Our Top 5 No Bake Desserts for July 4th!

Who’s excited for the long weekend of 4th of July celebrations? The 4th of July is such a great time to spend with family and friends while BBQing and enjoying each other’s company! Whether you’re going to a gathering or throwing your own backyard BBQ, as a busy parent it’s hard to find free time to prepare anything, much less want to turn the oven on in this heat. No worries – the staff here at Steals.com have you covered! We’ve compiled our top 5 no bake desserts that are perfect for your 4th of July parties so you can stay out of the heat and enjoy the long weekend.


no bake blueberry tart
1. No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Tart – These bad boys are great for entertaining at home or to bring along! Want to know the best part?… You’ll have these delish little bites of heaven completed in 10 minutes. For some added 4th of July flair, add some strawberries, cranberries or raspberries.



pretzel flag
2. American Flag Tray – If you’re looking for easy peasy, here you go! This one takes less than 15 minutes to clean and cut the berries and setup the display. Feel free to substitute with other red berries or white cheese for the pretzels. This is also a great way to get the kids involved in the planning process!


4th strawberries

3. USA Strawberries – Simple, cute and done within 10 minutes. These little beauties are so easy, yet so yummy. Pick up some strawberries, wash them off, melt some chocolate and get dipping! This is another fun one to get the kids helping with.



4. Fourth of July Wands – These fun little wands will be the star of the show… and not just at the kids table either! Though they may have more fun casting spells and granting wishes with their wands, the adults are sure to love this sweet and cool treat on a hot summer day, too. Super easy and super quick to make, these are a perfect treat to have the kiddos help with!



cookie flag
5. Cookie Flag of America – Grab your favorite cookie, get some colored chocolate melting and get dipping for this quick and easy no bake dessert. Dip the cookie in all 3 colors to create a red, white & blue cookie, or create an American flag similar to the one on the left.



Need more inspiration? Check out our 4th of July Pinterest board for ideas on food, DIY projects and more. And don’t forget to use your 15% coupon code “JULY4TH” on any order this Friday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 5th. Get Shopping >>

Mommy Water Giveaway

Calling all pregnant mommies — who hates taking their prenatal vitamins? Or even worse, who gets sick when trying to swallow and digest these pills? As one mom said,

“taking my prenatals is worse than taking horse pills!” – Maggie, San Diego

Forget it! Mommy Water is here to the rescue, and to make getting your nutrients even better! Mommy Water was designed by a team of medical doctors, nutritionists and beverage formulators to address the many needs of the modern pregnancy. Traditional prenatal vitamins, either in pill or gummy form, lack many of the essential elements necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

As such, the research team at Mommy Water set out to create the perfect prenatal vitamin. Pour it right into your water for a great tasting, hydrating way of getting your nutrients. Beyond your baby bump, what a great way for nursing moms to continue their vitamins post partum!
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So Why is Mommy Water Better?

In addition to the traditional prenatal vitamin profile, Mommy Water adds:

 Digestive health: The fiber source in Mommy Water is a prebiotic that helps promote digestive health by stimulating the normal, beneficial bacteria in the colon.

 Bone health: Inulin found in Mommy Water may boost calcium absorption, which is important to building and maintaining strong bones.

 Weight management: Diets rich in fiber, such as inulin, may help maintain a feeling of fullness for longer periods after eating.

 Negligible impact on glycemic response: Inulin is suitable for use in a low glycemic diet. Inulin, as a food ingredient, does not significantly impact blood sugar levels making Mommy Water safe for women with gestational diabetes. *

 Fiber enrichment: A diet rich in soluble fiber, such as inulin, helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract and may help promote regularity.

 Brain Boost: Can’t find your keys, lost your wallet? “Pregnancy brain” got you forgetting your neighbors name? Emerging research shows that choline is not only essential for fetal brain development, can help reduce “pregnancy brain.”

 Sun kissed Iron: By combining vitamin c with iron, Mommy Water increases the bioavailability of iron, an essential mineral for healthy pregnancies. And by drinking your iron in Mommy Water, you won’t suffer that nauseous feeling pills or gummies give as they breakdown in your system.

 Electrolytes: Dehydration is a common problem with expecting mothers Mommy Water combines water and electrolytes to help combat dehydration and improve absorption of all the great vitamins and mineral in a great tasting daily drink.

 Pyridoxine: Pyridoxine helps alleviate nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness, which is often times exacerbated by the breakdown of large prenatal pills. The amount of Pyridoxine in Mommy Water was recommended by our team of Doctors for combating pregnancy related nausea.

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20 Foods That Boost Your Breast Milk Supply

Most every nursing mom worries about making sure her supply is up at some point in time. Since you can’t measure your breast milk like you can formula, it’s easy to get insecure about production. The key is eating healthy, getting enough fluids, and just finding what works for you. So we put together a list of foods that are both good for you and help boost your breast milk supply.

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Printable Sign for Pumping Moms

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! Check out this cute printable sign we made for pumping moms to use to alert people you need privacy. Perfect for the office or wherever you need to pump!

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Ryan Gosling is Going to Be a Daddy

Did you hear the baby news? Ryan Gosling is going to be a daddy! The swoon-worthy star and his girlfriend, Eva Mendes, are expecting their first child together. Sorry ladies, he’s not your baby daddy. 😉


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Blooming Bath Giveaway on BabySteals

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