Two Tinas

Two of my friends are having babies, very very soon. I should be a very good friend and sew them something myself, something personalized. But the truth is that’s likely not going to happen. I don’t have the time and I certainly don’t have the energy. Solution? Two Tinas.

Maybe a snapsuit or my name blanket, but probably one of their signature blankets.

Save yourself the hassle, stock up on a few baby gifts, or spoil yourself.

Polliwalks Winner

A little late.. it took some time finding her.

Congrats ronda.dowling, thanks for getting back to us!

Today’s Steal

Polliwalks Giveaway

update: contest is now closed

Who wants a new pair of shoes!
Ladybugs? Ducks? How about an alligator? Clearly these are kids shoes, and we’re giving a pair away!

Polliwalks™ is a brand created on the premise that shoes for children should be fun! The company is comprised of a team of veteran shoe designers,manufacturers, sales people, developers, and marketers. They know the shoe business and are dedicated to
creating innovative shoes that appeal to the fun side of being a child. They back up our fresh approach to product with years and years of combined industry experience, making shoes that not only offer quality, comfort and function,but are born from a playful inspiration that offers unique styling and features that both kids and parents love.

Listen up mamas, here’s how to enter. First, visit the Polliwalks website, browse a bit, pick a pair then come back here and tell us! Do some research, you have all day to enter.

Contest ends Friday June 27th at 9amMST.

Winner will be announced here Friday June 27th at 5pmMST, be sure to check back!

Tell us!

Boogie Wipes Winner!

Congrats to jennie.brittain, our Boogie Wipes Winner!

Check back tomorrow for another giveaway.

so simple you’ll actually use it

Puj makes lovely things. Shoes and dreamy easy to use slings in lovely prints.

Need an extra hand? Maybe you’re about to go on vacation and don’t want to deal with the stroller at the airport? Or maybe you just need a simple solution for all those quick stops you make here and there.

Whatever the need, PUJ makes parenting easier. With the “Go” sling you’re in and out in no time. No straps, no buckles, no zippers and no metal rings. Just throw it over your head and you’re good to go. You can even put it on while holding your baby.

Really! It’s that easy. And it folds flat so you can easily store it in your bag of tricks. It’s there for all the times you weren’t planning on stopping. It’s comfy, it frees up both hands, and is machine washable. Your baby will love you for it. Plus your arms won’t start to burn 7 minutes into your 4 hour red-eye flight to Chicago. The “Go” sling by PUJ.

So simple you’ll actually use it.

TodaysMama Handbooks

So, who needs to get out of the house?! Out of ideas? TodaysMama can help.

TodaysMama Handbooks cover what, where and how to be the best Mama in town! They’ve collected all the top Mama secrets–from community services and school information to places to do and things to see–and packed them into 25+ in-depth chapters.

The TodaysMama Handbook is available in Arizona, Nevada, Seattle, Utah and the Bay Area in California.

You can find a weekly listing of “get these kids out of the house” activities on their website, focused on the following locations:
So go!  Get out of the house!  And, you’re welcome.

Warning- this website may lead to Pregnancy!

If you’re not already pregnant or a brand new mama, beware! So many of my friends and many of you are emailing, “Your website makes me want to have another baby SO bad!” I feel a new tagline coming on… “, overpopulating the world one baby at a time!” I’m sitting here looking at these Aden + Anais swaddling blankets and I want them for myself badly, but my daughter is TWO! Tonight Emily and I are debating. We don’t need them, our babies have outgrown them, but shouldn’t we have a few just in case? Giveaway – Boogie Wipes

UPDATE: Contest is now closed.

I’m not a neglectful mother, but sadly I regularly look like one. My little guy detests having his nose touched, wiped or even looked at. So we tried boogie wipes and I can’t say he’s turned into a perfect angel, but he likes the grape and wriggles less when I use them.

Boogie Wipes are the latest innovation in a moist wipe product for busy moms, dads & kids. With added saline, they offer quick, gentle, effective relief of stuck on Boogies (mucous) caused by the common cold & allergies.


  • Alcohol Free
  • Unique Formula
  • Moisturizes with added Chamomile, Vitamin E and Aloe
  • Gentle Enough for all Ages
  • Lightly Scented

Contest ends Wednesday June 25th at 9amMST.

Winner will be announced here Wednesday June 25th at 5pmMST, be sure to check back!
If you don’t want to take your chances here, you can buy your own Boogie Wipes at