Insider’s look at the Gr8x Backpack Duo!

I have bunches of diaper bags. I finally started to designate specific functions for each. I really don’t need more, but this bag has so many cool features I couldn’t pass it up! Kristen gave me a tour of the bag and I was sold! I was even able to convince my husband that we “needed” it! This bag is going to be my “park” bag. We spend tons of time at the park in the spring/summer! Take a look and I think you’ll see why! If your still on the fence after this, blame me for your inability to restrain yourself! 😉

Ergo Madness!

March Madness has quickly turned into Ergo Madness for us here at We are so thrilled that so many of you were able to take advantage of this great steal!  Unfortunately,  that means we all have to be a little more patient. Once our fabulous Ergo sale ended, the work began. Yes – we now have thousands of Ergo’s that need to be bagged, labeled and shipped to your happy homes. We cannot wait for you to get your hands on your very own ERGO!  We are just as anxious as you are! That’s why you will  find all of the staff at the warehouse helping out! From product editors to buyers , yep we’re all here lending a hand!  Thousands of orders lead to thousands of questions and thousands of emails. Hopefully we  will answer a few of your questions NOW! I know you are all wondering when will I get my Ergo? We will be processing and shipping Ergo orders all this week! It is possible that you won’t get a shipping confirmation until the end of the week.  If it has been 10 days after receiving  your shipping confirmation  and you still don’t have your precious Ergo (US only)  please email us! Otherwise don’t panic! We can appreciate your concern but, poor Em J  can’t possibly track this many packages! Check your google checkout account  for updates. Do we have extra’s? Nope – not a one!  We have completely sold out.  So, any emails to requests@babysteals  will be discarded. Don’t despair, this sale marks the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Ergo!  Stay tuned…

Here are a few photos of the madness…

Here is Amber & Grant! Labeling like crazy!


This is one of MANY mail trucks that picked up Ergo’s this week! Look at the front seat of the Truck! Barely enough room for the driver!

msail ergo1

We know how anxious you are because this was such an awesome steal! But we are so excited that so many people were able to take advantage of this great steal! Unfortunately that means we all have to be a little more patient.

Cyberscream with joy about your Ergo here!

No, you aren’t dreaming! It is real. Ergo Baby Carriers are nearly 50% off on! Now hurry and steal yours if you haven’t already. Then – come back here and leave a comment to cyberscream with joy! Because what fun is stealing when you can’t brag to everyone else that you did!? – where stealing is not a crime.


PS. Many customers know the wonderful “Em J” Emily Johnson  – our BabySteals customer service manager. That’s her on the left carrying her darling daughter! And one of our great customers Haley A. – with her sweet Olive!

Fan Comic Contest Winner! x 4!

And the winner is…..Kristen K!

She said:

“Babystealers sulking about in shopping plazas, train stations, or neighborhoods looking for free wifi or unsecured wireless networks. Shaking their ipods and netbooks in the air in frustration when no open connections are found. Scrambling to the next potential wifi spot before the steal gets put up.

Here is Michael’s genius rendition of her entry!


Brilliance! Email us, Kristen! orders (at) We need your address to send you your winnings; 5 pair of BABYLEGS!

However, Michael didn’t stop with just one! He created four, yes four comics with ideas from everyone! Stay tuned for the three runner ups!

Meanwhile……… if you follow our blog or Facebook page, you have definitely seen Michael’s comic about Local Pickup at our offices!


Michael does not live in Utah – but when we found out he was actually traveling to Utah with his family and planning to come by our offices and visit, we decided to surprise him BabySteals style with two things!

1: We had the comic he created about BabySteals local pickup printed on a large canvas to be hung in our local pickup office! Here he is with his masterpiece!

michael johnston

2:) We surprised him and his darling wife and daughter with a photo shoot from our photographer- to have his baby grace the home page of! Yes, that’s his darling daughter rocking the Andee Lew bodysuits on the homepage TODAY!


What a fun day that was! Thanks fans, for creating and participating in such a fun contest – and thanks Michael, for all of your amazing work! Congratulations again to Kristen K!

March Madness Giveaway contest winner!

and the winner is……

gillian– #12738

I dont see Miami University (OH)! So, then we’d take Univ. of Texas for our little longhorn!

Gillian – check your email! Enjoy your “Team Squeaks!”


March Madness Giveaway!

Update Contest Closed!

TEAM-SQUEAKS-300x276It’s that time of year again.March Madness. Yup, in my household this pretty much sums up every month of the year! Only difference is my husband is studying his brackets instead of hounding me about the untidy house. That’s a win in my book!

6241 (1)Let’s make it a little more interesting for us ladies! In honor of March Madness we are giving away a pair of “Team Squeaks” or a “Tot-Topper” by Squeak Me Shoes logoed with your (or his) favorite team! If you have a little boy you can score a pair of “Team Squeaks”! If you have a little girl you can choose “Team Squeaks” or “Tot – Topper”! Simply go here and check out your options, and comment back here with what team, size, and style you want, and you’re entered to win!


