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At it feels like Black Friday everyday … BUT we’re officially counting down the days to the biggest week of Cyber Deals and exciting steals for the holidays! And to get you ready, we’re giving away 10,000 Steal Points (aka $100) to steal away whatever you please!

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10,000 Steal Points Giveaway

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Have you heard of the denim shapewear line — TUMMY TRIMMER DENIM?! These are not maternity jeans, ladies. These pants are all about getting your sexy back right. this. instant! Get ready to freak out because you will  measure 1” to 4” smaller just by getting dressed. WHAT seriously?! SERIOUSLY, Mama!

Imagine a control-top compression band on top of the best fitting jeans you’ve ever worn. That’s Tummy Trimmer Denim! No pants falling down, no muffin-topping, no weird fit. With four stylish options — boot cut, straight, skinny, and boyfriend — these babies just make you look and feel fabulous from your waist down to your toes!

Lucky you, we are giving away one pair of Tummy Trimmer Denim in the style of the winner’s choice!


Kerianne Testimonial

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway

Gift Week

Have you entered to win our Ultimate Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway yet? If not, hurry up and do so now! The giveaway ends this Thursday, November 5th at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be announced LIVE by founder Jana Francis on Friday, November 6th.

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  • Petunia Bisou Bowler Bag and Waverly Wallet
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  • 1 set of Tegu Building Blocks
  • 1 Lifestyle Lay-n-Go
  • 1 Light Lay-n-Go
  • 1 SecuriTag
  • 1 Set of Mommy & Me Little Treetops Shirts (Winner chooses)
  • 1 Eco-Kids Gift Basket
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Motherhood: What Its Taught Us [VIDEO]

What Motherhood has Taught Steals Moms:

“Motherhood has taught me true empathy.  Their hurts make my heart hurt, their joys make my heart sing, their pain gives me pain, their smiles make me smile. Because I learned how to be more empathetic, I am a better person as a whole…I am better to strangers, to family, to friends, to myself.

Motherhood has taught me about true love.  I’ve learned that your heart expands…and that there is always room for love to multiply and grow.  You never run out.

Motherhood has taught me to find joy in the simple, small things.  Life is fun, adventurous, sweet, and full of grand emotions. You don’t even have to leave your house to find them all…a day of playing on the living room floor or going on a walk reminds me that there is something beautiful and great about the every days.”

Jessica, Buyer

“Motherhood taught me that having a child is like having a piece of your heart living outside your body. It is one of the scariest, and most rewarding things I have ever done. I love being Mason’s mom.”

Kerianne, Buyer

“Before I became a mother, I was afraid I would lose myself with having children. I never considered that I would actually find myself and my soul would be complete.”

Tammy, Merchandiser

“Motherhood is completely selfless. It’s taught me how to cherish all the little moments. I love watching the wonder in their eyes as they learn and discover new things. Also it sounds stupid, but it makes me want to be a better person, a better role model, eat better and be healthier, and have more patience. Because they watch you and learn from you every day, so you always have to be 100% the best version of you.”

Lindsay, Marketing Director

Gift Week + The Ultimate Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway

Gift Week

Our annual Gift Week kicks off tomorrow, November 2 and runs through November 6th! We’ll have new steals everyday on Baby, Kid, She and that are perfect for the upcoming gift giving season. Whether you’re looking for a new mama, for baby, for kid, for him or for her, each day will have something new to offer everyone on your list!

In true Steals fashion, would it be Gift Week without an AWESOME giveaway? We’ve collected the best gifts from brands we’re featuring this week to make the Ultimate Holiday Gift Basket + we’ve thrown in a $100 gift card to… just because! We’ll be dropping hints all week long on the amazing contents of the basket. Make sure to enter to win every day starting today, November 1 through Thursday, November 5th.


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September SmartMom Giveaway – Win a BabySteals Gift Card!


Oh snap! We have teamed up with SmartMom for a giveaway! If you’ve been a SmartMom reader for a while you know that every month they give away awesome prizes in their app. This September is no exception – 2 lucky moms will win a BabySteals Gift Card!

If you’ve never heard of SmartMom – check them out! It’s an entire app devoted to giving and receiving advice from other parents. To share about the September SmartMom contest on Twitter, click here!

