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RoSK Woobee Plush | One Blanket, Five Handy Uses

The RoSK Woobee Plush 5-in-1 Blanket is a simple but ingenious design that’s versatile and adorable. The ribbon ties make for easy attachment to strollers, car seats, or baby carriers, and its many uses will save you space while meeting every need. Here are five major ways this blanket can be used on an everyday basis.

1. Baby Carrier – Tie it to your baby carrier for protection from water and wind to keep baby warm and dry.

2. Carseat – Secure to infant car seat for a blanket that stays put and protects when out and about.

3. Changing Mat – These blankets are water-resistant, so you can lay it down inside or outside any time of the year for a layer of soft protection. 

4. Nursing Cover – Tie the ribbons together and slip it over your head for a cozy nursing cover on the go.

5. Stroller – Simply attach the blanket to stroller as for an extra layer of warmth and protection from water and wind that won’t slip or fall.



EscapeeJays Escape-Proof Toddler Pajamas

Just when you thought your little escape artist would be stripped of jamies every time you go to check on him or her, today’s steal, EscapeeJays Pajamas, was born! EscapeeJays features a back zipper so they can’t wiggle out with a neck-to-ankle zipper for easy access for diaper changes. All the time your mini Houdini spent escaping now leaves much more time for sleep. We thought they were so intriguing, we decided to do a little Q&A with Paul from EscapeeJays.
• • • • •
How did you come up with the idea?
I had several friends who separately vented about their toddlers getting out of their pajamas during sleep times. Unfortunately, this issue didn’t stop there…the diapers came off and my poor friends were left with a mess. I love to come up with solutions to problems and seeing the anguish my friends and family were experiencing inspired me to pursue a fix. After many, many hours of research and design, EscapeeJays was born.


How do EscapeeJays work?
The solution to the problem isn’t solely in moving the zipper to the back (although that provides a slight deterrent to motivated toddlers!). The best solution is to prevent toddlers from pulling their arms inside their pajamas. If they can’t get their little arms in, they can’t get them out of the neck, or even worse, into their diaper! We were able to accomplish this with a patent-pending design that has been toddler-tested and parent-approved. We are firm believers that what happens in a diaper should stay there! We have an almost 100% success rate. I say almost due to a couple sets of collaborating twins that helped each other out. (The irony is that I’m the uncle to one set!)


So, what can I expect with a pair of EscapeeJays?
EscapeeJays look and feel like traditional zip-up pajamas. The only part visually different is the zipper placement on the back. Though they look and feel like regular PJs, they serve a specific purpose.


What is the vision for your company?
When we first encountered this issue four years ago, we were surprised to find that the common solution to the problem involved the use of duct tape. Yes, duct tape! In this age of advanced technology, why are we using duct tape to keep toddlers clothed?
As a company, we never want to forget who our customer is. Our first focus is on the toddler. We want EscapeeJays to live up to it’s purpose of keeping toddlers cozy, clean, comfortable, and clothed all night long.


Tell us about your mascot, Jay?
Jay is a jailbird that wants to be as naked as a jaybird, but he can’t because of his EscapeeJays. He’s frustrated; but he’s clothed. Jay is a companion character for your toddler. He’s clothed and so is your toddler.

New Baby Thank You Ideas | Mom Tip Monday

The saying is, “it takes a village to raise a child.” ‘Tis the season of gratitude and what better time to say thank you to your “village” than Thanksgiving? Here are a few ideas for how to say thank you for the help you’ve received with baby.

• • • • •

Your mom and mother-in-law, best friend, a neighbor down the street, your understanding boss — if you have a new little baby, chances are, there have been people around you there to help. When you’re a new mom, every bit of help counts, so taking a moment to say a formal thank you is a sweet way to give back to people who have been there for you.

I dug around for a little inspiration on Pinterest and found some great ideas for saying “thanks for helping with the baby.”

