The Truth About Breastfeeding: 4 Mom’s Share Their Experiences

breastweek_mobile_600x88_Aug15 Breastfeeding is one of the greatest ways to connect and bond with baby. It’s a natural process, but it doesn’t always happen so naturally. It does for some; others have to work at it and some face other challenges. It can take a toll on a mama – making us feel inadequate, guilty or worse. Thankfully I am in an office with mostly women; it’s awe-inspiring to hear all of their ups and downs with breastfeeding. Today we are sharing 4 different breastfeeding experiences from some of the amazing baby mamas here at

kerianne2 I was an anxious new mother. My son arrived overdue, very small and struggling to breathe. After being taken care of and fixed up, he was brought to me and I tried to nurse him. He wanted nothing to do with it. After being intubated, his throat was sore and he made it clear nursing was not something he would be doing without a fight. After a day of trying, with no success, I was provided with two solutions – a bottle, or an IV in his head. Being the anxious mama I was, after many tears, a few more breakdowns and even more tears, the bottle was brought to us, and he ate like a champ! Even though it wasn’t the solution I wanted, I am so glad my little guy was able to eat and grow; no matter the source! He is now a healthy, happy almost-kindergartner, and I wouldn’t change a hair on his head!


Kristen&Jude200b Nursing did not come easily for me. In fact, it was downright miserable in the beginning. My nipples bled, I got clogged ducts and my very colicky baby did nothing but cry at me, and my boob. After feeding, burping and changing his diaper, I would countdown to the next hour when I knew he would need to eat again. My toes would literally curl it hurt so bad for the first 2-3 weeks.  But what was more disconcerting to me was he didn’t seem comforted by nursing; he was screaming. All the time. I lamented all those unrealized dreams of bonding with my nursing baby.  He’d take a gulp of milk, pull away and cry. It was a miracle to me he was even thriving at all. And bottle feeding wasn’t an option because he did the same thing with it.

All I could think was, “What is wrong with me and my milk?!” I was making too much milk. My letdown was too strong. I need to pump first before feeding. Don’t pump first because you’ll overproduce, making the problem worse. I ate tomatoes, wait, no chocolate… or could it be dairy? I’m not nursing him long enough on each side. He’s not getting enough hind milk. Maybe I’m not making enough milk? I went in circles trying to figure this thing out. My google searches were relentless. And then, it slowly and progressively got easier. Little by little it just started to work. I woke up one day at 8 weeks and thought, hey, I can do this! But I fought for it. It wasn’t easy, picture-perfect or what I expected, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Sort of like parenting!


IMG_2580 I am one of the lucky moms that had an easy time with breastfeeding from the start. With my first baby, the lactation counselor came in to check on how things were going, and I was on the phone, walking around the hospital room, nursing my son. She smiled and said, “it looks like you have everything figured out.” When Andrew, my first baby, was 6 months old, my husband and I went on a week-long trip to the Caribbean. When we planned the trip, I didn’t realize that I would not quite be ready to leave my baby for a week! We went anyway, and I did my best to pump while we were gone, but the ship we were on didn’t convert the voltage on the pump so I had to “wing it” with self-expressing in the shower, etc. Luckily, I was able to resume nursing when we returned home. I nursed my oldest son until he was about a year, when he weaned himself.

With my second son, I had a similar experience, with no problems or issues figuring it all out. I went back to work with both of my boys after a couple of months, and pumped a few times a day while I worked. My boys are in their 20s now, so the pump was a big, bulky machine, but it worked very well! I pumped in a closet in my office, because the office didn’t have a dedicated place to pump. I took a phone in there, hooked everything up, put a do not disturb sign on the door and managed to work while I pumped a couple of times a day. I nursed my younger son until he was about 14 months old, when he weaned himself.

