuts of fabric to create bountiful whimsy for your little one. Playful expression and eco-savvy innovation combine to shape the delightful world of Twirls and Twigs.

Why organic cotton?
The soft, smooth feel of organic cotton is unmatched! Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or toxic chemicals, therefore it is healthier for the Earth, the environment, and your child. Using organic and sustainable fibers are steps toward a better, healthier tomorrow.

Why recycled cotton?
Recycling designer fabrics means high-fashion and high-quality without a designer price tag. Recycled cotton is made from pre-consumer fibers and clippings collected after the cut and sew process. Utilizing recycled cotton reduces an estimated five billion pounds of waste from going into U.S. landfills. The regenerated fibers retain the color of the original garment, so less dyes and harmful chemicals pollute our planet.

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