How to Enter the Contest:

SmartMom contests are designed to reward the most helpful advice-giving moms in the app. Here’s how it works: everyone who has registered for the SmartMom app is already entered in the contest. That means everyone has a chance to win! You can earn extra entries in the contest by collecting ‘stars’, which can be earned as ‘thank you’s’ for great answers and advice.

Basically, earning stars is like buying extra raffle tickets. Every star you earn in the app helps your chances of being a winner so be sure to log in every day! More questions? Check out SmarMom’s official contest rules.

Get more great advice and meet other moms. Download the SmartMom app today.

10 Essentials for [your] Labor Day

labor-day It can be difficult to figure out what to pack for your baby’s birth – especially if you’re a new mom. Between all of the mom’s in our office, we have welcomed over 50 children into this world. To say we have a wealth of knowledge is an understatement. We’ve had some successes, trials and tribulations and complete failures, but we’ve all learned so much along the way. On this Labor Day holiday, we thought we would come together to share our top 10 essentials for your Labor Day.

Here’s what the experienced moms at BabySteals recommend for your hospital bag:

  1. picture ID (driver’s license or other ID), your insurance card, and any hospital paperwork you need. We’re a little embarrassed at how many of us actually forgot one or all of the aforementioned items.
  2. Eyeglasses, if you wear them. Even if you usually wear contact lenses, you may not want to deal with them in the middle of delivery. Seriously, one of our moms plucked her contacts out in the middle of delivery!
  3. bathrobe, a gownslippers, and socks. Hospitals provide gowns and socks for you to use during labor and afterward, but let’s be honest, those aren’t the most comfortable or cutest gowns we’ve ever seen. Some women like to bring their own and we love these Pretty Pushers Labor and Delivery Gowns. They are perfect for delivery with openings in the right places allowing easy access for monitors, IVs and epidurals.
  4. Headbands and hair ties to keep your hair out of your face. We love these simple, but cute stay-put headbands.
  5. Comfortable nursing bras or regular bras. Your breasts are likely to be tender and swollen when your milk comes in, which can happen anytime during the first several days after delivery. A good bra can provide added comfort, and nursing pads can help absorb leaks, whether you decide to breastfeed or not. We recommend these nursing bras – super comfortable and offer easy access.
  6. Toiletries and personal items — hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Throw it all in this Lay-n-Go bag and call it a day!
  7. Camera or recording device because, you know, you might want to capture this beautiful time in your life.
  8. Clothes for the recovery days after delivery, a change of clothes for your significant other and clothes to take your little one home in!
  9. Change for the vending machine and/or non-perishable snacks – you’ll more than likely be hungry after labor and you may not like what the cafeteria has to offer. Just make sure to bring a change purse because the cafeteria could be closed.
  10. car seat! We would highly recommend having it setup in the car. Turns out, you can’t leave the hospital without one! (Totally kidding, but one of us completely rushed out and forgot it!)

Shop our other labor day essentials here + save an EXTRA 15% off when you use code ‘LABORDAY’ at checkout!

Diaper Bag Essentials: 10 Must-Haves!

STEP 1: purchase a great diaper bag. STEP 2: fill it up.

Packing the perfect diaper bag is somewhat of an art-form and we just can’t stress the importance of a well-stocked diaper bag. It can literally save the day. The basics are pretty simple – diapers, binkies, milk, etc., but the essentials are something that come with time, experience and difficult situations. Our staff is coming together to share their go-to essentials so hopefully you don’t have to learn the hard way like we did. Here are 10 surprising must-haves the moms at BabySteals never leave home without [+ enter to win a Ju-Ju-Be Toki Dream Be Prepared Bag]!



Our Top 10 Diaper Bag Must-Haves:

1. Tide To-Go Pen – because you never know when you’re going to need one for yourself or your little one.

2. Clutch & Change Mats – perfect for quick trips when you don’t need your entire diaper bag.

3. Thermometer and Baby Medicine – you just never know. Be prepared!

4. Monkey Balm – perfect for baby’s lips, cheeks, boo-boos and more.

5. Reusable Placemats – make sure baby has a clean place to eat on the go, plus easy clean up!

6. Innobaby Packin’ Smart Stackables – perfect for formula, snacks and small items you need on the go.

7. Extra Clothes for Baby and Mom – you. just. never. know.

8. Baby Trip Clip – you can use these for so many much! Create a nursing cover, shade your stroller, keep up with binkie, teddy and more.

