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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

babysteals breastfeeding week

DIY Soon-to-be Dad Gift [FREE Printable]

Happy Father’s Day! Today is the day to celebrate dads so we came up with this DIY gift for a first-time or soon-to-be dad. After all, he will be there with you on those early sleepless nights as your rock. Enjoy this gift idea (complete with steals coming your way) and a free printable to wrap it up cute.

Halo Bassinest Giveaway on BabySteals

Okkatots backpack: This bag holds everything and the kitchen sink and looks great on Mom or Dad.

MLB Moby Wrap: make baby bonding time a home run with babywearing complete with his favorite baseball team.

Leighbees teether: Introduce him to his new best friend to keep your babe entertained.

Kiinde bottles: Perfect for breastfeeding moms who share the bonding and care of feeding.
Dad’s favorite candy: Snickers, chocolate covered pretzels, kettle corn — pick his sweet of choice.
Beef jerky: This one is a no-brainer for most guys. 😉
Drink of choice: Pack him his favorite brew or soda.

Halo Bassinest Giveaway on BabySteals
To print, click to enlarge, right click image, and save.

“I’m So Pregnant” – Iggy Azalea “Fancy” Parody

Third trimester — the tock is ticking and you don’t know how much room there is left to grow in your belly. Exhaustion, heartburn, can’t see your toes, your clothes barely fit anymore — who knows what that feels like?! WE do! We absolutely love this Iggy Azalea “Fancy” parody and couldn’t resist sharing it with our fellow mamas.

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Moms for Moms Day

The Bump is hosting it’s first “Moms for Moms Day” today inspired by a fun photo series from CT Working Moms. We all make different choices for our children based on what we feel is best for them. The whole idea behind the series and celebrating this day is to end the mommy wars! Can we say “LOVE”!? After all, motherhood is challenging enough. We need all the support we can get from each other!

The moms here at STEALS.com are as varied as they come and we all happily work together, play together, and curate products we think you’ll love. And we actually think it’s because of the diversity of our parenting choices that we are able to pick out great steals — everyone here is a little different!

So we wanted to send a little joy and join in for the first #Moms4Moms Day with photos of the moms behind babySTEALS and kidSTEALS. Let’s hear it for the mommies!

angandwhit brittandki deanneanddvalli jessandkerianne kristenandemj lindsandjess marital melandaudria tammyandtracey alyssaandang

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Meet the babySTEALS Moms of 2013!

When we say we’re moms around here, we mean it. We welcomed seven new babies into the STEALS.com family in 2013 already — almost one new baby every month! Meet the new mommies of 2013 from the staff here at babySTEALS.com.

babysteals moms of 2013

• • • • •
• • • • •

Angie & Zachary

Angie&Zach Title: Director of Promotions and Social Media

How many kids do you have?: One (almost) 7 month old this week. But let’s not rush things. 😉

What are your top 3 favorite babySTEALS?: 1) My aden + anais sleeping bags and swaddles! I use the blankets for EVERYTHING and with my son being such a hot sleeper, I love how breathable and absorbent the muslin sleeping bags are. 2) My Ergo carrier. I love wearing it out on walks, around the house, and on outings. So much easier than pushing him in a stroller and having hands free! Plus, nothing beats the bond you get from baby wearing. 3) The Boppy. I use it everyday for SO much more than nursing. Propping up, tummy time, a place to lounge, and my hubby loves it for giving him bottles when he watches him. My dog loves it too!

What is the most surprising part of being a mom?: It’s actually easier it is that I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is definitely challenging, but as long as I try to live in the moment and follow my instincts, it feels pretty natural.

What is the hardest part of being a new mom?: Getting everything done! My house may be a mess and I may eat out more than I’d like to, but at least I am enjoying my baby, right?

What do you do to wind down or relax?: Right now I’m training for my first half marathon, so running is my “me” time.

What is your best mom advice?: Time goes by entirely too fast! When he was 4 days old I held him and bawled my eyes out that all the time had already gone by in a blur (hormones, much?) I wanted to document this experience, but felt overwhelmed taking any time away from enjoying each and every moment. So one thing I’ve been doing since the day he was born is share at least one photo everyday on Instagram with his very own hashtag (#zacharygram). It’s a quick and easy way for me to journal his life in photos and in the captions I add things so that I remember as he develops, experiences new things, and hits milestones. I love to look back at all the photos together to see how much he has grown and changed already! Makes a mama’s heart melt.

