Pump Strap Breast Pump Bra

Hands-free pumping to become the master of multitasking (M.O.M.).

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Allow 5-7 bus. days for processing


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"It took me literally seconds to put on, and I LOVE that! My pump flanges fit perfectly in the openings and they stayed in place thanks to being able to adjust the velcro straps as tight as I want. I love that my hands were free, that I could read a magazine while I pumped and NO MORE HAND CRAMPS holding a pump on forever!!! -The Review Stew

"If you plan on pumping milk from home, work, or even out and about for your little one, then you should invest in a Pump Strap!" -Savvy Mommy Moments

"It's like hand washing dishes and finally getting a dishwasher! If you are someone who has to pump a lot, having this is a must!"-Thrifty Nifty Mommy

About Pump Strap

I designed the Pump Strap myself, while working and pumping. I needed something that could go on and off very quickly to minimize time away from my desk at work. At the time I had a very demanding job, and maybe not so understanding boss, so I did not have the time to disrobe, take one bra off, put another pumping one on, zip, snap, hook, adjust and then struggle to insert the flanges. l also needed something extremely secure so that if I needed to multitask (lean over to write notes, type, get up to answer the phone, eat lunch), there would be no risk of spilling the precious breast milk I had just pumped.

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