9. MD Mom Wipes – A.K.A. “The everything Wipe”. Helpful for wiping baby, mom, shopping carts, you name it. Keep ’em clean.

10. Generation Baby Wet Bags – these wet totes are perfect for the planned and unplanned adventures.

Check out more of our top diaper bag essentials here!



Ju-Ju-Be is fun and funky, and for this collaboration teamed up with Tokidoki, another equally fun and funky group to design the ultimate diaper bag. We just so happened to get our hands on one of these and are so excited to be giving away a one-of-a-kind Ju-Ju-Be x Toki Dreams Be Prepared Diaper Bag to one of our fans. Enter to win this amazing bag below and pack it full of all your must-have diaper bag essentials.

Enter to win below:

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*Contest will close on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 11:59 PM PST. Winner will be announced on Friday, August 28, 2015.

6 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is one of the hardest, easiest, and most fulfilling things I have done. Before having my baby I had planned on breastfeeding, done my research, and felt prepared, but I still had a few things to learn along the way. Here are six things I think every new breastfeeding mom should know.


The beginning is challenging.

Here I was thinking breastfeeding would be the most natural thing in the world. Five months in, it totally is for me now, but the beginning is hard. Breastfeeding is instinctive, but not instinctual. That is to say you and baby both have the instincts to do it, but have to learn how, so don’t give up! Some babies latch on right away, but when mine didn’t, figuring it out was a challenge. I felt like I needed at least two more hands to hold his head and body, position correctly, express milk, and adjust my body. And then once you’re doing it right, it hurts. Like a lot. I’m not saying that to scare you, your nipples just have to adjust and toughen up, sort of like when you first start wearing sandals in the summer. Use nipple cream every single feeding at the beginning and that helps a ton! All that may sound a bit scary, but I promise once you have the hang of it, the benefits are worth it.


Your milk changes almost as much as your baby.

You may know all about how your milk changes from colostrum in the first couple days, to transitional milk, to normal milk. But did you know that your milk actually changes based on what your infant needs from day to day? In the morning it helps wake him up and puts him to sleep at night. Some days it may have more antibodies to protect against things either of you may have been exposed to. Other days it may have a higher fat content to help him put on weight. Plus it changes over time as your baby gets older. I found this article on the timeline of a breastfed baby super intriguing to answer some of those questions!


You can get free breastfeeding supplies and support.

As of August 2012, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became a law in the United States covering preventative care. Among many other things, this includes both covering a breast pump and lactation consultant. We’re generally not talking about a little single hand-held pump — every insurance is different, but whether you have private or commercial insurance, this law applies to you and you should be eligible for even a fancy double electric pump (some will cover the rental of a hospital grade one). If you’re headed back to work a free pump is a no-brainer, but even if you are a stay-at-home or work-at-home mom, having a pump can give you a little freedom or allow you to breastfeed longer. Just call the 800 number on the back of your insurance card so you can take advantage of this.


You need a good support system.

Having others you can rely on is key to being successful at breastfeeding. It will take hours out of your day, every day, so you need your family on board. If you have family or friends who have breastfed before, that can be really helpful too both for advice and moral support. Be sure to talk to your partner, children, boss, and others around you so you can be clear about how this will affect your life and how they can support you. And if you need extra advice or want to find other moms and specialists, you can always find a local group, like La Leche League, in your area.


Don’t be shy to get help!

Whether it’s day two or day 362, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a specialist. Lactation consultants are trained to help mothers, like you. Before I started breastfeeding I took a class, which really helped set me up before I ever started. Then after I delivered, I asked my nurses about a million questions still. And when I still felt like I wasn’t getting it, I got a specialist in to help me, which made a world of difference. Don’t be shy to ask questions and get help. Every mom and baby are different, so even if this isn’t your first baby, you may benefit from advice of a specialist.


You have the right to breastfeed!

Know your breastfeeding rights so you can defend yourself, if necessary. Every state is different in terms of some laws, but federal law dictates you have the right to nurse in any Federal building or on Federal property that you and baby have the right to be. You also have the right to pump at work and should be given a discreet place to do so. Take the time to inform yourself on your state’s laws. has great information on what your rights are.