What is your most inspiring mommy moment?: I don’t know if it’s “inspiring” but I think the first moment I really felt like a mother. It was right after I delivered my son when my mom came into the room. In that moment I realized how integral she was in everything in my life from a source of comfort to a friend and that now I was going to be “that person” to someone else. They are big shoes to fill, but it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done!

• • • • •
• • • • •

Jessica&Brigham Jessica & Brigham

Title: Customer Service Partner in Crime

How many kids do you have?: 3 kiddos, baby Brigham is 5 months

What are your top 3 favorite babySTEALS?: 1) Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles-I LOVE swaddling up my babe and knowing he is safe. Plus who does not like better sleep? 2) Potty Time- We love Rachel at our house, and Rachel helped my stubborn daughter decide she wanted to use the potty. I just love how fun she makes learning. All of Signing Time is wonderful. 3) OOPS sheet. I just love knowing my beds are protected. Beds are such a pricey item that it is nice not to worry. I loved using mine on our bed when pregnant. I never had to worry about my water breaking and ruining my bed. :)

What is the best part of being a mom?: The best part of being a mom is the love and trust your children have for you. It is amazing how much these little children love and trust you. Their hugs, smiles, and kisses make everything worth it.

What is the hardest part of being a new mom?: Figuring out how to still be you! It is hard to find balance and find time for yourself. It is also hard to get that one on one time with your partner but it is SO important!

What do you do to wind down or relax?: Bubble baths are the top of my list. Whenever I have had a hard day after I get the kids down I jump in the tub with a good book, a funny movie, or just my own thoughts. It is amazing what some time just to your self can do.
I also really enjoy going to the store all alone. With three kids and a husband it does not get to happen too often, but when it does I just love it. I always look for the longest checkout line just so I can get longer alone time. 😉

What is your best mom advice?: My best mom advice would be, give up on being amazing. I decided long ago attempting to be this amazing parent who is always perfect, who does everything they should, who has perfect kids who are always dressed nice, is not healthy. I was always down on myself for not being perfect. I decided that I needed to be me. I am full of mistakes (ask my kids I make them often), but I do the best that I can do. Sometimes that means we end up at the store in PJs and other days we are more presentable. We end up at the drive-thru on days when I just don’t want to cook. It is all okay. Figure out what works best for you. Who cares what the mom down the street is doing? You only see her at her best. I promise you she has bad days too. Love yourself for who you are. Your children will love you because you love them.

What is your most inspiring mommy moment?: My most inspiring moment was when I let my almost 4 year old scream and throw a fit outside for over an hour. She wanted me to carry her inside, but I had to take her baby bother. I had many chances to give in and go pick her up from the sidewalk and take her in, but I held strong. Keeping a close watch I let her throw her fit. She then feel asleep for a bit. She woke up and resumed her fit. While she was laying outside some good friends pulled up. As soon as they got there she jumped right up, told me how sorry she was and ran to play with them. As my friend put it, “she acted like nothing happened.” The next day my daughter told me that yesterday she learned that mommy is right and she should listen to her. Mom for the win!

• • • • •
• • • • •


Karina & Lia

Title: Customer Service Liaison/ Returns Specialist

How many kids do you have?: 2 and my baby is almost 5 months

What are your top 3 favorite babySTEALS?: 1) The amber teething necklaces by Mon Petitt Mardi! I didn’t use it with my first but, as soon as I got pregnant with Lia, I bought some! She has been wearing them for a couple of months now and I all I can say is wow! It is like night and day. I can tell the difference on the days that she doesn’t wear them. 2) Anything from aden + anais – Love them all! My favorite is the Mum and Bub lotion! The smell is divine. 3) Babylegs! They are a must have! I love how easy it is to change the baby when they are wearing that and a onesie.

What is the most surprising part of being a mom?: How at first, things come to you so naturally. Like the day you have your child. You look at yourself in the mirror with a new boost of energy/confidence and say: I got this motherhood thing down! But then, you quickly realize that you are not super mom and that you cannot do it all! Having your mom on speed dial is plus. After all isn’t that what parents are for?