One lucky winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday  at 12:00pm MST. Good luck!

Behind the Scenes of a photoshoot

Last week two of our great fans Geri and Alysha just happened to stop by to pick up their steals at just the right time! Our photographer was there- and well, could not resist the adorableness of both their daughters Annabelle and Mady, the models in today’s steal! Let me tell you that photographing children professionally is not easy! The things we do to keep kids still or smile are comical. But Annabelle and Mady were so darling during the photo shoot that I had to take some video with my iPhone! Take a look – behind the scenes at a photo shoot!

Contest written by fans!

Update: Contest closed! Michael Johnston will pick his winner in the next week and start drawing up the comic! THANKS so much to everyone for such a fun contest and your great ideas! Stay tuned for the winner!

One of our great Facebook fans asked last night:

Alysha Abbot Herrera: “So I totally think we should have a best BabySteal cartoon idea contest. We could all send our ideas to Michael or Keshia, he could pick the winner, draw the cartoon, and take it to BabySteals when he visits next week. Maybe BabySteals would offer a prize?? There are some super funny Mommies on here!”

So I said, SURE! How fun to have a contest for fans by fans! How about the prize be a fan favorite – 5 pair of Babylegs! So I asked the fans to write a post for the blog announcing the contest, and Alysha and Gale both wrote in with what to write. I couldn’t decide between the two since they were both so great, so here goes! Guest bloggers Alysha and Gale!

Written by: Gale Chambers Cabe

If you’re a Babysteals fan, chances are you’ve seen Michael Johnston’s cartoon renderings of Babysteals’ moms and dads (and probably cringed thinking he’d somehow spied on you!).  Here’s your chance to be part of the fun!  From now until Tuesday, March 9th at Noon MST, post your ideas for Michael’s next cartoon.  He’ll choose his favorite and your idea could be featured on the blog.  Along with bragging rights, the lucky winner will also receive a 5-pack of Babylegs.  Who said addiction can’t be rewarding???

Written by: Alysha Abbott Hererra

Hey Fellow BabyStealers,
Take one look at the BabySteals fan page on Facebook, and you are bound to laugh out loud more than once at how funny so many of the Mommies are. Whether they’ve posted about how they managed to sneak a “steal” in their house without their husband noticing, or trying to guess what the next days “steal” is by cracking the clever hint BabySteals has posted, you find yourself relating in one way or another.
Well… the amazing BabySteals Team has given us the ok to host our own contest.. and are generously offering the winner an extremely sought after “steal”.
All veteran BabyStealers have seen the hilarious cartoons drawn by fan Keshia Johnston’s hubby Michael.. if not, scroll down some in this blog and check them out for yourselves!!
We can’t expect Michael to even dream up what lengths us Mommies go to in order to get our BabySteals daily fix, so.. we have decided to hold a Cartoon Idea Contest.

Come up with your best idea for a new BabySteals themed cartoon that you would like to see drawn up my Michael, and share it with the rest of us by commenting right here on the blog. BabySteals will print all entries and let Michael review them when he swings by local pickup next week, he will select his favorite and draw it up for us.. The winner will be announced right here on the blog which will feature the winning cartoon!
Here is the scoop….
Entry Deadline: Anytime between NOW and Tue, March 9th at 12pm MST
Mode of Entry: Leave your cartoon idea in a comment right here on the blog.
Prize: 5 Pair of BabyLegs (winners choice of all designs BabySteals secretly may have coming up soon) and of course bragging rights!!

And the $25 Gift Code Winner is…

and our winner is….


Annadette M.  – #12333

“Well, since I’ve hit late-pregnancy, I’ve been struck with insomnia, which usually doesn’t let me get to sleep until 2 or 3am most nights. Despite barely being able to function the next day, the hormone surges just seem to keep me up all night in deep thought. When I found out how Babysteals and Kidsteals worked, the concept was immediately intriquing to a “shopaholic” like me. One evening I figured from the Facebook Fan Page hint that we would probably be getting babylegs the following morning as a steal. I REALLY needed some babylegs! So, the night before, rather than turning out the light at my usual 2 or 3am, I looked at the clock and worried that I might not wake up in time – surely those babies would sell out quick! Despite my common sense (which does seem to be lacking slightly lately!), instead of going to bed I figured it would be safer to just press on until morning. And I stayed awake right until 9am. Oh yeah, and I got those babylegs! Woohoo! It was like winning first prize! That day, as I recall, was particularly exhausting. Now I’ve learned to set two alarms…(well, I didn’t say I was a quick learner!) I LOVE babysteals!!!!!!!”

Annadette, check your email for your gift code!

Thanks to everyone for your fun and hilarious steal stories! Although it was a random contest, we will be reading them all as a team and coming up with a few of our favorites to highlight here (with your permission of course!) We hope you enjoyed reading the stories as much as we did!