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BabySteals Featured on Forbes.com

We’re so excited and humbled at BabySteals to have our story in Forbes! It was an unexpected honor to have our company featured on their site. Click here to read.

We’d love to see your comments! Click over to the article at Forbes.com and share what you love about our site.





Steal One, Donate One with NurturMe

Not only does NurturMe provide healthy nutrition for your little one, you can also help feed families in need. For each box sold with today’s steal, NurturMe will donate one identical box to Feed the Children, part of a campaign to provide American children with over 100,000 meals over six months.

The donations will benefit Feed The Children’s “Americans Feeding Americans” Caravan, which has helped more than 335,000 families across the country since it began in 2009. The boxes are designed to help a family of four for up to one week.

When you steal one for your family today at BabySteals and you will instantly give one to another family in need. Read more about NurturMe and the campaign here. Thanks for your support!




Tour of Steal Network Headquarters 2012

We’ve taken you on a virtual tour of Steal Network the last two years (for our 2nd and 3rd birthdays) so we decided to make it a birthday tradition! We’re turning four, so much like your little ones, it’s fun to take a look at how we’ve grown and changed.

Want an inside look at the Steal Network headquarters? Let’s go behind the scenes to check out our warehouse, offices and where a steal goes from start to finish.

• • • • •


BabySteals Cake Smash

BabySteals is celebrating four years of bringing you the best deals for mom and baby with cuteness multiplied! Jane, daughter of Founder, Jana, and Nash, son of CEO, Rett, blow out the candles for our fourth birthday! They were just babes when BabySteals started in 2008 and much of the inspiration for our site! What better way to celebrate than with a BabySteals cake smash?!

Ruby, daughter of Emily M., gets her party on!

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

**Warning: This video contains content that may make you want to be fruitful and multiply. BabySteals and Steal Network is not responsible for the birth of any children due to the watching, sharing, or repetition of this video due to the abundance of adorable babies and children. We also cannot be held responsible for the continued addiction to BabySteals that follows. Proceed with caution.** 


Happy Holidays from BabySteals!

Wishing you all a fun and happy holiday from the crew here at BabySteals! Jane (age 5), daughter of our founder, Jana, memorized “Twas the Night Before Christmas” so we thought we’d share her joy to you.


Happy holidays!

Can You Spot the Steals in Potty Time?

Here at BabySteals we love Signing Time, so when we heard Rachel Coleman and the Signing Time crew were working on Potty Time, we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Even more than just offering it to you as today’s steal, we were excited to be a part of it!

Before filming began, Rachel came to the Steal Boutique and lived many a stealer’s dream — a private, after-hours shopping trip with our staff to ransack our previous steals for props in the show!

Rachel and Jana

Check out her raid! When you get the video, you’ll have to count how many steals you can see.

Now there’s another BabySteals starlet to watch for — Jana’s daughter, Jane! You have probably seen her picture a lot on BabySteals and KidSteals. She was thrilled to be in Potty Time.

In hair and make-up

After watching her part filmed on the green screen, she can even “remember” jumping all the way to the sky like it appears in the video. “I have super flying powers mom!

Best of luck potty training — BabySteals and Potty Time love you!

Rachel and Jane

Introducing DHL Shipping

If you’ve shopped with us in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed a new shipping option — DHL. Because we always have the best steals in mind, we added DHL to make sure you can get the cheapest shipping too. We send joy in the form of thousands of packages each day, and you can rest assured that no matter the shipping option you choose, joy always ships ASAP! We have seen a few questions about DHL, so we thought it was prime time to fill you in on all the details.

What is DHL Smartmail? DHL is an express shipping company and a division of Deutsche Post. You can read more about them here.

Why did we start offering DHL? DHL’s shipping prices are often lower for packages under 1 lb., so we wanted to pass on the savings to our customers.

How much longer does it take? Shipping with DHL generally takes 1-2 days longer than USPS Priority/First Class.

If I need my package quickly should I choose USPS Priority/First Class or save with DHL? If you need it quickly or are simply are too anxious to wait for your steal, opt for USPS options. Otherwise, you may as well save money for more steals with DHL!

Why don’t I always see DHL as an option? We only offer DHL on days when products weigh under 1 lb., but in the future we may offer the option for higher-weighted items as well.

Does DHL ship to Canada? Currently we only offer DHL shipping in the United States.