Light Three Candles — Surprise Steal #3!

BabySteals birthday is particularly sentimental to us here at Steal Network because not only does it mark three years for our site, but since BabySteals started it all, it is the anniversary of Steal Network as well.

Since we’re celebrating threes, we’re lighting the last candle for a third Surprise Steal!

The question is, can you get the answer right to find the link?

What are the three magic words that make up the Steal Network’s slogan?

a. It’s a STEAL!

b. we wow women

c. we send joy

3:33 Happy Birthday Surprise Steal!

It’s our party and we’ll steal if we want to. It’s 3:33 so it seemed like ripe time for another Surprise Steal! Here’s a hint: we are throwing a party, eating some cake, and not even making a mess, baby!

Hurry before it’s gone — Lil Diner Surprise Steal!

~Lil Diner Surprise Steal~
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It’s Our Birthday — Let’s Have a Surprise Steal!

Happy Birthday to us! With all this celebrating our bellies are full of cake and birthday treats! But luckily we have Lassig Belly Bands to cover up!

Whether you need some for your growing baby bump or just for everyday comfort and fashion, hurry while they last — Lassig Belly Band Surprise Steal!


~Lassig Belly Band Surprise Steal~
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