How to Create the Perfect Cake Smash

It’s our birthday this week — we’re seven! Get a sneak peek of steals from top brands we have this week, enter giveaways, and stay tuned for the party!

We’re celebrating with one of our favorite traditions, the cake smash! I mean adorable chunky baby rolls covered in cake and frosting, what’s not to love? We’ve got a list of all the things you need for a perfect cake smash, whether you’re setting up a photo shoot or simply letting your babe have at it for his party.

Perfect cake smash photo shoot

Balloons: to add a pop of color and as an easy, simple decoration for photo shoots or to stage at your party.

Adorable mess mat: adds a cute look and makes for super easy clean up. We love this Smitten Baby Make a Mess Mat.

Mini cake: If you can bake, here’s a great tutorial on making your own mini cake. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard and made from box mix. Otherwise order one up from a bakery. Buttercream or cream cheese frosting tend to look best since that are easy for baby to dig into.

Cloth diaper or cute bodysuit: A simple outfit makes for easier clean-up and something you can use again. We love these cute birthday bodysuits from Truly Delightful (<< Hurry limited quantity Secret Steal) or these cloth diapers.

Birthday hat or accessories: add a simple birthday hat, necklace, or bow tie. Just make sure anything you pick is disposable or easy to clean.

cake smash

Happy smashing!


BabySteals Gift Card Giveaway!

Happy birthday to US! We are seven years old and we feel so blessed to be here. It’s all because of you. We are pulling out all the stops for Birthday Week April 27-May 1, so stay tuned to our email alerts, Facebook, Instagram and daily steals!

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Mommy Water Giveaway

Calling all pregnant mommies — who hates taking their prenatal vitamins? Or even worse, who gets sick when trying to swallow and digest these pills? As one mom said,

“taking my prenatals is worse than taking horse pills!” – Maggie, San Diego

Forget it! Mommy Water is here to the rescue, and to make getting your nutrients even better! Mommy Water was designed by a team of medical doctors, nutritionists and beverage formulators to address the many needs of the modern pregnancy. Traditional prenatal vitamins, either in pill or gummy form, lack many of the essential elements necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

As such, the research team at Mommy Water set out to create the perfect prenatal vitamin. Pour it right into your water for a great tasting, hydrating way of getting your nutrients. Beyond your baby bump, what a great way for nursing moms to continue their vitamins post partum!
prenatals for expecting moms

So Why is Mommy Water Better?

In addition to the traditional prenatal vitamin profile, Mommy Water adds:

 Digestive health: The fiber source in Mommy Water is a prebiotic that helps promote digestive health by stimulating the normal, beneficial bacteria in the colon.

 Bone health: Inulin found in Mommy Water may boost calcium absorption, which is important to building and maintaining strong bones.

 Weight management: Diets rich in fiber, such as inulin, may help maintain a feeling of fullness for longer periods after eating.

 Negligible impact on glycemic response: Inulin is suitable for use in a low glycemic diet. Inulin, as a food ingredient, does not significantly impact blood sugar levels making Mommy Water safe for women with gestational diabetes. *

 Fiber enrichment: A diet rich in soluble fiber, such as inulin, helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract and may help promote regularity.

 Brain Boost: Can’t find your keys, lost your wallet? “Pregnancy brain” got you forgetting your neighbors name? Emerging research shows that choline is not only essential for fetal brain development, can help reduce “pregnancy brain.”

 Sun kissed Iron: By combining vitamin c with iron, Mommy Water increases the bioavailability of iron, an essential mineral for healthy pregnancies. And by drinking your iron in Mommy Water, you won’t suffer that nauseous feeling pills or gummies give as they breakdown in your system.

 Electrolytes: Dehydration is a common problem with expecting mothers Mommy Water combines water and electrolytes to help combat dehydration and improve absorption of all the great vitamins and mineral in a great tasting daily drink.

 Pyridoxine: Pyridoxine helps alleviate nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness, which is often times exacerbated by the breakdown of large prenatal pills. The amount of Pyridoxine in Mommy Water was recommended by our team of Doctors for combating pregnancy related nausea.

prenatals for expecting moms

Enter to WIN! We are giving away a 3-month supply of Mommy Water! Enter below.

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Saranoni Giveaway | Gift Week 2014

christmas gifts for babies

Lusciously deliciously soft only begins to describe the cozy, luxurious softness of a Saranoni. There’s a reason these blankets are labeled a “must-have” by BabySteals customers! Minky swirls, lush raised fabric and a ribbed border make three delicious textures to please the senses. The only thing you’ll wish is that it was big enough to wrap yourself in too!

christmas gifts for babies

Lucky for you, we are giving away TWO Saranoni Baby Blankets to two winners!

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Contest ends Sunday, November 9, 2014 at 11:59pm MST. Winner announced upon notification and will be chosen with Rafflecopter. The contact information you provide will not be shared outside Click here to read our full privacy notice. Winnings are not for resale. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Participation open to U.S. and Canadian residents 18 years or older.

Pregnancy Fruit Free Printable

Watching your belly grow is so exciting, but as your tummy starts to poke out, you begin to wonder just how big your baby is in there. We made this design to share with friends and family, or even print it out and take with your belly shots every few weeks. After all, who doesn’t love to see your cute baby bump?! {Click here} to save the free printable.

how big is my baby at 5 weeks

12 Must-have Products for Baby’s First Year

babySTEALS Week of Mommy Must-haves

Hape Baby Toys: these artfully designed toys are made from premium, sustainably-sourced wood and non-toxic materials. Hape toys are designed to inspire role playing, motor skills, problem solving and to teach basic shapes, colors, sounds, animals, letters, and numbers.

