SoS Stealing from the Archive!

Steal Network SoS! Have you been stalking the BabySteals or KidSteals archive, just wishing you could see something in person? Have you been dreaming of stealing those products, but just aren’t sure without seeing it? Do you simply wish you could ask a few questions?

Well now you can! No, we’re not flying you out to the Steals Boutique in Salt Lake City (though we’d love to see you).

Join our chat tomorrow Tuesday, February 1 in the afternoon for the next best thing. We will be taking you through the boutique where we have one of every item for sale in the archive. Come with specific product questions or just come chat with us and see some cool products.

Watch our Facebook and Twitter page for an exact time. Can’t wait to see you!

Saranoni Burp Cloth Surprise Steal!

It’s almost time to ring in the new year, but we have one more surprise for 2010! But you better steal fast! Steal closes with the archive at 4pm MDT!

~ Saranoni Burp Cloth Surprise Steal! ~

An 8-9-10 Celebration!

Ready for some 8910 FUN BabySteals fans?


Visit the BabySteals Facebook fan page for tomorrow’s *hint*


Get ready… Get set… Get *a surprise steal*

Click here and get stealin’!


First we got you antsy for the hint. Then we got you stealing in the middle of the night. Now you can’t wait for what we have coming next! Can we say you’re ADDICTED to BabySteals? It’s alright because we have your therapy! Get ready for the next *SoS meet-up!*

Steals addicts need to join our 12-step (once a month) program, Society of Stealers (SoS), a group of women banded together by one commonality…stealing. Step 1: admit you have a problem. Many of you did that last month. Step 2: find a support group. Time to find local BabySteals addicts who will call you when you slept through your alarm; steal for you when you can’t; even steal with you so you can share shipping! Ladies, it’s time to form your local SoS chapters! Join our 10 pm chat to help set up your own local chapters for our next meeting. Afterward you can all join chapters in the discussions tab on our Facebook page. The chapter with the most members will get a special treat! You don’t want to miss out!

Who ? Society of Stealers

What ? Steal Network *slumber party* ! Okay, all the girly activities, minus the slumber. We aren’t actually going to spend the night. There are babies to care for afterall! 😉 Locals, join the Steal Network crew in your jamies for some slumber party-themed fun! Did I mention there will be chocolate? Everyone else join us for a live chat! Create your own local meet-ups and make it a real party!

When ? Thursday, August 26, 2010, 7 pm

Where ? Salt Lake City, Utah or cyberspace

Why ? Because you need your Steals fix!