Free Printables — Baby Thank You Card

Write a heartfelt thank you to let her know just how much it means to have her help and support. Click here for the thank you card printable.


Thanks A Latte — Coffee Gift Card

You may have gotten little to no sleep in the last several months, so why not give the gift of alertness. Say “Thanks A Latte” with a Starbucks gift card or a card to your favorite coffee shop. Click here for instructions to make this cute card to go with it.

via eighteen25

Baby Food Jar Body Scrub

Don’t let those baby food jars go to waste! Give them new life whilst saying thank you by mixing up some body scrub so their skin can be almost as soft as your baby’s…almost.

via Maybe Matilda

Free Printables — “Thanks, You’re Sweet”

Whip up a batch of homemade sweets or buy some at store they will love — whatever your style. Click below for a link to the how to instructions.

via Living Locurto

Something Sweet

Everyone is sure to be mixing up some fancy sweets over the holiday season. Make some infused sugar to give their homemade treats some extra flavor. Another cute way to say “thanks, you’re sweet.”

via Sugar and Charm Blog

Say Merci

If wine is more your helper’s style, say merci with one of these bottles from Swanson Vineyards. Give it a little baby flair with a sock monkey wine bottle cover and a photo of you little monkey.

• • • • •

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Hiring a Baby Planner | Mom Tip Monday

Newly pregnant? First time mom? Getting ready for another? No matter which of these apply, it’s time to start planning for the baby. Today’s mom tip, comes from Shannon from Hello World Baby Planning, to give you advice on hiring a baby planner or prepping yourself for the baby.

• • • • •

Planning for a baby can be a never ending series of question marks.  Did I choose the right gear?  Is this free of toxic chemicals? Will I really use this?  How long can I use this for?  What comes with this? Between the back aches, the kick counting, and the nesting, moms have a lot to focus on for their expected little one.  So, how do you get everything done and remain the peacefully centered mom to be?  Babysteps!

For starters, one of the fantastic benefits moms now have at their fingertips is educated help. Sure the gal pals are great, but they only know about what they’ve done or used with their baby. Their gear may not be the ideal gear for you. Hiring a baby planner can help you tackle that baby gear like it’s a breeze. A baby planner is a personal consultant to new, expectant and adopting families who offer support and knowledge in the journey of parenthood.

Baby planners provide research and extensive knowledge about gear and can recommend products that are safe and fit your family’s needs. They not only study and test baby gear constantly, but they should also attend the world’s largest baby product expo, The ABC Show, annually. This means that they also know the company and the people behind your products. They allow families to focus on what they truly require, avoiding unnecessary products (they may actually save you time and money).  Baby planners don’t sell products so they remain unbiased. To find one in your area visit

Most planners will find a way to work with your budget, but if hiring one is outside of your availability there are some other things you can do to help narrow down your list of questions.  For starters, head over to some baby stores and push, pull, kick, fold and test the products that catch your eye. If you have problems with it in the store, don’t buy it.

If you can’t make it into the stores, the Internet is a God-send when it comes to comparison shopping meets swollen feet. Go to your baby boutique’s url and read up on their products. Check out the manufacturer’s websites for information and often great video demonstrations. Find great go-to resources for safe products like the Junior Product Manufacturer Association’s website at  They have an updated list of products that have received their seal of approval for meeting a set of criteria.  If non-toxic baby gear is on your radar, check out sites like, and  There is a plethora of information on these sites and they’re incredibly helpful when considering what to bring into your house for your baby.

Prepping for baby can be as much fun as picking out those adorable onsies if you strategize early. Avoiding procrastination can be the best decision you ever make.  Whether you hire a baby planner to handle all the details or you go the do it yourself route, remember to put safety and health the top priorities for both baby and you!  Good Luck!

• • • • •

Thank you for the baby planning tips Shannon.