What is the hardest part of being a new mom?: Getting the routine down! Especially when you go from one kid to two. You never know if you are giving one more attention than the other.

What do you do to wind down or relax?: I usually lay on my couch and put my feet up. Then, either blog or go on Pinterest and pin away. It is so therapeutic I tell you!

What is your best mom advice?: My best advice that I received from my mom when I was pregnant with my first: Everyone is going to give you lots and lots of advice but, you should experience things yourself, learn from your mistakes and not worry about the “advice” that you did receive from everyone. It was a great way to put things into perspective! Sure, I listened to what they had to say but, I put in my own twist and did what worked for me!

What is your funniest mommy moment?: Lia was sitting on her little play saucer gabbing away when my son, Logan, shows up, grabs her Bumbo, sits in it right in front of her and starts talking to her. About five minutes later they were both laughing their head offs at each other! Super cute moment and funny at the same time! To hear their little voices raise louder and louder was so adorable!

• • • • •
• • • • •

Alyssa&Liam Alyssa & Liam

Title: Channel Account Manager

How many kids do you have?: One baby boy, almost 5 months {fun fact: Lia (above) and Liam were born on the same day by chance!}

What are your top 3 favorite babySTEALS?: 1) Miracle Blanket: It helped Liam sleep really well right from the beginning. He couldn’t wiggle out of it and he knew when I put that on it was bed time and he went right to sleep. 2) Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets: I take these everywhere! They fold up small in the diaper bag and work great to cover Liam in the car seat, wrap him up for nap time while we are out, lay on the floor for him to play on, put between him and I when he is the Ergo so we don’t get too hot, and I can even use them as a back up nursing cover. 3) Jack & Lily Shoes: I get so many compliments on how cute Liam’s little shoes are. I love it and I think they are pretty dang cute too :)

What is the most surprising part of being a mom?: I love how much babies change. I knew they changed a lot but it didn’t fully set it until I had my own child. Just when you start to get sad that they grow out of a stage, you fall in love with the new stage they are in. Liam amazes me with something new everyday and it’s so awesome.

What is the hardest part of being a new mom?: The hardest part about being a new mom is figuring out how to get all the things that need to be finished in one day done. Sometimes the house just has to be messy 😉

What do you do to wind down or relax?: I like to run. It clears my mind and makes me feel good about myself. Sometimes a little alone time is just what you need to recharge.

What is your best mom advice?: Trust your instincts. You will get so much advice from everyone but at the end of the day you have to do what feels best for you and your baby.

What is your funniest mommy moment?: When Liam peed on my husband’s face the first night home from the hospital. It was like he was saying “welcome to being a daddy!”

• • • • •
• • • • •

Whitney&Bijou Whitney & Bijou

Title: Buyer

How many kids do you have?: 1 – Bijou Scarlett, 3 1/2 months

What are your top 3 favorite babySTEALS?: Oh this is a tough one! I’d have to say, the ones I use the most and am so thankful to have, are my Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover, my Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall, and my Boppy! I use each of these on a daily basis, and am not quite sure I could live without any one. 😉

What is the most surprising or best part of being a mom?: Being a brand new, first-time mommy, I think the most surprising part to me, is that I am actually quite good at it! The best part, is Bijou :)

What is the hardest part of being a new mom?: The hardest part is probably having to ask for help, and then keeping my mouth shut when the help I get isn’t the “way I’d do it.”

What do you do to wind down or relax?: Take a shower alone!

What is your best mom advice?: Trust your instincts, and if all else fails, snuggle.

What is your most inspiring mommy moment?: My most inspiring moment is when Bijou smiles as me, as if to say “Keep up the good work, mommy!” The first time she smiled at me and I knew it wasn’t gas, I cried my face off! Probably the second most incredible moment to her being born.

• • • • •
• • • • •

Kristen&Jude Kristen & Jude

Title: Director of Merchandising

How many kids do you have?: 1 little 3 month old

What are your top 3 favorite babySTEALS?: 1) Halo Sleepsacks. I knew I would love and worry about my baby, but didn’t realize HOW much I would love or HOW much I would worry! Halo Sleepsacks are one of those things that helps being a mom a little easier, and a little less worrisome. I know my little one is covered and warm, but not too warm and not too covered. It takes the guesswork out, and it has helped establish a nighttime routine. When the Sleepsack goes on, it’s bedtime. I have a Sleepsack for every age and season- the swaddles have been great and now we are moving into small velboas as the nights cool. Love them.

