One of the things we love most is our fantastic “momunity” — the ever-growing community of moms you can find on our page everyday. We have been inspired by many of you that have planned local meet-ups as a result of friendships on our site — so how do you create a mommy meetup? For today’s Mom Tip Monday, Josline from The Meetup Mamas, shares her tips on how to create a mom playgroup or get together of your own.

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Moms these days are online or on-the-go more than ever before. We are living in an era where more moms “meet-up” online more than in person. Online support is at the touch of our fingertips, but how do we get connected IRL, “in real life.”

Here are some ways to find a playgroup or moms group in your area:

  • Ask the staff at your local health center.
  • Community boards are often full of mom-friendly activities.
  • Check out the program guide at the nearby recreation centre.
  • Most libraries offer great activities for babies and toddlers.
  • Ask another mom!
  • Try searching online.
  • Create one yourself!

If you can’t find a group that suits you, start one! You can plan individual meet-ups or get ambitious and run a regular playgroup. Here are few ideas on how to get started:

Moms are looking online, so make sure they can find you! Use words like “moms group” or “playgroup” and your location in the name. Create a public Facebook group or page for free. You can also create a group on Although there are costs associated with this site, you can charge members a small fee to join and everything from event details, RSVPs, email reminders, and payments are all in one place.

Planning individual meet-ups is a great way to meet moms and explore your community. Plan to meet at public locations. For numerous reasons, namely safety, and NOT having to clean your house! Some ideas for meet-ups include:

    • “mommy and me” swim
    • playground and picnic
    • library or church program
    • coffee play date
    • stroller or babywearing walk (indoor or outdoor)
    • indoor play centre meet-up
    • jogging/running group
    • mantinee movie

Plan a regular “playgroup” that meets at a set time and date. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Decide how often you will meet. You can meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Set a date and time at the out set so everyone can mark their calendars.

2. Find a location. Decide if you want to meet at the same place each time or travel around and explore different places. Local libraries, rec centers, and churches are happy to offer moms a space at a discount or even for FREE. If you choose to meet at different locations each time, be sure to check out places that offer “free trial” classes.

3. What will you do? You can invite people from the community to come speak on topics of interest to your group and/or organize demos. Who you invite to come and what you do will really depend on the age of your group; something you will also need to consider when you are planning.

4. Fees? Inevitably starting up a “new” group has costs- rental space, website, etc. Consider charging each mom a registration fee or ask local businesses to “sponsor” your group.

Now it’s time to find moms to join you! In addition to your online presence, put up posters around town at coffee shops, community boards, and mail boxes; anywhere moms go! You can also make some business cards on your home computer and hand them out. Starting a meet-up or playgroup can be a lot of work, but it can be one of the most rewarding things you do!

Yours in Play,
~The Meet-Up Mama

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Thank you for the teething tips Josline!

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