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How to Create a Mommy Meetup | Mom Tip Monday

One of the things we love most is our fantastic “momunity” — the ever-growing community of moms you can find on our page everyday. We have been inspired by many of you that have planned local meet-ups as a result of friendships on our site — so how do you create a mommy meetup? For today’s Mom Tip Monday, Josline from The Meetup Mamas, shares her tips on how to create a mom playgroup or get together of your own.

• • • • •

Moms these days are online or on-the-go more than ever before. We are living in an era where more moms “meet-up” online more than in person. Online support is at the touch of our fingertips, but how do we get connected IRL, “in real life.”

Here are some ways to find a playgroup or moms group in your area:

  • Ask the staff at your local health center.
  • Community boards are often full of mom-friendly activities.
  • Check out the program guide at the nearby recreation centre.
  • Most libraries offer great activities for babies and toddlers.
  • Ask another mom!
  • Try searching online.
  • Create one yourself!

If you can’t find a group that suits you, start one! You can plan individual meet-ups or get ambitious and run a regular playgroup. Here are few ideas on how to get started:

Moms are looking online, so make sure they can find you! Use words like “moms group” or “playgroup” and your location in the name. Create a public Facebook group or page for free. You can also create a group on Although there are costs associated with this site, you can charge members a small fee to join and everything from event details, RSVPs, email reminders, and payments are all in one place.

Planning individual meet-ups is a great way to meet moms and explore your community. Plan to meet at public locations. For numerous reasons, namely safety, and NOT having to clean your house! Some ideas for meet-ups include:

    • “mommy and me” swim
    • playground and picnic
    • library or church program
    • coffee play date
    • stroller or babywearing walk (indoor or outdoor)
    • indoor play centre meet-up
    • jogging/running group
    • mantinee movie

Plan a regular “playgroup” that meets at a set time and date. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Decide how often you will meet. You can meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Set a date and time at the out set so everyone can mark their calendars.

2. Find a location. Decide if you want to meet at the same place each time or travel around and explore different places. Local libraries, rec centers, and churches are happy to offer moms a space at a discount or even for FREE. If you choose to meet at different locations each time, be sure to check out places that offer “free trial” classes.

3. What will you do? You can invite people from the community to come speak on topics of interest to your group and/or organize demos. Who you invite to come and what you do will really depend on the age of your group; something you will also need to consider when you are planning.

4. Fees? Inevitably starting up a “new” group has costs- rental space, website, etc. Consider charging each mom a registration fee or ask local businesses to “sponsor” your group.

Now it’s time to find moms to join you! In addition to your online presence, put up posters around town at coffee shops, community boards, and mail boxes; anywhere moms go! You can also make some business cards on your home computer and hand them out. Starting a meet-up or playgroup can be a lot of work, but it can be one of the most rewarding things you do!

Yours in Play,
~The Meet-Up Mama

• • • • •

Thank you for the teething tips Josline!

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Teething Tips | Mom Tip Monday

Is your little tyke looking more and more like a jack-o-lantern these days? If they haven’t turned into a pumpkin for their Halloween costume, baby must be breaking teeth. For today’s Mom Tip Monday, Doña from Aubergine, shares her tips on how to soothe a teething baby.

• • • • •


Dona's daughter, Stella, with a teething toy

How to Soothe a Teething Tot

Most babies get their first teeth between four and seven months, though some may start much earlier and others much later. Teeth actually start developing in the womb and the teething process – and discomfort – can last many weeks before any teeth are visible. Having an array of soothing techniques at the ready will help you get through this long and sometimes difficult period.

Teeth usually appear first in the center front of the bottom gum. Early signs of imminent teeth are a large increase in drool, baby chewing hard on her fingers or toys (or you!), and otherwise unexplained fussiness. Look for white lumps on the front of the gum line or areas that look red or swollen. My daughter had six teeth by her 8-month birthday so I got a crash course in helping her deal. Here are some of the things that worked for us.

