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10 Essentials for [your] Labor Day

labor-day It can be difficult to figure out what to pack for your baby’s birth – especially if you’re a new mom. Between all of the mom’s in our office, we have welcomed over 50 children into this world. To say we have a wealth of knowledge is an understatement. We’ve had some successes, trials and tribulations and complete failures, but we’ve all learned so much along the way. On this Labor Day holiday, we thought we would come together to share our top 10 essentials for your Labor Day.

Here’s what the experienced moms at BabySteals recommend for your hospital bag:

  1. picture ID (driver’s license or other ID), your insurance card, and any hospital paperwork you need. We’re a little embarrassed at how many of us actually forgot one or all of the aforementioned items.
  2. Eyeglasses, if you wear them. Even if you usually wear contact lenses, you may not want to deal with them in the middle of delivery. Seriously, one of our moms plucked her contacts out in the middle of delivery!
  3. bathrobe, a gownslippers, and socks. Hospitals provide gowns and socks for you to use during labor and afterward, but let’s be honest, those aren’t the most comfortable or cutest gowns we’ve ever seen. Some women like to bring their own and we love these Pretty Pushers Labor and Delivery Gowns. They are perfect for delivery with openings in the right places allowing easy access for monitors, IVs and epidurals.
  4. Headbands and hair ties to keep your hair out of your face. We love these simple, but cute stay-put headbands.
  5. Comfortable nursing bras or regular bras. Your breasts are likely to be tender and swollen when your milk comes in, which can happen anytime during the first several days after delivery. A good bra can provide added comfort, and nursing pads can help absorb leaks, whether you decide to breastfeed or not. We recommend these nursing bras – super comfortable and offer easy access.
  6. Toiletries and personal items — hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Throw it all in this Lay-n-Go bag and call it a day!
  7. Camera or recording device because, you know, you might want to capture this beautiful time in your life.
  8. Clothes for the recovery days after delivery, a change of clothes for your significant other and clothes to take your little one home in!
  9. Change for the vending machine and/or non-perishable snacks – you’ll more than likely be hungry after labor and you may not like what the cafeteria has to offer. Just make sure to bring a change purse because the cafeteria could be closed.
  10. car seat! We would highly recommend having it setup in the car. Turns out, you can’t leave the hospital without one! (Totally kidding, but one of us completely rushed out and forgot it!)

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Diaper Bag Essentials: 10 Must-Haves!

STEP 1: purchase a great diaper bag. STEP 2: fill it up.

Packing the perfect diaper bag is somewhat of an art-form and we just can’t stress the importance of a well-stocked diaper bag. It can literally save the day. The basics are pretty simple – diapers, binkies, milk, etc., but the essentials are something that come with time, experience and difficult situations. Our staff is coming together to share their go-to essentials so hopefully you don’t have to learn the hard way like we did. Here are 10 surprising must-haves the moms at BabySteals never leave home without [+ enter to win a Ju-Ju-Be Toki Dream Be Prepared Bag]!



Our Top 10 Diaper Bag Must-Haves:

1. Tide To-Go Pen – because you never know when you’re going to need one for yourself or your little one.

2. Clutch & Change Mats – perfect for quick trips when you don’t need your entire diaper bag.

3. Thermometer and Baby Medicine – you just never know. Be prepared!

4. Monkey Balm – perfect for baby’s lips, cheeks, boo-boos and more.

5. Reusable Placemats – make sure baby has a clean place to eat on the go, plus easy clean up!

6. Innobaby Packin’ Smart Stackables – perfect for formula, snacks and small items you need on the go.

7. Extra Clothes for Baby and Mom – you. just. never. know.

8. Baby Trip Clip – you can use these for so many much! Create a nursing cover, shade your stroller, keep up with binkie, teddy and more.

9. MD Mom Wipes – A.K.A. “The everything Wipe”. Helpful for wiping baby, mom, shopping carts, you name it. Keep ’em clean.

10. Generation Baby Wet Bags – these wet totes are perfect for the planned and unplanned adventures.

Check out more of our top diaper bag essentials here!



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Adventures in Cloth Diapering

Hi. My name is Angie, and until recently I was scared to cloth diaper. A few weeks ago I was oooing and ahhhing over some adorable cloth we had at babySTEALS and wishing I was daring enough to try it. Even though I’m a first-time mom, working at STEALS.com I have been very exposed to the world of cloth diapers. I have heard all the great reasons to cloth diaper.

  • It’s cheaper
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It’s cuter
  • It’s better on baby’s skin
  • It makes for faster potty training
  • It’s easier that it looks

Just to name a few. But here I was, a mom totally exposed to it with tons of experienced friends and coworkers, and still scared to try. I figured if I was still nervous about it, there are plenty of others who are too. And so I used my fear for good and figured I’d use it as an opportunity to learn everything you need to know to get started — the tips, the tricks, the dos, the don’ts, and the why the hell should I wash this instead of toss it?


Types of Cloth Diapers | CD 101

On first glance, cloth diapers can seem overwhelming, intimidating, and well, scary! But once you hear more about the benefits, you may be sold on the idea. Here’s what BabySteals moms have said about why they made the switch to cloth diapering:

“Cost was the initial change for us. Then I realized how easy they are and I love them! So much easier and cuter :)”

“I started with cloth from the beginning. I hated to think of all those diapers sitting in a landfill. I just had baby #2 and did 2 weeks of disposables with both babies and could not believe how much of an increase in garbage there was. I also loved the savings, they look super cute and I don’t have to worry about the chemicals on their skin. The bonus is that they hold in the messes better and keep away diaper rash.”