Breastfeeding for me was such a wonderful part of being a mother. I loved this sweet, bonding time spent with my babies and I feel thankful that it came easily and naturally to me.


jess I’ll be honest… I was nervous about breastfeeding. My mom has 3 kids and the longest she was able to nurse was 3 weeks. Knowing this made me scared and being scared makes me research like crazy. I read everything there was to know about breastfeeding – how to most likely succeed, how to increase your milk supply, what to do when a baby won’t latch, how often to nurse, how to deal with growth spurts and everything in between. I attended breastfeeding classes, met with a lactation consultant and was sure I knew everything possible to help us succeed.

Cut to the day our little girl was born. She had trouble latching from the beginning. Immediately after she was born we worked and worked. We just didn’t have any luck. We met with a lactation consultant for a miserable 45 minutes that ended in a full breakdown for both me and our darling baby. We tried everything. Once we got her to latch, we faced even more trouble. Instead of making enough milk, our little girl was starving. I was pumping to try to increase my milk supply, taking supplements, drinking my weight in water and trying all the tricks I could find. Nothing worked. I was absolutely devastated. This was supposed to be natural, and work. I was supposed to be able to feed my baby… this is what is best for her and I wasn’t able to provide it. I felt like a huge failure.

We started supplementing with formula and doing everything we could to help our little girl grow and be healthy. I was still pumping after each feeding. Every time she ate resulted in being nursed, getting a bottle and then me pumping. It was stressful and hard on her and me. I wasn’t getting any sleep and we were crying a lot. We lasted about 3 months. At that point, we just couldn’t do it any more. I was devastated all over again and felt so sad. We moved to formula full time… and our baby was healthy and strong. She was happy, we slept instead of our hour long eating routine and our lives improved.

Nursing was one of my favorite things… and simultaneously one of the hardest things I have ever done. I loved being able to provide some of what would make my baby the healthiest possible, and I was devastated that I wasn’t able to do it as much as she needed. I loved breastfeeding. LOVED IT. I tried all over again with our second, with the same result. It turns out I truly just don’t make enough milk. I have learned to be softer with myself and do the best I can, and have learned that it will be okay. For that I am truly grateful.

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11 Facts about Breastfeeding


Did you know a newborn’s tummy is the size of a cherry or that your baby tastes what you eat through your breast milk? Did you know that while 77% of U.S. women start nursing their babies at birth but only 25% of them make it to the recommended one year mark? Check out these interesting facts about breastfeeding.


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Our Top 5 No Bake Desserts for July 4th!

Who’s excited for the long weekend of 4th of July celebrations? The 4th of July is such a great time to spend with family and friends while BBQing and enjoying each other’s company! Whether you’re going to a gathering or throwing your own backyard BBQ, as a busy parent it’s hard to find free time to prepare anything, much less want to turn the oven on in this heat. No worries – the staff here at have you covered! We’ve compiled our top 5 no bake desserts that are perfect for your 4th of July parties so you can stay out of the heat and enjoy the long weekend.


no bake blueberry tart
1. No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Tart – These bad boys are great for entertaining at home or to bring along! Want to know the best part?… You’ll have these delish little bites of heaven completed in 10 minutes. For some added 4th of July flair, add some strawberries, cranberries or raspberries.



pretzel flag
2. American Flag Tray – If you’re looking for easy peasy, here you go! This one takes less than 15 minutes to clean and cut the berries and setup the display. Feel free to substitute with other red berries or white cheese for the pretzels. This is also a great way to get the kids involved in the planning process!


4th strawberries

3. USA Strawberries – Simple, cute and done within 10 minutes. These little beauties are so easy, yet so yummy. Pick up some strawberries, wash them off, melt some chocolate and get dipping! This is another fun one to get the kids helping with.



4. Fourth of July Wands – These fun little wands will be the star of the show… and not just at the kids table either! Though they may have more fun casting spells and granting wishes with their wands, the adults are sure to love this sweet and cool treat on a hot summer day, too. Super easy and super quick to make, these are a perfect treat to have the kiddos help with!



cookie flag
5. Cookie Flag of America – Grab your favorite cookie, get some colored chocolate melting and get dipping for this quick and easy no bake dessert. Dip the cookie in all 3 colors to create a red, white & blue cookie, or create an American flag similar to the one on the left.