Cold Relief
Giving your baby something cold to put in her mouth is the quickest way to offer relief. I store a handful of gel-filled teethers in the freezer so I always have a cold one, but for a more home-grown solution is to keep a clean wet washcloth chilled in the refrigerator in a baggie. If your tot is eating solids, a cold slice of nectarine or apple may be just the thing. If you aren’t sure your baby can handle a big piece of fruit, put it in a mesh teething feeder so she can mash and suck on it.

Gnaw On This
Pressure on the gum where the teeth are emerging can be very soothing. With a clean finger, massage the gum gently while you cuddle your little one. If you have a wiggle worm like I do, you may need to give them a toy to chew that has the same effect. Look for rattles and clutching toys with firm but giving surfaces that fit in baby’s mouth. Wooden toys seem to be particularly soothing for many babies. Teething ring necklaces made of wood and silicone allow you to have a soothing teether always at hand and look pretty nice on you, too. Be aware that when the tooth is very close to the surface the gum will be very tender and pressure there can be painful.

The Shirt Off My Back
When my daughter has a tooth close to eruption she will start chewing on her sleeve, my sleeve, or any other fabric she can get in her mouth. Tags are also really popular during this phase. Keep a few fabric toys on hand, especially ones with ears or feet or tag flaps that baby can get in his mouth and chew. These are great when the gums seem to be especially tender to the touch and hard toys are painful.

Over the Counter
If teething discomfort is making your little one especially cranky or is interrupting her sleep, there are teething support products that may help. Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Gel and reformulated Teething Tabs offer gentle soothing and really helped my daughter get comfortable to sleep. Other products like Gumomile Oil and Orajel numb the surface of the gum for temporary relief.

Let Me Hold You
Offer your teething baby extra comfort and cuddling. If you are breastfeeding, offer extra nursing time – the hormones released in your baby’s body while nursing help her to relax. Even just some extra cuddle time, a warm bath together, or time in your lap while you read some stories will offer some distraction and relaxation.

Most of all, be patient – the teeth will come through and your baby’s discomfort will pass. Remember that he is fussing because he is uncomfortable and doesn’t know how to comfort himself. If you are feeling frustrated and exhausted, find a way to take a break away from the baby so you can relax yourself! You baby will sense your frustration and stress and that will only compound the issue. And then, once those teeth come through, make sure to snap some pictures of that cute little toothy grin!

• • • • •

Thank you for the teething tips Doña!

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Keep Baby Healthy During Cold and Flu Season | Mom Tip Monday

This time of year, you can practically see sickness spreading from person to person. When you have a new little baby, it enough to make any mom a little extra nervous and protective. For today’s Mom Tip Monday, Emily from Family and Life in Las Vegas, shares her tips on keeping your baby or toddler healthy during cold and flu season.

• • • • •

Any parent will tell you, to see your child sick or in pain is probably one of the worse feelings a parent can have.  You would do anything to trade places with them and pretty much do anything to make them feel better.

I can’t tell you how many times in my son’s short life I have wished to put him into a bubble, if for no other reason than to prevent my toddler from licking playground equipment; aka cue the cold in t-minus 14 days. Since bubble boy isn’t really a viable option, as parents we have to make sure we do what we can to prevent our children and other family members in our homes from getting sick during cold and flu season.

Check out my top 5 tips to staying healthy this cold and flu season.

Practice good hand-washing. This is the #1 way to keep healthy and prevent the spread of germs this cold and flu season.  I try to make a point to wash hands every time we come into the house, as well as before we eat, after using the restroom, and after play time with other kids.  Sometimes a sink is not always available, so I always carry hand sanitizer and keep some in the car too.

Teach your child  to cough and sneeze properly. Encourage your child to cough and sneeze into the inside of his our her elbow instead of their hands.  This can help stop the spread of germs in the moments you don’t get to wash hands or dump sanitizer all over them. Plus, teaching your child to do it, allows us the opportunity to re-train ourselves!

