It’s Baby Signing Time!

Anyone who is a long time fan of BabySteals knows that I am a big fan of the Children’s DVD series Signing Time!

I’ve often bragged about how many signs my cute baby Jane (the brown-eyed beauty with the curly brown hair often on knew because of Signing Time. I’m pretty picky about the TV my kids watch–they don’t get much at all (especially when they’re babies and toddlers), but sometimes you just NEED that 20 minutes for them to sit still by you while you finish the dishes (or take a break yourself!) Well, soon after Jane started signing “milk” at 9 months when she was hungry and “more” when she wanted more, I was sold. Pretty soon the whole family (including my older kids) were singing along with Rachel to tunes like “Colors of the Rainbow”:

Signing Time was the only TV show or DVD that kept Jane entertained, yet she (and everyone else in the house) was learning so much at the same time! Bottom line, it helped her communicate with us before she could talk. Thus, fewer tantrums = happier child.

Jane even auditioned to be in Baby Signing Time 4, and got in (view at approx 1:43)! (Okay, she got in the crying part. You’ll see when you watch Baby Signing Time 4.) You can even see a few tiny seconds of me (with much longer hair) wiping her tears and opening her can of pears.

See for yourself how well she communicated, here are two cute videos of Jane showing off her signs (hey, every mom thinks their kid is a genius, right? I’m no different!)

Well, now I’ve told you, mom to mom, and BabySteals owner (who’s seen lots of baby products) to BabySteals customer, the ONE thing I wouldn’t ever do without for my babies, is Signing Time. And other moms that work here at BabySteals feel the same way. Now you know! But, don’t take it from me. Signing Time fans, comment and give moms the scoop! is Having a Baby!

At, your deal of the day website for baby and maternity products, we’ve been your one stop shop for name brand baby clothes , baby shower gifts, and maternity items since April of 2008!  With your support and help sharing BabySteals with your friends and family in person, via email, and on Facebook and Twitter, we’ve been able to keep bringing you daily deals! We know how much fun you all have checking out the BabySteal at 9am every day–when we open our doors to the new steal of the day and there is a virtual e-stampede for the fabulous baby products at 50-80% off. We asked ourselves, is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Why not double the fun for everyone? Let’s make it easier for all moms to have a chance at a steal! Sit down if you’re not already, because we’re thrilled to announce this very exciting NEWS!  After many months of planning, plotting and cooking this idea up (much like having a baby) we decided to…

… add a new steal every day at 9 pm MST.
Yes, you heard that right– will now roll out

Ok, BREATHE! And don’t worry, you’ll still get the same website with amazing quality, name brand boutique baby clothes and accessories, the same unbelievable customer service, and the same fanatical and fast shipping–just two times daily! At your usual time of 9 am and once again at 9 pm!

No, you are not dreaming! Our first evening steal will be on Sunday, September 26th at 9 pm MST. See you there! And BIG thank you for supporting Without you, this would not be possible. The babies are tucked in bed–come join us every night at 9 pm. Now get stealing, you thieves!

Something is coming…

We’ve got a secret we’re dying to tell you. It’s almost time.We’re getting ready.

But shhhhhhhhhh......... The baby is sleeping.

RuffleButts Giveaway Winner!

Hope you had a {RUFFLED} day yesterday with the Steal. Now that you’ve checked out the RuffleButts site, aren’t you all in love with the cuteness they’ve designed this season? It looks like a lot of you want to win stuff from their fall line with 4608 entries!

Without further ado, the lucky winner of the four piece RuffleButts ensemble is…

Heather Stalnaker!

Thank you all for participating!

Rufflebutts Giveaway!

Update: Contest Now Closed

As if this week wasn’t exciting enough, we are going to say happy weekend by adding {RUFFLES}!

That’s right ladies, we are giving away one RuffleButts ensemble that will include:

and a coordinating pair of Pink Ruffled Tights

To enter, simply head to their site and check out their adorable new fall line, come back here and vote below for your favorite ruffled look!