“I like to say it was to be green, but honestly we started because couldn’t afford disposables, wipes, garbage bags etc… However since we made the switch I could never go back, I love cloth!”

“I was scared until one day my daughter had the worst rash and cried every time we put a diaper on her. I would have paid big bucks that night for a prepped cloth diaper to save her from her misery. I can understand why it hurt too – putting yucky chemicals on a burn- OUCH! The next day I bought a bunch of cloth and never looked back. I’m so glad I made the switch. And DH even got on board as soon as he saw how easy it was. As an added bonus, my daughter potty trained much earlier than her friends (17m) and I fully believe it was because the cloth diapers helped her recognize when she went.” 

Sounds great, but where do you start, right? Here’s a basic guide to the different types of cloth diapers so you can decide which one seems like the right fit.

shell: cloth diaper cover

closure: diapers close with snaps or velcro

soaker: absorbs the mess. Can be cloth that is attached or removable or can even be a disposable insert.


All in Ones/All in Twos (AIO/AI2)

What they are: An all in one is what it sounds like — everything you need all in one diaper similar to a disposable. An AIO doesn’t need a separate shell or cover since it’s already part of it. The soaker is either sewn internally or externally. An AIO with an internal soaker will have a longer drying time because the air cannot circulate as well to dry it out where as an external soaker allows for air to circulate and dry faster.

An AI2 has a soaker that you can snap in or insert, meaning you can get two uses out of each diaper. If the shell didn’t get wet, you can remove the soaker and replace it with another.

Brands we’ve had on BabySteals: Bonnibuns


What they are:A pocket diaper is two layers of fabric sewn together with an opening to insert a soaker. Because it has the open pocket, you can insert as much material to absorb as you need. They don’t generally have a separate shell, unless it’s a fitted diaper with a pocket.

Brands we’ve had on BabySteals: Bonnibuns


What they are: A fitted diaper contains no waterproof layer and therefore requires a cover. Because of this, it’s the easiest type of diaper to make yourself and buy a shell to surround it.

Brands we’ve had on BabySteals: Bonnibuns


What they are: A prefold diaper is a rectangular cloth in three sections. The outside sections have four layers of fabric and the middle that works as the soaker is six or eight (4x6x4 or 4x8x4). More layers doesn’t always mean more absorbent — the type of fabric used in the layers determines how much it soaks in.

Prefolds can be pinned or snapped on or you can fold it in three and lay it in the cover, but it does require the separate shell.

Brands we’ve had on BabySteals: Bonnibuns

Postpartum Padcicles

Padsicles – 1. Apply a layer of aloe vera all over pad (gel, not liquid concentrate) 2. Pour about a teaspoon of witch hazel {DIY} Padsicles, the must have postpartum item postpartum padsicles pads labor delivery (make sure it’s alcohol-free) over the aloe vera 3. Sprinkle on a few drops of lavender essential oil 4. Wrap each pad in tin foil and freeze for use in your early postpartum days

Petunia Pickle Bottom Satchel Giveaway

Petunia Pickle Bottom is at the top of the list for fashionable, functional, drool-worthy diaper bags — and we’re not just talking baby’s spittle! Each of Petunia Pickle Bottom’s sophisticated floral designs delivers savvy functionality for on-the-go mamas with all the organizational pockets you need. Premium materials, durable construction, and elegant hardware give every woman the look she needs to maintain her style while she’s out and about with baby. Petunia Pickle Bottom is on the lips of every put-together lady!

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Deals on Baby Clothing

Between growing fast and constantly soiling clothing, babies need a lot to wear! See this adorable selection all available for an extra 20% off with today’s Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Hurry, these aren’t guaranteed to last. Shop baby clothing here.

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On The Go With Baby

Taking baby with you out and about has it’s share of challenges. That’s why we’ve selected some of these necessities for heading out with you little one in tow — all available for an extra 20% off with today’s Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Hurry, these aren’t guaranteed to last.

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1. Rockin Baby: Keep your little one close and comforted while helping a family in need. For every sling purchased, Rockin’ Baby will donate a new sling to a mother in need and educate them on its importance.

2. Buti Bag Bunvelope: This one-pocket clutch can hold two to three diapers, as well as a travel pack of diaper cream and wipes.

3. Babymel Diaper Bag: These sleek designer bags have a convenient place for everything. Each bag is equipped with an insulated place for a bottle, interior linings that are easy to wipe clean, and a fully adjustable patent pending Strollerstrap that goes effortlessly from shoulder to stroller.

4. 2 Red Hens Diaper Bag: The ever-popular 2 Red Hens Rooster Diaper Bag ensures that you stay prepared for changes while strutting your stuff in style. Elegant and durable straps and hardware combined with baby-proof fabrics, clever pockets, and designer prints ensure that you look fab and stay prepared for spills and messes.

5. Moncalin Lovies: The uncompromising quality and love of craftsmanship define Moncalin’s luxurious Flat-Cats. Each one is meticulously handmade by expert seamstresses in France, in lusciously soft pastel colors, and is sure to be your little one’s new favorite!

6. Petunia Pickle Bottom Receiving Blanket: Extraordinarily elegant with stylish detailing, the Petunia Pickle Bottom Receiving Blanket will envelop your little one in luxuriously well-appointed warmth and comfort.

7. Petunia Pickle Bottom Luggage Tag : Stake your claim on your diaper bag with this new coordinating glazed I-Belong-To tags featuring a “mommy card” you can customize with your child’s name and contact info. Be sure to retrieve all that is yours after a day of play.

St. Patrick’s Day Petunia Pickle Bottom Giveaway

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