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It’s the new year and time to get into gear with your fitness and health resolutions. To go along with today’s steal, the Moms into Fitness DVDs and Downloads, we have some great tips from Lindsay Brin herself, to get your health goals in going.

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The holidays have come and gone, but those treats are still lying around. Many of us have a New Year’s resolution has something to do with your health. Whether you are pregnant or 5 years post-baby, here are 2 tips to start the new year off right and tackle the “mommy bulge”!


3 Day Cleanse
No, I am not talking about doing a colonic or drinking green juice for 3 days.  I am talking about a simple cleanse of all junk!  All candies, chips, sodas, alcohol and most things that come in a sealed bag. It’s simple — your body stops craving things after three days of not having it. So get rid of all the goodies (take them to work or school or to the trash!) Just three days, that’s it, and you will be well on your way to eating right.


Do Crunches the Right Way
90% of moms perform a crunch incorrectly! If you are pregnant you can perform this test. But you do not want to perform crunches or any other core exercise that has you lying on your back for more than 40 seconds after the 1st trimester.


Try this 20 second test to see if you are doing crunches properly. It can make all the difference in battling the mommy bulge, muffin top, fupa, and all the other ugly words associated with the belly!


1) Place 1 hand on your belly, 1 hand behind your head. Perform a crunch.
2) If your belly pushed your hand out, you are doing it incorrectly.
3) Pull your belly button towards your spine, contract your anus, perform a crunch.
4) This time your hand should have stayed flat.
If so, you learned how to activate your inner core & work your core muscles from the inside-out! You should use this technique in all of your core training.
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What are your health and fitness resolutions?