Infantino Activity Gym: Great for tummy time and overhead discovery. Surfboard prop-up pillow, high contrast colors and gentle motion engage baby’s senses.

Little Twig Diaper Cream: Keep baby’s bottom dry and comfortable with Little Twig diaper cream. The extra mild formula is loaded with vitamin E, shea butter and zinc oxide to calm and protect even ultra-sensitive skin.

Mobi Technologies Thermometer: 2-in-1 Thermometer PLUS Food/Bottle Temperature Scanning. The DualScan Prime Ear and Forehead Thermometer offers all the features, accuracy and reliability you’d expect from MOBI, including an additional Food and Bottle mode. With target-specific reading methods and a bright, easy-to-read back-lit display, the compact DualScan Prime meets your family’s needs perfectly.

Tivoli Couture Car Seat Jacket: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that no heavy or bulky clothes be worn by a child when secured in their car seats. Tivoli Couture’s Car Seat Jacket goes over the car seat so there is no fabric between the car seat harness and the baby. Parents should avoid using bunting or car seat covers that thread through the harness straps of their child’s car seat as doing so can interfere with the proper function of the car seat. snack pack: With two separate compartments that seal separately, you’re able to serve different foods. Also great for crackers and dip, little sandwich shapes and berries. Fab for all ages and stages. Handy spoon stows away in the lid.

Bunnies by the Bay Muslin Knotty Blankets: This adorable Bunnies by the Bay Cuddle Bunny with Blankie is sure to bring comfort and joy to your little one.

aden + anais muslin swaddles: aden + anais boutique products are full of the luxurious bliss that every bundle needs. Organic cotton muslin is as soft and breathable as it gets for the most peaceful newborn sleep, and it only gets softer each time you wash it.

RoSK UPF 45 Sun Cover: RoSK’s Sun Cover provides UPF 45+ sun protection with lightweight, breathable fabric.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle Blanket: Help your baby sleep better than you ever imagined with this 100% cotton knit Miracle Blanket. The Miracle Blanket makes it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark! Your baby will sleep better, longer and will be less fussy since he/she will finally get the sleep they (and you) so desperately need.

Levana Jena Baby Video Monitor: Named for her long-lasting, rechargeable battery life, Jena’s monitor will keep working for over 8 hours with the video screen on! Do more all day or night long with Jena by Levana.

The Sili Company Sili Squeeze: This reusable squeeze lets your little one enjoy delicious blends of freshly pureed food, in addition to ready-made favorites like yogurt and applesauce, while on the go! In sizes that are easy for little hands to manage, and in a squeezable silicone pouch design that makes it easy for tots to feed themselves, the Sili Squeeze is a reusable, revolutionary way to feed your growing baby nutritious food.

Yoreganics Bye Bye Dry Balm: In the days of yore, only Mother Nature’s pure ingredients were used to promote healthy skin. This special blend of organic oils and botanicals will soothe, moisturize, and heal the most delicate skin. Soothes: itching, redness, and irritation. Moisturizes: dry, cracked, and inflamed skin. Relieves: eczema, dry skin, rashes, and more.



Tivoli Couture Carseat Jacket’s Week of Mommy Must-haves!

Becoming a mom can be overwhelming. All the stuff you need…and stuff you don’t need. How is a new mama going to sort it out? As employees of, not only are we exposed to the best of the best in the baby world, we are moms who have tested and tried your products ourselves. We hand-picked some of our favorites — the products that saved our sanity, helped us care for our babies, and simply enriched the experience of motherhood. Now we’d love to share those amazing finds with our customers and market your brand as one of our staff picks for what every mom needs in her baby stash!

babySTEALS Week of Mommy Must-haves


New mommies, pregnant mommies, and even seasoned mamas will find goodies you need! Friends, grandmas, and aunts, Time to stock up for that baby shower stash!


September and August have the highest birth rates in North America, so to celebrate all the baby showers, new mamas, and their bundles of joy, we are having a week of necessities that make being a mom easier.


September 16-19


The home page, social media channels, and blog of Don’t miss it and share with your mommy friends! 

Introducing Steal Points


Huge Announcement! Introducing our new rewards program – STEAL POINTS!

Have you ever thought “I am so good at checking and buying steals, I wish I got paid for it?” Well, NOW YOU DO. Yes, it’s true – introducing our new Rewards Program, Steal Points!

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As always, we love to hear your feedback – after all, this is all for you! Email us your thoughts or questions at, or share the love on our Facebook pages!

Happy Stealing – now start racking up those Steal Points and tell your friends so they can too!

20 Foods That Boost Your Breast Milk Supply

Most every nursing mom worries about making sure her supply is up at some point in time. Since you can’t measure your breast milk like you can formula, it’s easy to get insecure about production. The key is eating healthy, getting enough fluids, and just finding what works for you. So we put together a list of foods that are both good for you and help boost your breast milk supply.

babysteals breastfeeding week

Printable Sign for Pumping Moms

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! Check out this cute printable sign we made for pumping moms to use to alert people you need privacy. Perfect for the office or wherever you need to pump!

babysteals breastfeeding week

Click here to save the printable.