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Fill Baby’s Easter Basket

Today’s adorable Moncalin Lovies are a perfect addition to baby’s Easter basket, so we came up with some of our other favorites your little hatchling will love this spring.
1. Moncalin Flat-Cat Lovies: A little French slice of snuggle heaven made with buttery-soft fabric.
2. Lassig Mini Shopper Bunny: Use as a bag for the big Easter egg hunt, then keep it to tote food, bottles, and more! Folds right down into your diaper bag.
3. Child’s Play Inc. Little Ducks Book & Puppets: Classic duck tales and puppets that help teach your little one to count.
4. Baby Signing Time Flash Cards and Books: Reinforce signs taught in the Baby Signing Time Series, or use on their own for more signing fun.
5. Adorabelle Bow: Accent your sweetie’s spring wardrobe with trendy ribbons and bows.
6. BabyLegs Socks: Wrap your baby’s little piggies in colorful and comfortable socks.
7. Rockabye Baby: Rock your baby to sleep with adorable renditions of your favorite bands.
8. Wonderworld Wooden Toys: Eco-friendly toys that encourage creative development. Spring Fever Week 2014

This sunshine outside is such a tease! We simply can’t wait to head outside and enjoy the spring weather. But we know as well as anyone that heading out isn’t so easy as it used to be when you’ve got a babe in tow. So we have gathered some of our favorites to get you prepped for outings, days in the sun, and even to fill your little hatchling’s Easter basket — it’s time for Spring Fever Week March 10-14!

babySTEALS Spring Fever Week

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Moms for Moms Day

The Bump is hosting it’s first “Moms for Moms Day” today inspired by a fun photo series from CT Working Moms. We all make different choices for our children based on what we feel is best for them. The whole idea behind the series and celebrating this day is to end the mommy wars! Can we say “LOVE”!? After all, motherhood is challenging enough. We need all the support we can get from each other!

The moms here at are as varied as they come and we all happily work together, play together, and curate products we think you’ll love. And we actually think it’s because of the diversity of our parenting choices that we are able to pick out great steals — everyone here is a little different!

So we wanted to send a little joy and join in for the first #Moms4Moms Day with photos of the moms behind babySTEALS and kidSTEALS. Let’s hear it for the mommies!

angandwhit brittandki deanneanddvalli jessandkerianne kristenandemj lindsandjess marital melandaudria tammyandtracey alyssaandang

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Perfect Baby Shower Gifts at a Steal!

With today’s Archive Sale, we can’t resist the opportunity to shop not only for our babies at home, but also to stock up our baby shower stashes for all the new mommies of 2014! Don’t worry, we already did some of the leg work and found these favorite hidden gems. perfect baby shower gifts at a steal 1. Luna Lullaby swaddle blankets: Single layer softest quality cotton muslin, with a fabric weave specially designed to breathe easily. Lightweight fabric allows baby’s temperature to regulate.stride rite soft soles: Easy-on, flexible shoes that keep the foot in place for a secure fit and comforting feel. Oh, and did we mention they’re adorable?
2. Newborn BabyLegs: Make frequent diaper changes a breeze and provide a cozy layer of warmth both in the hospital and after returning home.
3. Coccoli favorites: Choose from an heirloom quality blanket and newborn hat set or hooded blanket in the softest, quality fabrics.
4. Stride Rite soft soles: Easy-on closure swaddles the foot in place for a secure fit and comforting feel. Oh, and did we mention they’re irresistibly cute on tiny feet?
5. Halo Swaddle Change: Features an adjustable swaddle that will wrap your newbie or wiggly baby in comfy goodness during diaper changes.
6. HALO® SleepSack® Crib Set: Create a beautiful and safe nursery with styles for boys and girls approved by The American Academy of Pediatrics.

7. Ness Diaper Bags: You don’t let motherhood cramp your style, so carry a diaper bag that can keep up with you and baby in the fashion department.

8. BuggyLOVE sprays: Safely, effectively and organically neutralize unpleasant scents on any type of stroller and car seat fabrics.

9. Simple Nature body care: Care for baby with natural, fragrance-free diaper rash cream and lotion + body wash.

10. Swaddle Designs burp cloth: Stylish on the shoulder when burping a baby, when used as a lap pad, and on the changing table. Handy to clean up all kinds of little messes. A diaper bag essential that will easily fit in any bag.

11. Bubele Baby sets: Dress baby in the cutest, ruffled bodysuit, top, and diaper cover set.  

Baby Shusher Giveaway!

Baby Shusher Giveaway on The revolutionary Baby Shusher quickly soothes any fussy baby. Developed off of the parenting technique in the “Happiest Baby on the Block” book, the Baby Shusher incorporates the fourth ‘S’ of the “Five S’” – shushing. With loud, rhythmic shushing noises, the Baby Shusher draws on ancient, time-tested practices.

This is a doctor-approved and thoroughly tested technique designed to break a baby’s cry spell and engage their natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush reminds baby of being inside mom, where they were inundated 24 hours a day with loud sounds of blood flow and other in utero noises (up to 95 dBs, or the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner). What may sound harsh at first is actually very calming to a baby.

baby shusher giveaway

Because babies will cry anywhere, your Baby Shusher is small, compact, and easy to keep clean. Use it in the car, when visiting friends and family, or when doing the everyday important things like grocery shopping or catching up with friends. Watch how it works.

