More Outside Baby Cooler Backpacks!

You moms have some seriously quick fingers! We figured we’d have plenty of Outside Baby Cooler Backpacks to last the whole day. And within 30 minutes, they were gone. Poof! Every one. I felt so bad for the barrage of moms that quickly emailed us afterward, “No fair! Get more!” We normally don’t do this kind of thing, once it’s gone it’s gone. And as you know we ship your stuff the same day and you often get it within two! But luckily today, they had more and you want them! So hurry. They are already going fast! If you ordered by 9:30amMST, you’ll have your bag by Friday. All remaining orders today you’ll have no later than next Wednesday!

…and while I was busy trying to get you all hooked up with more, I was amazed at how quiet and cooperative my sweet toddler girl was being. Well moms, silence is dangerous. Within just a few minutes, she painted herself pretty with my makeup.
Oh well, Clinique’s Blush Violet was a little bright for me anyway. Looks great on her dark skin, don’t ‘ya think?

Any ideas on how to get lipstick out of carpet?

Advice Needed

We started potty training Bubby on Saturday. Since he was so good about giving up his binky i thought this would go well. Silly me.

Does anyone have potty training advice?  How did you do it?
The most frustrating part is not knowing how to react to his accidents. Anger? Reprimand? Encouragement? Clearly i need to do more research.
He doesn’t hate the idea, loves to sit on the potty. Loves his new underpants, but just can’t catch himself when he needs to go, and sees no problem doing his business inside his underpants.
I asked his dad to find a good potty training video on youtube, he found this. oddly enough Bubby can’t get enough of it, he’s watched it eight times this morning. When I asked him if he wanted to go potty like the tiger he says “YES!”.