One two three four, and we hope for many more.

It’s birthday time at BabySteals and we can’t wait to share our deals.

Years afore in two thousand eight, we set a very special date.

‘Twas mom and baby we had in mind. The greatest steals the ‘net could find.

April twenty eighth at nine a.m. we invited moms, dads, they and them

to steal a steal, a real good deal. No one could believe the steal was real!

You’ll find no catch. It’s just that good. We’ve got magic under our hood.

The best for baby, shipped out same day, and fun staff who love to play.

A place for mom to find a friend — our Facebook chatter has no end.

Shop on the go — iPhone, Droid or PC. Two steals a day, 9 and 9 MST.

Did we mention discounts up to 80 percent? At that price it barely makes a dent!

What makes us happiest after these four years is you, our customers.

*You bring us to tears.*

This coming week we celebrate, so we hope you’ll save the date!

We have faves for moms, girls and boys. Now get ready to party, ’cause we send joy.

• • • • •

Next week is BabySteals’ 4th birthday
and you are cordially invited! 

Join us April 23-28, 2012

for a giveaway a day

BabySteals fan favorites at 9am and 9pm

plenty of entertainment

a live chat

and a few surprises.  

• • • • •

See you there!