Newly pregnant? First time mom? Getting ready for another? No matter which of these apply, it’s time to start planning for the baby. Today’s mom tip, comes from Shannon from Hello World Baby Planning, to give you advice on hiring a baby planner or prepping yourself for the baby.

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Planning for a baby can be a never ending series of question marks.  Did I choose the right gear?  Is this free of toxic chemicals? Will I really use this?  How long can I use this for?  What comes with this? Between the back aches, the kick counting, and the nesting, moms have a lot to focus on for their expected little one.  So, how do you get everything done and remain the peacefully centered mom to be?  Babysteps!

For starters, one of the fantastic benefits moms now have at their fingertips is educated help. Sure the gal pals are great, but they only know about what they’ve done or used with their baby. Their gear may not be the ideal gear for you. Hiring a baby planner can help you tackle that baby gear like it’s a breeze. A baby planner is a personal consultant to new, expectant and adopting families who offer support and knowledge in the journey of parenthood.

Baby planners provide research and extensive knowledge about gear and can recommend products that are safe and fit your family’s needs. They not only study and test baby gear constantly, but they should also attend the world’s largest baby product expo, The ABC Show, annually. This means that they also know the company and the people behind your products. They allow families to focus on what they truly require, avoiding unnecessary products (they may actually save you time and money).  Baby planners don’t sell products so they remain unbiased. To find one in your area visit

Most planners will find a way to work with your budget, but if hiring one is outside of your availability there are some other things you can do to help narrow down your list of questions.  For starters, head over to some baby stores and push, pull, kick, fold and test the products that catch your eye. If you have problems with it in the store, don’t buy it.

If you can’t make it into the stores, the Internet is a God-send when it comes to comparison shopping meets swollen feet. Go to your baby boutique’s url and read up on their products. Check out the manufacturer’s websites for information and often great video demonstrations. Find great go-to resources for safe products like the Junior Product Manufacturer Association’s website at  They have an updated list of products that have received their seal of approval for meeting a set of criteria.  If non-toxic baby gear is on your radar, check out sites like, and  There is a plethora of information on these sites and they’re incredibly helpful when considering what to bring into your house for your baby.

Prepping for baby can be as much fun as picking out those adorable onsies if you strategize early. Avoiding procrastination can be the best decision you ever make.  Whether you hire a baby planner to handle all the details or you go the do it yourself route, remember to put safety and health the top priorities for both baby and you!  Good Luck!

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Thank you for the baby planning tips Shannon.

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