Save your shushing voice! We are giving away on Baby Shusher to one lucky winner.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Respisense Ditto Breathing Monitor

Thanks to the Respisense™ Ditto movement monitor, you can breathe a little easier knowing your baby is doing the same. This cable-less, portable movement monitor can be used from the créche to grandmother’s lap and anywhere else in between. Simply clip onto the waistband of a diaper, and it will quietly and unobtrusively monitor tummy movements. Just like safety belts make traveling safer, Respisense™ can make your baby’s first year safer by alerting someone when they becomes dangerously inactive. Whether you accidentally doze off while breastfeeding at night, or need a little reassurance, get some peace of mind with this simple, easy-to-use monitor.


Respisense Ditto Breathing Monitor


Breathe a little easier Mama, we’re giving away a Respisense Ditto to one lucky winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lindsey’s Beau & Bow | A Twin Baby Shower

Our adorable director of HR is pregnant with her first babies, boy and girl twins. So of course we had to throw her a surprise party! We put together a boy and girl baby shower with the theme “beau and bow” since she is expecting one of each!

Beau and bow boy and girl baby shower theme

Since she already has names picked out, we made a little banner that she can now use in her nursery.

boy and girl twin baby shower

Surprise pretty mama!
beau and bow baby shower

We made a little chalkboard art which is easily customizable decor. So cute!
beau and bow chalkboard baby shower decor

We whipped up some easy cupcake toppers using washi tape that we bought over at scrapbookSTEALS!
easy washi cupcake toppers for baby shower

Almond Joy and Mounds for a boy and girl baby shower. “Nuts” and “no nuts.” ;)
Almond Joy and Mounds for a boy and girl baby shower. "Nuts" and "no nuts." ;)

Almost all the girls at were able to make it for her shower. We sure love HR around here. Happy baby shower, Lindsey! <3 DSC_4655

Why Cloth Diapering?

Ever wondered why moms choose to cloth diaper? Or are you already an avid cloth diaper fan yourself? Either way, we rounded up a few stats and made an infographic to show why the choice of cloth just makes sense. Be sure to check out today’s steal to get yourself loaded up and save even more green!

Cloth Diapering Infographic

See more info here.

Angie’s Moms into Fitness Pregnancy Story

Meet Angie.

Mother of one baby boy and Director of Social Media. She stayed active through her whole pregnancy thanks to the Moms into Fitness Pregnancy DVD pack and was able to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Read her whole story below.

• • • • •

bare pregnant belly

When I first got pregnant I was so excited to be a mom, but like many women, I was nervous about how pregnancy was going to affect my body. You always hear people talking about losing baby weight and what a challenge that can be as a new mom. I felt selfish worrying about it, but I didn’t want to lose my pre-baby body. I knew I wanted to stay on top of it from the beginning and stay active throughout my pregnancy, so I turned to Lindsay Brin’s pregnancy DVDs.

I love how easy they are to incorporate into your day with quick workouts from the comfort of your living room. Let’s face it — pregnancy makes you tired! Some days it’s hard to make yourself do anything, but Lindsay’s workouts make it easy to motivate yourself. And toward the end when I thought I’d become less and less active, I actually found myself doing the yoga every. single. day. I had so much pressure in my hips, pelvis and back that getting up to move, stretch and mentally connect with my baby each morning became the highlight of my day. I felt healthy through my whole pregnancy and it even helped prepare me for labor and delivery.

angieandzach I gained a total of 25 pounds (which was healthy for my size) and lost it all within 8 weeks. Now I’m actually 10 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant! So yes, my body has changed after having a baby, but it’s all for the better — fears averted! If you are pregnant I highly recommend these DVDs whether you want to strictly follow the meal plan and workout schedule or just use them 1-2 a week. Feeling healthy and having enough energy to keep up with my baby is 100% worth it in my opinion!

Jessica’s Moms Into Fitness Success Story

Meet Jessica.

Mother of three kids and a customer service partner in crime, she recently took on a major lifestyle change and lost 50 pounds doing Moms Into Fitness with Lindsay Brin! She is such an inspiration to everyone in the office for getting healthy and we asked her to share her story. Scroll down to learn more and see her amazing before and after!

• • • • •

I have never been a believer of workout DVDs. I have seen the pictures and just thought, “Yeah right! To get good results you need to go to the gym, have a trainer, a personal chef, etc.” Well, I since have learned that is wrong.

My weight gain was typical — I had three kids and worked full time ever since I graduated college. Making poor choices in the kitchen and not making time for myself left me with the excuse I did not have time to work out and be a good mother and wife.

One day my husband told me that he was watching the kids and to go to the gym. I felt so good getting my blood pumping. I decided to start some DVDs I bought while pregnant. I started Pretty Fierce Weight Loss and LOVED IT. The workouts were short enough that I could fit them in, but still were a great workout. I won’t lie — they are not easy. You sure have to push yourself. I told myself I would not give up. I found that for me the best time to workout was after the kids were in bed.

After 4 weeks I was SHOCKED to see the number on the scale. I could not believe I had lost 12 lbs! It kept me going. I followed the meal plan and stuck to my calories. I found new and healthier food for my family, and best of all, I had so much more energy. I got so much more done, and played more with my kids. At the end of the 8 weeks I lost 22lbs and a total of 22.5 inches! I could not have been happier. After I finished the 8 weeks I started it again. I lost another 18lbs and 20 inches. I went from a size 14 to a 6! I never thought I could wear pants that small.

After those 16 weeks I wanted to try something new. I started Pretty Fierce Lean Out a few weeks ago and I love it as well. It is challenging, but I am up for it. I have lost another 10lbs for a total of 50lbs and I now wear a size 4! More than anything I have learned that I am important too. I need to take time for myself and as I do I am a much better mom and wife. I will forever be grateful to Lindsay Brin for all she has taught me. She has changed my life.

Moms Into Fitness Weight Loss before and after