Winner, winner!


Congratulations to Elizabeth-comment #11859; the winner of our Puj tub! She said:

Elizabeth January 25th, 2010 at 6:16 am – #11859

“I’m a fan and am telling everyone to follow you too! Who wouldn’t want to with all the great deals afterall?”

Elizabeth, check your email; we need to verify your mode of entry and then your address! Thank you to everyone who entered; it is so fun reading your feedback! Stay tuned for another fun giveaway we will be launching soon!

Puj tub giveaway!

Update: Contest Closed

Rub a dub dub! Puj has a new tub!


puj tub

Tired of messy bath times where you end up just as wet as the baby, fighting with giant plastic tubs? Introducing the Puj Tub: a revolutionary way to bathe your infant.

It’s brilliant – you can use it in a standard bathroom sink!

? Stores flat

? Cradles baby

? Dries fast

You want one now, don’t you?

We’re giving one of these babies away to a lucky fan!

Here’s how to enter:

~If you’re not our Facebook Fan yet:

It’s easy – if you’re not our fan on facebook just click here and hit ‘become a fan’. Then come back to this blog and comment that you are a fan.

~If you already ARE our fan on Facebook:

Visit our fan page and hit the “suggest to friends” button on the left; and suggest us to some friends you think will love BabySteals! Then, come back here and comment that you did.

~If Facebook isn’t your thing:

Hit the “share” button above and tell a friend about BabySteals! Then, come back here and comment that you did.

Either way you enter, you are not entered unless you comment here on the blog; that’s the only way we can know what you did to enter!

Contest ends on Wednesday, January 27th at 9pm MST. Winner selected randomly through Winner’s mode of entry verified before being contacted.

PS. Puj has amazing slings, too…you better check those out while you’re at it!

BabySteals Fan Poem!

I log on to our BabySteals Facebook page to find this amazing poem written by our customer and fan Emily Brown Weaver. It was so awesome I just had to share it here! Thank you Emily I am so humbled!

Ode To Baby Steals

I’ll fully admit,
that often it’s true,
my dishes are dirty,
I’ve laundry to do,
There might be spaghetti stains splattered on walls,
and chocolate (I hope) is smeared on the walls.

It’s nothing I’m proud of,
I know it’s a shame,
I’m not always quite at the top of my game.
My husband, thank goodness,
is quite understanding,
and frankly is happy the house is still standing.

But one thing I know,
and I safely can say,
Is that I’m topnotch at 10 sharp every day.
I mean, with three kids, and a mortgage to boot,
You’ve got to be savvy when buying their loot.

I’ve searched round the country, and even the globe,
with my sensitive sense and my laser mom probe.
The deals aren’t in England, in Russia or Guam,
but rather are found on

If you’ve got a munckin in diapers I’m sure,
You’ll instantly see why it’s such an allure.
From shoes to pajamas, from blankies to toys,
In colors that suit all your girls and your boys.
You’ll quickly forget all that dreary housecleaning,
and find that it’s much more enjoyable stealing!

You’ll want to tell all of the moms that you know,
rave about babysteals places you go,
but careful, I’ll warn you, cause they’ll steal it too,
and sometimes they might do it faster than you!

So at that sweet magical hour every day,
You’d best pay attention log on straight away,
Or else I’m afraid you will pucker and pout,
when you find that the steal is all gone, and sold out!

Comic #2 – BabySteals Local Pickup!

I think Michael Johnston’s brilliance speaks for itself….. babysteals local pickup

Haaaa! This baby is going to be printed on canvas and displayed front and center at our local pickup office! Utah moms definitely are the envy of many moms around the US and Canada – because they can pick up their steals and come shop our front office! We have moms from up to 2 hours away organizing the “pickup for the neighborhood girls” that trade off weeks to pick up for everyone in their neighborhood that ordered. Sometimes fans on our Facebook page post how far they live from our warehouse, “only eight hours and 22 minutes”. So Michael yet again creates humor around the obsession! Thanks again Michael!

Comic Sketch for BabySteals fans!


I’m innocently viewing our Facebook fan page tonight find a comic sketch uploaded by our fan Keshia Johnston!  Her husband, Michael Johnston, sketched it up. Brilliance! I’d say he has quite a pulse on the obsession, don’t you?

Look closely…she’s even wearing a famous steal Teething Bling!

Michael Johnston, you just made my day. Enjoy everyone!

Disney 3-in-1 Pillow Pals!

TGIF! It’s Friday, and we’re trying to get our work done early. But whoops, a little TOO early! If you just got your email alert that today’s steal is the Disney 3-in-1 Pillow Pals, consider that the biggest “hint” to tomorrow’s steal EVER! So, you have until tomorrow at 9am to decide if you want one. If you do, be here to grab yours while you can, because since the “tigger” is out of the bag, we’re sure they’ll go fast!

Warning: This Website is Addicting!

Just ask Jess, JR, Ani, Tanya, Beth, Michelle, Marie-Eve, Emily, Tara, Ashleigh, Julia, Ashlyn, Dina, Beth, Kyla, Kristal, Geri, Tracey, Angie, Rebecca, Amanda, Lisa, Cassie, Clair, Katie, Chana, Dunia, Nicole, Julia, Cami, Claire, Kathy, Mylene, Stacie, Alysha, Jennifer, Carolyn, Melanie, Amber, Erica, even SCOTT and hundreds, (well, more like 22,970) moms (and dads) that are our Facebook Fans!

We have so much fun chatting with our fans on there; not a moment goes by where someone new isn’t telling everyone what steals arrived that day, what they wish they would have bought, what products they love the most, and general mom talk, full of amazing advice!

Oh and, from time to time we post “secret steals”, and even do a live video chat with Jana (me) sometimes!

If you haven’t become a Facebook Fan yet, do it now by going here and hit ‘become a fan’. Then, jump in and join the fun! You can visit the page anytime at

What could be more fun than BabyStealing? Chatting with other BabyStealers about it! Because the family that steals together sticks together!