Clean and sanitize. Toys, counters, door handles (car door handles too), bathrooms, tissue boxes, kitchen drawer and counter pulls, and places your family eats on a daily basis during the cold and flu season.

Get your flu shot. The flu can be very scary when you have asthma, so we don’t take chances, the whole family gets flu shots in my home. My son got his first dose at 6 months old. In fact, this weekend we went to a Halloween Health Fair and we both got our flu shots!
*The flu shot is available starting in October/November for all children ages 6 months and older.  The CDC recommends pregnant women and children ages 6 months – 18 years, and caregivers get one yearly. (Wikipedia)

Increasing foods rich in vitamin C. Diet is a great way to protect your body from illness.  When my son was 9 months he got really ill for the first time.  It was then I began to incorporate more foods rich in Vitamin C.

  • Red peppers
  • Green peppers
  • Papayas
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Citrus
  • Cantaloupe
  • Mangos
  • Cauliflower

And yes, my 28 month old son actually does eat Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower willingly!  I believe my son eats them because my family eats them.  Not saying that will work with everything, but it sure seems to help! Of course he will also suck on limes, which I certainly don’t do!
In addition when someone in the house is sick, or there is a cold outbreak in our playgroup we also turn to kids Emergen-C.

Each family is different, so choose what works for you. Even with following all these steps completely, sometimes the sickies are just going to nail your home whether you are ready or not.  So just in case, be ready!  Make sure you are properly stocked up on medicines, tissues, pedialyte, soup, and anything else your family may need in case the flu hits your home.

Sending healthy vibes your way!

Emily (faliLV) Knight is a Fitfluential ambassador and the author of Family and Life in Las Vegas, a Las Vegas based blog where she writes “in true Vegas fashion” about a little bit of everything.  Weekly features include, a top ten Tuesday post, a toddler talk meme, and living local Las Vegas..  You will also find posts on fitness, life during deployment, and fun reviews & giveaways.  Emily is a huge fan of giving back to her community and is currently chairing a campaign called Spread The Warmth, a charity fundraiser/giveaway event running October 30th to November 12th with over $2500 in prizes.  All donations will go to raise awareness for Embrace Infant Warmers.

 • • • • •

Thank you for the tips Emily! We are definitely wishing you all (including your babies) a very healthy season.

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How to Know You’re Ready for a Baby | Mom Tip Monday

How do you know you are ready for another baby? Some moms just know it’s time, but for others writing up a “baby bucket list,” or “to do before baby” list, will help them know when they are prepared for a baby. Whether you already have a bundle of joy (0r a few) or are thinking of taking the plunge into motherhood, setting goals you want to accomplish will make you feel secure in your decision to start trying to conceive. For today’s Mom Tip Monday, Jenn from Baby Making Machine, shares her tips on making a baby bucket list.

• • • • •

 Once you start seriously dating someone the questions from friends and loved ones never stop.


When are you getting engaged?

When is the wedding?

When are you having kids?

When are you having another?




People are obsessed with other people’s lives. Or maybe it’s just that we’re all so excited for one another to experience the next exciting step in life.


It took years of marriage for me to finally decide I was ready to become a mother. Then once I figured that out, at least anther year worth of convincing my husband he was ready too. Finally, after nearly six year of marriage, we welcomed our little girl into our lives. What a blessing!


But now that we have her, I know one reason why people sometimes refer to child rearing as “dominoing.”—Once you have one, it’s a domino effect, and whether you mean to or not, you’re already thinking about when or if you’re going to have another.


Before getting pregnant with my daughter, I found myself constantly wondering when I’d become a mom. When was it really going to happen? I’d say the last year and a half of my pre-mom state was spent daydreaming about life’s next adventure. While this was fun, my overzealous look to the future made me overlook some of the present. I’ve decided I don’t want to do that again.