2) Aden and Anais Muslin and Bamboo Swaddles: with my summer baby these swaddles have been awesome. Light and breathable, easy to pack around, and the best size for swaddling. And, with a fussy baby, these have been a lifesaver. For those who are familiar with Dr. Karp and his 5 S’s, it was the Aden Anais swaddle blankets we reached for when it was time to “Karp the baby!” I was very happy to have a four-pack too (rookie mom thinking, do you really need four?) and yessiree with all that comes out of both ends, it’s necessary!

3) Dr. Karps Best Baby on the Block set: As a first-time mom with a baby who never slept and cried more than I was prepared for, this book really put it all into perspective and gave me the tools to calm him when I felt hopeless. Not only do the 5 S’s work, but it gave me some confidence to know I could calm him when I was feeling like a helpless failure! The “fourth” trimester made a lot of sense to me and helped me patiently (and sleepily) love and cuddle our way through those trying days and nights. It’s amazing what 12 weeks/12 pounds does for a baby, because now that he’s through his 4th trimester he’s a whole new baby!

What is the best part of being a mom?: Smiles. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how bad your morning breath smells, your baby will smile at you. I love it!

What is the hardest part of being a new mom?: No one prepares you for a colicky baby, probably because they don’t want to jinx you! LOL! And, no one really prepares you for the challenge nursing can be in the beginning either. Feeling confident in my ability to read and calm Jude was a big challenge, as well as the anxiety of being his only source of food when he was crying at the breast (turned out I had a strong letdown). Calming him didn’t come “naturally” because nothing I did seemed to work. I should have catalogued all my Google searches in the beginning so I could laugh about it now…but the jist was always, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BABY?!” I had to remind myself that everyone’s kiddo is different, and you can do anything for three months because that’s when everything starts to magically get easier :)

What do you do to wind down or relax?: Now it’s nursing and singing to Jude. I absolutely love this time with him and nothing melts my heart more than when he looks at me and smiles while chowing down. Cutest thing ever.

What is your best mom advice?: If you have a “high needs” baby, 12 weeks 12 pounds. Get your baby to those milestones before stressing yourself out. They just need a little more time to work out their tiny bodies and get used to the outside world. There isn’t anything “wrong” with your baby. I would also say if you are on the brink of giving up nursing, stick with it if you can. It’s so worth it. The early days were filled with anxiety for me and reduced me to tears on several occasions, but now it’s awesome.

What is your most inspiring mommy moment?: To make my husband understand just how HARD a newborn’s suction can be, and to give him a healthy dose of empathy for my nipples – we had Jude suck on his nose. Well, he got a dose of empathy alright when Jude nearly sucked the skin off AND spit up in his nose!

• • • • •
• • • • •

EmJ&Myles Em J & Myles

Name: Merchandising Supplier Management

How many kids do you have?: 3 kids. Age 6 years, 4 years, and 5 weeks.

What are your top 3 favorite babySTEALS?: 1) Undercover Mama Tanks, 2) Petunia Pickle Bottom Satchel, 3) Saranoni blankets and burp cloths.

What is the most surprising part of being a mom?: I never anticipated how much joy it would bring to see my kids play together and become best friends. That has been the most surprising part of motherhood.

What is the hardest part of being a new mom?: Not having enough time to do everything I want to do or used to do.

What do you do to wind down or relax?: A long walk or jog clears my mind and refreshes me.

What is your best mom advice?: Don’t over think it. Follow your instincts, then just relax and do your best. You don’t have to be perfect.

What is your most inspiring mommy moment?: When my daughter was 3, after a very rough morning with her, I called my mom crying on the way to work. I begged her to undo the “mother’s curse” she put on me and asked her for her advice in surviving the next few years with a little girl just like I was — sassy, determined, and strong-willed. All she said was, “Just push through and in 15 years she will be your best friend.” She knew from experience because even though I tried her patience for many years, we became best friends when I was a teenager and remain best friends still. It was a turning point in my mommyhood as I realized that it may be rough now, but in the end it will all be worth it. The tantrums will soon pass and I’ll have a beautiful, hard-working, determined young woman.