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How to make a Baby Shower Diaper Cake | BabyShower Week

Blog3 There is nothing cuter than arriving to a baby shower with a homemade diaper cake. These DIY arrangements are surprisingly easy to make with the right directions. They are creative, resourceful, and adorable. BabySteals staff decided to take on our own project to surprise a fan’s baby shower. See below for our step-by-step instructions for creating this perfect bouquet:

BabySteals Baby Shower Bouquet Supplies: 

  • 1 Pack of Diapers (any size)
  • Set of colorful washcloths (find them HERE)
  • Patterned Ribbon
  • Bag of Rubber Bands or Elastics
  • Wood Dowels
  • Foam Ball
  • Flower Pail, Bucket, or Vase
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Decorative Ribbon or Baby Headband (shop HERE)




Blog2 Instructions: 

  • Place foam ball in pail
  • Wrap each diaper around a wood dowel
  • Secure diaper with rubber band or elastic
  • Tie each diaper with decorative ribbon
  • Insert each wood dowel diaper into foam ball
  • Fill in the bouquet with the artificial flowers and similarly wrapped washcloths
  • Bring Bouquet to your baby shower and enjoy all the compliments!


Diaper Bouquets not your thing? Enjoy these other great Diaper Cake ideas from some of our favorite DIY sites:

2015-06-23_2332 How to Make a Diaper Cake – Step-by-Step Instructions









Baby-Shower-Diaper-Cake-Living-Locurto Tip Junkie – How to Make a Diaper Cake










diaper-cake-tutorial-collage-text Frugal Fanatic – Diaper Cake Tutorial

Baby Shower Invitation Templates | Baby Shower Week

It’s Baby Shower Week here at and we’re celebrating everything wonderful about hosting a shower. Are YOU hosting a baby shower and need some inspiration for your Invitations? We’ve created some of our favorite themed invitations for Baby Boy, Baby Girl, and Neutral Baby Showers and we’d like to share our templates with you. Print, fill-out, and send, it’s that’s easy. We’ve also thrown in some extra matching templates for the rest of your baby shower needs. Enjoy!


Blue Baby Boy Shower

Invitation .jpg file 1.1MB download

Invitation .ai file 5.1MB download

Blue Baby Shower Package .zip download








Pink Baby Shower

Invitation .jpg file 1.1MB download

Invitation .ai file 5.1MB download

Pink Baby Shower Package .zip download








Gray Baby Shower

Invitation .jpg file 1.1MB download

Gray Baby Shower Package .zip download

Oh Baby Baby…. The World’s Best Baby Shower Playlist


It’s Baby Shower Week here at BabySteals and to celebrate we’ve compiled our favorite “baby” songs into one epic playlist! This is the perfect soundtrack to accompany your joyful shower, or burn these songs onto a CD as a party favor. Your guests will leave laughing and jamming to these hits all day long!

Baby Shower Playlist

Playlist includes:

  • Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
  • Push It – Salt-N-Pepa
  • Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  • Baby Love – The Supremes
  • Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey
  • Give It To Me Baby – Rick James
  • You Are the Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne
  • First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes
  • Sweet Sweet Baby – Aretha Franklin
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine – Sheryl Crow
  • Baby – Just Bieber, Ludacris
  • Baby, Baby – Amy Grant
  • Baby-Baby-Baby – TLC
  • Baby’s Got Sauce – G. Love & Special Sauce
  • Hey Baby – No Doubt

*This is a collaborate list, so add your suggestions straight onto our playlist on Spotify or add them as a comment to the blog below.

