Birth Stories: Lindsay's Truth about C-Sections

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing some of the birth stories from the moms at BabySteals. This is Lindsay's story.


I never even read that chapter in the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book. I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy, why would I need to know or prepare for a C-Section? Nobody told me what to expect, and the unknown was probably the toughest part about it.


But I’m no less of a mother…

My story is simple, I had a great pregnancy. No morning sickness; I felt healthy and energized without any complications. The doctor was expecting a full term pregnancy. We even started having discussions about induction should I extend my term to 41+ weeks, but my little baby girl had other plans.


(Looking back now, of course she was going to do things her way!)


I went to a routine prenatal check-up about two and a half weeks before my due date. All was normal until I returned home to a voice message from the doctor regarding my blood work results. He had asked me to return to the hospital immediately. Long story short, I had a fast onset of preeclampsia. Within the hour I was prepped and ready for surgery. Little baby girl needed an emergency c-section immediately, no questions asked.

My body was riddled with fear, and I remember just crying uncontrollably as my husband tried to soothe me, trying to assure me that everything would be fine. And it was. The C-section surgery was phenomenal. I requested my husband to be with me the entire time (even during prep). They maintained the full birth experience as close as possible, as I got to hold my newborn baby on my chest immediately after birth.

My recovery the weeks after the birth was unreal. Medical technology is phenomenal these days, and I recovered amazingly quickly. I remember talking with a close friend after the birth and she told me something similar to the fact that I wasn’t truly a “mother” because I didn’t truly experience “birthing my child”. For months I felt like less of a woman. Depressed that I didn’t suffer through labor pains like millions of other women do every day. It took an emotional toll on me.

But I’m better than that.


It took my wonderful and amazing husband to remind me that I’m an amazing mom. And I am a true “Mother”. I birthed my daughter in an equally rewarding way. I recovered from “labor”, I breastfed my daughter, and I have a scar to prove it. I believe bringing babies into this world the healthiest way possible (no matter what the process is) is the most incredible thing any Man and Woman could possible do. It may have taken my husband to remind me, but...

I am a C-Section Mom!
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