• • • • •


Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

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Don’t cry over your supply. Steal Motherlove More Milk Plus Capsules here!

Best Friend Babies at BabySteals!

Remember our on-staff bumpies, Angie and Alyssa, best friends and coworkers here at STEALS.com? Well, they both welcomed sweet baby boys just 9 weeks apart in February and April. And get this, they were born in the same room of the hospital! Can’t plan that magic! These boys are destined to be best buds so we couldn’t resist a photoshoot. Surely you will see them as models here at BabySteals.com.




New Dramatically Reduced Shipping Rates!

We are overjoyed to announce a new way to ship your steals! Shipping costs are now based on the time of delivery instead of carrier, so you can choose how fast you want your steal. Select from economy, standard, or expedited shipping and your jaw will drop when you see the new rates. We shop all carriers to choose the cheapest and quickest options so you can enjoy your steals as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

With our new method, we are sending even more joy in the form of big savings on shipping!

 BabySteals.com Shipping

Canadian mamas, you will be ecstatic to learn that shipping is much faster and now includes tracking and duties and taxes. Yay!

For more detailed information, please read our updated FAQs.

Please note: These new shipping rates may cause Steals Mania. Steals Mania may lead to increased joy, jubilation, gaiety, and glee. Should your level of bliss alarm your relatives or coworkers, Steals Mania is not harmful and can be safely shared.


BabyCrawl | BabySteals 5th Birthday!

It’s BabySteals birthday week! Check back every day for giveaways, excitement, and special surprises!

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It’s time to blow up some balloons, grab your party hat, and eat as much cake as you can– today is our 5th birthday! We’re getting the party started today and it won’t stop until Friday, May 6! Crawl, walk, or run on over to our amazing celebration and watch these little cuties kick off the party.

The cute babies in this video come from our own BabySteals family. The boy in the green is Felix, our Customer Service Director Kianna’s baby. Erica from the BabySteals buying team is the mama of the cute walking baby in the light pink. The rolling baby girl in the bright pink is Norah, the daughter of a sweet and lovely fan named Shay.  Lastly, the adorable girl in the white onesie comes from Denise, our customer service extraordinaire. 

BabySteals 5th Birthday Celebration

Holiday Shipping FAQs

Happy holidays from STEALS.com! Our elves have been working hard to fill your holiday wish list and we’re already sending little packages of joy to your doorsteps! That being said, we know you’re all anxious to get your steals and this time of year waiting can be stressful, so we wanted to give you a few answers to frequently asked shipping questions we’ve seen recently.

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Which shipping method should I choose to get it here by December 24?

Check here for a complete list of order by dates based on your location.

Has my order been shipped? Where can I check the status?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email, but you can always check your order at any time with your STEALS.com account. Just log in to your account and you can easily look up the status of all your orders. It doesn’t include tracking information, but you can see when your package has left our warehouse and is on its way to you.

How can I track my package? Why isn’t my order going anywhere?

Never fear, your package is likely not stuck in the “black hole of Denver.” If you’re in the U.S. and order from the USPS, DHL or Fed Ex, the number you receive is a delivery confirmation number, not a real-time tracking number. It can occasionally be used for some tracking but it isn’t very accurate, particularly during the holiday season when they are less likely to scan at every location. Also note, DHL is delivered by USPS, so track your package via the USPS website, not DHL’s.

If you’re in Canada, the number you receive is a customs declaration number, which doesn’t allow any tracking at all.

But don’t worry! Once you receive a shipping confirmation, your package has left our warehouse and is happily on its way to your doorstep.


When should I be worried that it hasn’t arrived?

Every shipping method has a different delivery time, so make sure when you order you select the right method for when you need it. Shipping times vary, especially during the holidays and slower (often cheaper) methods can get backed up. Here are the estimated shipping times from each carrier:

USPS – Parcel (7-10, up to 21), First Class (3-5, up to 7), Priority (2-3, up to 6)
DHL – (5-7, up to 14)
Fed Ex (1-5, up to 8)

If your package is outside the range for your chosen shipping method, send an email to our customer service team at service@stealnetwork.com.

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Our team works so hard to ship your “joy” ASAP! We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season and everyone here at STEALS.com wishes you Merry Stealing!