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Top 7 MAMAtinis for your Baby Shower – Non-Alcoholic Recipes For Expecting Moms

mamatinis-01 It’s Baby Shower Week here at BabySteals and we’re celebrating everything that has to do with expecting your new little one. Just because you have a bun in the oven doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself. Fancy-it-up and treat yourself to some decadent cocktails… “mocktails” that is. We’ve got your recipe list of BabySteals‘ Top 7 MAMAtinis. Shake it up and enjoy!



1) MAMArita – 1 oz agave nectar, 0.5 oz fresh lemon juice, 1 oz orange juice, 3 oz organic limeade, 1 lime wheel, rimming salt.






2) The Virgin Mary – Sea salt, Fresh lime juice, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp hot sauce, 1/2 cup tomato juice, Crushed ice Lemon wedge, and celery/rosemary sprig to garnish.






3) The Nojito – Juice of 1 lime, 2 tsp caster sugar, 1 cup soda water, Sliced lime, and 4 sprigs of fresh mint to garnish.






4) Twinkle Twinkle Mocktail – 2 shots pineapple juice, 1 shot grapefruit juice, 1 shot coconut milk, 1 shot fresh cream, Garnish with sliced star fruit.






5) The Mama Sunrise – Orange juice (or mango if you fancy), 2 dashes grenadine to float on top, Crushed ice, all in a highball glass.






6) The Big Reveal –  white grape juice (icy cold), clear lemon-lime soda (icy cold), pink & blue food coloring.







7) Preggo Punch – 1 (46 oz.) can unsweetened pineapple juice, 1 (46 oz.) can apricot nectar, 3 (6 oz.) cans frozen lemonade, thawed 5 (8 oz.) cans ginger ale, chilled sparkling water or non-alcoholic champagne.




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Enjoy some of these great additional sources for more Mocktail recipes, or pick up one of these amazing books as a gift for your expecting bestie.

Baby Shower Registry Checklist


It’s Baby Shower Week over here at BabySteals and we want share with you all our tips for prepping for the best Baby Shower. Whether you’re a nesting mom getting ready for baby to come or hosting a shower for your bestie, this list is a MUST! We’ve had over 30+ maternity leaves here at BabySteals, so take it from us — the moms here at BabySteals have compiled a tried and true list of things you need! Use this list to help with your baby registry or simply just a shopping list as you’re browsing the great deals on

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Affordable & Adorable Baby Showers


Welcome to Baby Shower Week on! Throwing a baby shower can feel like a daunting (and expensive) task. The next time you find yourself as hostess, have no fear; BabySteals is here! We have scoured the internet (okay, our Pinterest boards) to put together a few of our favorite shower themes, as well as a few tips and tricks on how to make an affordable shower, adorable.

Boy Shower : Little Mister

Celebrating the newest mister on the block is always exciting! One of our favorite baby boy shower themes is a simple one – throw a Little Mister shower! With simple shapes theming your party (think mustaches, and ties!), putting this one together is a total breeze!
BowtieNapkins 1- Bow-Tie Napkins – The smallest touches often make the biggest impact. Bow-tie napkins to wrap up utensils is a fun way to dress up necessities, and add a bit of flair to the mister’s shower décor! Plus, the napkins and ribbon could easily be found at your nearest dollar store, so it’s inexpensive décor to boot!



MustacheCake 2- Mustache Cake – No Little Mister shower would be complete without a mustache cake! Here is an easy tutorial to whip one up for mere dollars, and it will surely leave your guests thinking you have a bakery on the side. Simply bake your favorite cake and let it cool. Flip it and cut it and you’re done. (decorating is completely up to you)



PeanutButtonCuffs 3- Reese’s Peanut Butter Cuffs – What an easy, and adorable favor to send home with your party-goers! At around .50 each, a 2 pack of peanut butter cups makes an easy, and affordable favor. Wrap it in a plaid, striped, or otherwise men’s-shirt-looking scrapbook paper (I bet our sister site has something that could work!), hot glue a few small buttons, and voila! You have peanut butter “cuffs”!