Oh how I didn’t realize how much my life would change after having a child. I had a baby bucket list of things I wanted to achieve before becoming a mom: Get a master’s degree, travel the world. Umm… Didn’t happen. Some things did, but my baby fever overtook me before I could cross my most ambitious goals off.


This time I’ve made a list: “To do Before #2” and it’s much more realistic. Things like: “visit the zoo” and “take a dance class with my husband” top the list. Things are more family-focused and dare I say it?— Realistic.


My little girl will only be so little for so long. I know my second child isn’t coming right this very second, so I’m not going to focus on that right now. Instead, I’m going to relish in the present, and make the best of what we’ve got going right now.


So, here’s my growing list of things to do. If I complete it all, great. If not, well, I’m sure it’ll be even more fun to do with another munchkin tagging along.


To do together as mother/daughter, or family:
1. Go on a bike ride.
2. Take swimming lessons.
3. Take a dance class with hubby.
4. Feed ducks.
5. Visit a pumpkin patch.
6. Take a trip to the zoo. (We have a Groupon we need to use by October!)
7. Get a mother/daughter pedicure.
8. Go kayaking as a family (with Snoop too).
9. Go to the circus.
10. Go to a concert.
11. Shop at the farmers market.
12. Take a stroller strides class.
13. Visit our state capitol.
14. Visit our local black history museum.
15. Complete a sewing class.


Other to do:
1. Establish a regular date night with the hubs for at least once a month.
2. Teach my daughter how to fold her arms when we pray.
3. Make my will (I know, it’s horrible I haven’t done this yet).
4. Open Lil’ J’s savings/bond/college account.
5. Open our 401K.
6. Be cooking dinner (non-frozen meals) at least 3 nights a week. <— This may never happen.
7. Take a creative writing course.

Anything else I should add? What have you enjoyed doing with your families?


• • • • •

Thank you for the tips Jenn! Stay tuned for another great mom tip next week!

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Empowering Your Labor | Mom Tip Monday

Every birth story is different. Expecting mothers choose their own paths to make their birthing experience what they hope it will be. Fellow BabySteals fan and doula, Beth MacKenzie, shares her tips on empowering yourself no matter what type of labor you choose.

• • • • •

Tonight, I sat with eight couples and discussed childbirth preparation plans. The couples in my HypnoBirthing® class are all preparing for their upcoming birthsand we discussed all of the options that they have ahead of them — decisions to be made about where to birth, care providers, cord pulsation, skin to skin contact, breastfeeding and placenta encapsulation. The expectant parents all had so many questions and I guided them towards research so that they can decide what feels right for them and their babies.

As a mama of five, I have amazing and unexpected birth stories of my own — experiences that made me pursue becoming a doula, aware that so many couples don’t always approach birth as prepared as they may think they are, as my husband and I weren’t the first time.

After the birth of my third daughter, I quickly realized that I was unlikely to have the birth experience I wanted with the care provider I had previously used, and vowed with my next child it would be different. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with baby number four, I phoned around and booked an appointment with a midwife, and my husband and I started to plan and prepare for a homebirth.

My midwives were amazing — respectful and kind, never rushing me through appointments and we discussed potential procedures and tests in great detail, and they were supportive of the decisions I made. In the end though, at 39 weeks the midwives were unable to support a homebirth because of complications that came up in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and our homebirth plans moved to a hospital birth, still to be attended by my midwives.
After a rough start, my labour quickly became complicated, and my care transferred to an OB. Thankfully, the OB on call respected my desire for a vaginal birth and worked with me. In the end, my intervention free home birth ended up as an induced, vacuum-assisted hospital birth, almost the opposite of what I set out to have. Nine months of careful planning quickly pushed aside, all of which I didn’t give a second thought to as I reached down to receive my baby, bring her to my chest and breastfed her, amazed and in awe of her.

