What a crazy 24 hours we’ve had here at BabySteals.com. Our web hosting provider unexpectedly implemented a server migration. In that process they did some things incorrectly that took our website down. Hard. And they couldn’t get it back up. Of course every second felt like an hour to us as this continued to drag on. We were powerless at that point and just had to wait it out. We’re happy to say we are back up and we are taking extreme efforts to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We appreciate the floods of emails and phone calls we received from all of you making sure we knew we were down. We’re pretty tired around here from a sleepless night but meanwhile, let’s party! The next few days around here are going to be HOT! Tomorrow’s steal is a limited edition just for Thanksgiving, the weekend has all new steals, Monday is going to be SWEET and Tuesday is going to ROCK! So stay tuned.