Contest ends Wednesday, September 22 at 5pm. Winner announced upon notification.

What’s your favorite
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Update: Contest Now Closed

Picky Sticky Giveaway Winners!

My goodness! You mamas had us counting big numbers with a whopping 4,603 of you entering into the Picky Sticky giveaway! Now that might be a milestone for US!

The five lucky winners of the Picky Sticky sets are…

Samantha Wills

Adrienne Murray

Jill Higgins

Cheryl Verver

Lauren Boylan

Check your email ladies! You win! Thank you ALL for participating!

BabySteals Picky Sticky Giveaway


Mamas, is your little one growing by the second? To document those milestones you need Picky Sticky!

Picky Sticky is a set of stickers that look like iron-on transfers to help document your baby’s growth–even if they are still in your belly! That’s right, they have stickers to document your baby bump too! Check out their website to see how they work.

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Mountain Mama Giveaway Winner!

I heard so many fun (and chilly) uses for this awesome Mountain Mama baselayer set. You ladies got it! Every garment is made in the United States at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California. Why do we love this? We think mamas deserve respect–that includes our mother earth and Mountain Mama certainly leaves a small carbon footprint.

So do you want to hear who gets to lounge around in this warm outfit for their chilly adventures this fall and winter?

The winner is…

Lisa Kandola

Congrats Lisa! Hope this makes your hiking and camping trips warm and cozy! Thank you all for participating!

Meet The Owners {Rett & Jana}

Rett with his son, Nash

Many of you know our fabulous, talented owner Jana Francis, but have you met our other owner, the incredible Mr. BabySteals? We’re not talking about Jana’s husband (though he is pretty awesome too). Mr. BabySteals is Rett Clevenger, CEO and co-owner of the Steal Network alongside Jana.

Jana and Rett hard at work in line at an amusement park. Yes, they are driven.

Rett and Jana have the perfect synergy to balance each other out–they are the yin and yang leading the Steal Network. They both come from strong backgrounds in marketing and ecommerce and are passionate about Steal Network sending joy to our customers through quality products, customer service, fast shipping, entertainment and connecting with others.

Meet Rett

Rett is a laid back, insanely smart and positive guy. He grew up in a small town in Idaho and loves the outdoors and anything that gets adrenaline flowing from whitewater kayaking to telemark skiing. Rett always does that right thing, has a great sense of humor, is an idealist and constantly wants to improve the status quo. What more can you ask for in Mr. BabySteals? Oh, he’s not too bad looking either. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. Rett lives in Park City, Utah with his beautiful wife and three children.

Meet Jana

Jana is passionate, energetic and outgoing. She enjoys fitness, gardening and cooking and is an outdoor recreational fanatic. Jana is outspoken, a clean freak, has a self-admitted inner geek and is into living healthy and eating organically. Most importantly, she loves a good deal and is passionate about bringing amazing steals to you everyday. This gorgeous gal is taken too, though not by Mr. BabySteals. Jana lives with her husband and three great kids in Salt Lake City.


Have you checked out the Steal Network site? Learn more about our amazing owners, our websites and how to connect with us here.

Mountain Mama Giveaway!

The weather has started to get chilly and crisp here in Salt Lake City we’re gearing up for fall and winter in the beautiful mountains. Moms that love the outdoors don’t let pregnancy stop their sense of adventure. Mountain Mama combines innovative technical fabrics and design to create stylish clothing that women can wear comfortably on the trail and in town, through every stage of pregnancy…and beyond!

We’re giving away a Baselayer Clouds Rest top and bottom, a $108 value, great for lounging, hiking, wearing under jeans, staying warm in snow activities, etc.

Want to win? To enter, you outdoorsy mamas just need to visit their website, find out where their products are made and come back here to tell us what activity you would use this outfit for. What adventure are you expecting?

We’ll pick a random winner with Contest ends Saturday, September 11th at 5pm. Winner announced upon notification.