4- Shower Gift Idea – always has something fabulous to gift the mom-to-be to make you the talk of the shower. One of our favorite brands that would tie in perfectly with the Little Mister shower is Andy & Evan! Their stylish Shirtzee Bodysuits make a fun, classy, and adorable gift (and since it’s a Steal, they’re affordable, too!) Find it HERE.



Girl Shower : Tea Party

Throwing the little lady a tea party shower will have each guest reminiscing about her childhood in the best of ways! Light snacks, delicate décor, teacups and a laid back style will make this shower the talk of many playdates to come!

Sandwiches 1- Tea & Petit Fours – Tea parties are about great conversation, lots of sunshine, tea and of course sandwiches! If you are throwing a summer shower, here’s one of our favorite sandwich recipes which is super simple; white bread, cream cheese, chives and cucumber. Slice off the crust, and cut in triangles, pour a cup of tea, and you’re party is set!


DoiliesSign 2- Doilies Welcome Banner – Putting together a welcome banner with doilies is just too perfect for your tea party! Decorate the shower with these easy and affordable pops of color. You can also use them as coasters for guests. ScrapbookSteals has some of the sweetest colors of doilies that would add just the pop of color your classy shower needs! Shop them HERE.



DoilieFavors 3- Doily Favor Sack – Why not incorporate the doilies from your banner into your party favors? A simple, brown paper sack, spruced up with a delicate doily makes the perfect vessel for any favor. Throw in a nail polish, lotion, a box of tea, or any yummy treat, and every guest will leave pleased as punch!



PamGrace 4- Shower Gift Idea – Teeny tiny clothes always makes the crowd at a shower swoon. features Pam Grace creations, who makes only the cutest rompers, shoes, and headbands to doll up your little one. Mom-to-be will love everything about this thoughtful gift! Shop HERE.



Gender Neutral Shower : Cute as a Button

When baby’s gender is a surprise, a Cute as a Button shower is a sophisticated and fun way to celebrate the newcomer with neutral colors. This isn’t your mama’s rubber ducky gender neutral shower! Mason jars, daisies, and burlap would give this shower theme a vintage touch that your guests will adore!


ButtonShower 1- Mason Jars & Buttons – Mason jars are easy to find these days – fill them will buttons, and you’re theme is tied in perfectly on each table. We also love the incorporation of burlap runners (cheap!), and baby’s breath to add a chic touch to the décor. It doesn’t scream girl, or boy – but the perfect balance of both. Gender neutral friendly – check!




ButtonCookies 2- Button Cookies – Spending lots of time, and money on shower treats can make the event a drag for the host. Incorporate your button theme with a cute display of button cookies! Pre-packed sugar cookie dough, and a straw are all you need to take the ordinary to the extraordinary!



AlphabetBook 3- Baby’s Alphabet – A gender neutral shower is the perfect setting to get guests involved in creating nursery décor! Pick a cute font, and print out a page per letter, with each letter typed in the top corner of the paper. Ask your party-goers to draw, and decorate a page for baby’s nursery alphabet book. It’s a fun way to get people involved in creating a memory to look back on long after the shower is over.



ButtonBracelets 4- Button Bracelets – What better way to remember a button themed shower than with a button bracelet? These would be easy and inexpensive to make. You can pick the colors, put them in a cute basket near the door where guests can snag their wrist candy as they leave the party. Easy as pie!



Nuroo 5- Shower Gift Idea – When you don’t know the gender, a baby shower gift can be challenging. Let us take the guesswork out, and suggest a nursery essential, like a Nuroo Swaddler! These swaddle sacks come in a rainbow of colors, and their grow-with-baby feature makes it an investment you know will be used for months to come. Find it HERE.



What shower themes have been your favorite to attend, or throw? Do you have tips and tricks up your sleeve? Share in the comments below, we would love to add your ideas to our collection of go-to’s! Enjoy BabyShower Week all week long, from June 15th through June 19th, only on!