Disney Tigger Three-in-One Pillow Pal Giveaway!

UPDATE: Contest is now closed.

Hey BabySteals.com fans, who’s ready for another giveaway?!

Each pet is a plush toy, a soft pillow and a comfy blanket all in one.

These Pillow Pals make the ideal traveling companions for children, keeping kids entertained when they are awake and comfortable when they are asleep.

Has unique novelty eye and ear stitching. Contains micro beads, making them extremely soft and fun to squeeze! The inner blankets are big, made of cozy, warm fleece that can be detached for easy washing. The blankets measure approximately 36″ x 66″ (3′ x 5 1/2′).

How to use:
Incredibly simple to use. Unlatch the velcro to transform the animals into cuddly pillows. Simply unzip the zipper located at the bottom to expose the inner blanket. Comes with instructional tag that illustrates how to properly fold up the blankets.

How to enter:

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Contest ends Monday June 29th at 10am MST.

How You Can Get a Flat Stomach Again

By Guest Blogger Lindsay Brin

It’s so important to understand how you can get a flat stomach again. So many of us are used to traditional ab work, and unfortunately that can create a larger waistline! Yikes!

Why The Core?
One of the reasons why you need to add core exercises to any other workout routine you may be doing is that after pregnancy, your uterus shrinks about a finger’s width every day. In five to six weeks, your uterus will return to pre-pregnancy size. That means in that time it will from the size of a watermelon to the size of an orange. Pretty impressive, right? Your body is remarkably adaptable and your recovery to pre-pregnancy hormone levels, uterus size, etc. is postpartum miracle. Your body is a machine in the several weeks following birth. But you do need to help that miracle along.

There are 2 IMPORTANT muscles that create your flat stomach: the pelvic floor & the TA (transverse abdominis)

A little Science wouldn’t hurt
You need to start by finding your pelvic floor, then training your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is the foundation to your core. Your abs cannot function without the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is the bottom of the core–think of a sling from front to back. You will see a number of exercises that include rotation, balance and stabilization in the Moms Into Fitness DVDs. This variety combined with the use of the pelvic floor and transverse create a flat stomach. You can begin pelvic floor movements within 2 days of a vaginal normal delivery. The ab work will begin later (usually 4-6 weeks) once you have your doctor’s permission. This method will not only help you look good but help you do functional things without pain. You can get down on the floor and play with baby, jump without peeing, and lift baby pain free.

Your core is essentially the center of your body—more specifically your abdominal muscles and the muscles of the hips, butt, back, and pelvic floor. All of your core muscles work together as a unit—they are all connected by fascia, a band of connective tissue. Your muscles (and fascia) are stretched during pregnancy. At 6 months everything is back at 90%, and if you help the muscles along you can get that flat stomach more quickly. But you have to use your muscles for them to change!

Engaging the muscles
So you don’t have information overload you can simply watch this video to find out how to use these muscles and make them work within traditional ab work.

Zooming the Loopies

These cuties need to be seen close up!

Mouseover to zoom.

A Very Very Close Look at Twirls & Twigs

Hello all!
These Twirls & Twigs blankets are so lovely you must see them very up close! Mouse over each image below to see the softness!

A Closer Look at Today’s Steal

If you mouse over the photos below you should be able to see them a little bigger for details and such. I say should because you never know how somebody’s computer will react to the fanciness you create.

So, cross your fingers and take a look. And no, the children are not for sale but you know you wish they were! Cute as buttons I tell ya!

Happy Birthday Emily!

First off, she will hate me for this. Not only for putting her at the center of attention but also for hacking into our blog and posting stuff without having her pretty it up! Sorry Emily!


A tiny bit about Emily and BabySteals….
…everything on this web site was designed by Emily.
…everything is designed daily by Emily.
…nothing goes ‘live’ without Emily making it so (except this..ha!). when you’re refreshing like mad at 8:58 am to catch the next steal, it’s Emily that gives you your daily fix.
…and lots more. every, single, day at 9am mst. repeat!

A little more about Emily…
…there is nothing that can get past Emily. especially if it is on the internet. she can find anything, repeat anything, online
…has not slept-in for over a year (see above 9am mst post)
…has impeccable taste
…is a clever and creative writer.
…is a great photographer
…Emily is perfectly willing to ‘take one for the team’ including dressing her boy in girl attire for the perfect photo for the website. (just don’t tell her husband Ethan!)
…Emily is also perfectly willing to make nine, yes nine cakes for one event.  another story!
…has a super cute blog
…the blue background you sometimes see in photos is Emily’s living room wall!
…knows all the HyperText Markup Language you’d ever wanna know.
…all this with two hilarious and darling toddler boys in tow.
…from her perfectly stylish home.
Please join me in wishing Emily a very Happy Birthday today!
PS. Emily, this little beauty is on the way to you- only after I secretly found out you already had the nantucket (it was in my cart!)

Jana, RC and crew

Signing Time Lucky Winner x 3!

Congrats to…

SARA MAY 29TH, 2009 AT 11:47 AM – #5296
2009/05/29 at 11:47am
I have done a little sign with my 20 month old and would love to do more with baby #3 coming in 10 weeks.

AMBER MAY 29TH, 2009 AT 9:05 AM – #5016
2009/05/29 at 9:05am
We taught my three year old sign when she was a baby and now this would be great for my 13 month old.

TONI MAY 30TH, 2009 AT 1:39 PM – #5483
2009/05/30 at 1:39pm
What a great giveaway! I’d love to have the DVD to help my 12 month old learn to sign. Then we’d pass it on to my first niece who is 6 months old!

Check your email ladies, you’ve won!