It’s Kristen here, baby buyer and… proud Canuck! In addition to celebrating the discovery of the Americas, a few of us are also celebrating Turkey Day! A Canadian transplant, my mother always insisted three things:
1) Canadian chocolate bars are the best concoctions on earth
2) It’s God Save the Queen, not King
3) Canadians, not Americans, had the first Thanksgiving dinner
It doesn’t matter who was first as far as I am concerned. After all, I’ll take any excuse to take a day to eat and be thankful! So tonight, we’ll give thanks and fuse my family’s Mexican, American, and Canadian heritage over a bounteous meal of Mexican-inspired tacos tonight and do something as American as it gets – watch Monday Night Football. It doesn’t get much better than that!
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow neighbors to the north from all of us at BabySteals!