Want a quick sneak peek of the Steal Network warehouse? It’s 15,000 square feet of steal heaven. Just imagine all the goodies, planning and joy that lie within. :)




Here’s a view of the signs outside. They light up pretty at night too, so a lovely, colorful view from the freeway.
BabyStealsSteal Network

Welcome to the Steals Boutique, the best place in Salt Lake City to shop for baby and maternity necessities, baby shower gifts, children’s clothing and toys and a wonderful array of scrapbooking and craft supplies. If you come to visit (or happen to live here), be sure to say hi to the Steals crew!

Steal Network

Here’s a panorama of all the steals that await! Warning: seeing the steals in person makes them even more tempting.

Are you on Foursquare? Be sure to check in at Steal Network or the Steals Boutique when you visit (just don’t oust my mayorship or there may be trouble, haha).

This is where some of the most exciting magic happens…the conference room! The whole Steal Network crew meets around the Governor’s table to come up with secret plans to rule the world. Bwahaha! Okay, or maybe just to send joy to all our incredible fans. ?

Here is a shot of the new photo and video studio. What mystery steal could be hiding behind those lights?

Welcome to the warehouse! All these boxes hold steals awaiting to be purchased, packed and shipped off to anxious mamas all over the U.S. and Canada. This is only about half of it too! Now if only you could make out the logos on those boxes…

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek! More coming soon.