Surprisingly, I regard this as my best birth experience, because although very little went according to plan. I had carefully chosen my care providers, my midwives were patient, supportive and respectful, and I understood every intervention that took place, and why it happened and consented to it.

This is something I try to convey to the parents in my class. I explain that they will always remember how they felt birthing their babies. They will remember if they felt ignored, they will remember feeling pushed or lied to. They will be disappointed to find out that they have had additional options to available to them, but never knew that they had more choices.

My best advice as a doula, childbirth educator, and fellow mama is your birth experiences and memories belong to you, and your babies and you need to make the decisions that are best for you. You need to be comfortable with your care providers, and where you are birthing. You need to know you made informed decisions that are right for you and your circumstances. Be sure to ask questions until you understand what will/may happen and why. Speak up if you’re uncomfortable with any procedure. Seek out support and trust yourself to make important decisions. Be patient. Labour is not a race. Your body may need time, listen to your body and trust that it knows how to labour and birth. You will likely be rewarded with the birth you planned and prepared for, and if not and you need to make new plans and decisions you will take comfort knowing that you had a voice in the experience, and know that the birth wasn’t something that happened to you, but rather, as you carry the memory around throughout your life, you’ll carry it as an inspiring memory.

Beth MacKenzie, CD(DONA), HBCE @HypnoBirthBethM


• • • • •

Thank you Beth! Stay tuned for another great mom tip next week!

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Smart Tips from Smart Moms | Mom Tip Monday [VIDEO]

Moms do it all and the ladies behind Ju-Ju-Be are no exception. For today’s Mom Tip Monday, Kristin Hunziker and Rachelle Croft share their best tips on motherhood and organization.

• • • • •


Tag Team with Kristin and Rachelle of Ju-Ju-Be

Rachelle and Joe with their kids

Kristin with her kids

Rachelle: My best tip — preparation is the key to staying organized. On school nights, the kids help me pack their lunches the night before so we don’t have to rush around in the morning. I also put their clothes out the night before.

Kristin: I let my kids pick their own clothes — I don’t care (within reason) :) if they don’t match perfectly. My best organizational tip is to have everything in its place and then you are more efficient. For example, I found that I was always running upstairs for socks because we didn’t think to put them on upstairs. Now I have a drawer for socks downstairs in my house and the kids pick their own.

Rachelle: Oh… I used to do that too! When my kids were in diapers, I kept diapering supplies upstairs and downstairs (plus a packed Be Quick in the car for that inevitable time when you have run out of diapers in your diaper bag!) But my biggest and bestest tip is that I don’t sweat the messes and the chaos (much to Joe’s chagrin!) I figure it is a few short years that we get to have these little cuties in our homes and we can have a clean house when they are grown. My advice is to spend time playing with them instead of making everything perfect. Of course, you have to clean sometimes but you can involve your kids and give them age appropriate chores.

Kristin: I heard Rylan say to Natalie today “nothing in this world is perfect.” I was so proud cuz I say that all the time.

Rachelle: That is GREAT! Another fun thing for our two families is having them be involved in the business. We just finished painting a school bus like a zebra to commemorate our new print Safari Stripes. The kids had a blast helping with that project! And they absolutely love helping us name new prints and bags. Of course, sometimes the names are not very creative (like “black and white circles” aka Midnight Eclipse) or they are too creative (like “Griffin’s Green and Orange Lego Creation”…aka Jungle Maze).

Kristin: Yes, they try to help but we all just end up giggling! So, Rachelle, what is your last minute advice?

Rachelle: If all else fails then eat a cupcake….or three.

Kristin: Or a whoopie pie. It solves most any organizational crisis.

• • • • •

Thank you ladies! Certainly some smart tips from smart moms.

Now guess who came to visit BabySteals this summer…JuJuBe! We were so excited to welcome Joe and Rachelle to our headquarters and have a little one-on-one time. I see some great things in our future together! Watch their interview with with our owner, Jana.

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