Birth Stories: Nikki's Story

Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing some of the birth stories from the moms at BabySteals. This is Nikki's story.


If you are with a fellow mommy friend and looking to fill the next hour with conversation, simply ask – “so, what’s your birth story?”.  Surely the next hour will be filled to the last minute with dramatic and gory details of how their precious child was brought into the world.  I have quickly learned that it isn’t easy to bring a baby into the world, each baby and birth is unique, and EVERY mom has a story.  So here is a small glimpse during one of my labors…


I was anxiously waiting for the birth of my first child.  I had quit my job months prior in preparation and I was on pins and needles waiting for that ‘magic moment’ to come.  You know, the time when I knew it was time to go to the hospital – just like the movies.  My ‘wise’ mother had been warning me for weeks, “well, I never went further then 34 weeks, so neither will you,”  Finally 39 weeks rolled around and I couldn’t take leaving the house any more, I had become a hermit!  I was so over the comments of, “oh, you haven’t had that baby yet?! and “you look like you could pop any second”.  Graciously, I agreed to my doctor’s offer to being induced as my mind was starting to play tricks on me. 


After a few hours at the hospital, the pit rapidly dripping, and by water being broken by my doctor hours ago – my nurse suggested that I have an epidural to help my body relax and dilate since I was so tense.  I agreed as the anesthesiologist was going into an emergency C-section and would be tied up.  The nurse arranged for my epidural to quickly be done.  The anesthesiologist rapidly entered the room in a rush and with the assistance of the nurse I was asked to sit up.  Upon doing so, a ginormous contraction came along with an insane amount of pelvic pressure.  Shocked I urgently told the nurse, “I HAVE to wait until this contraction is OVER and I HAVE to go to the bathroom first!!!“  She tried to reassure me that the anesthesiologist would be extremely fast and that he didn’t have time to wait.


Wide eyed, I quickly grabbed my husband’s wrists in front of me and sternly told him to pull me towards him as I couldn’t move myself with the contraction.  I felt as if I was holding a bowling ball on my pelvic floor.  Again I desperately told the nurse, “I must go to the bathroom now!”.  She again, told me this wasn’t an option and within a couple minutes I would have a catheter.  With my back sanitized with the brownish/orange gunk and the needle prepped, as a last resort I told her – “I must go now or I am going to pee myself!”  Without another option, with sympathy in her eyes she said, “if you have to really go then you are going to have to go here.”


Now typically this would have been the worst news I could have asked for, but in this moment it sounded like a choir of angels as she gave me permission to pee myself.  My desperation subsided as I relaxed my muscles and feeling like I was two years old, liquid began to flow right as I was reminded to lean far over and not move.  I begged my husband to hold me still as the needle entered by back and liquid poured over the bed.  Suddenly my husband, trying to be a man and brave, looked down at his shoes in disgust.  His socks and new tennis shoes were getting drenched!  My husband is the type of person that hates to go to the beach because he fears getting sand on his feet and his day would be ruined if he was caught in the rain… now he was going to be stuck wearing wet shoes for the next day on the so called “happiest day of his life”.  This was the moment I was supposed to look brave and like a strong new momma, but the look in his eyes proved quite the contrary.


As the needle pulled out of my back, I finally took a deep breath, with fear in my voice I asked, “is it a lot?”  My husband still speechless, looked at the nurse for words.  I found the strength to look over and see a huge pile of liquid, not only all over the bed and my husband’s shoes, but also all over the floor.  As the nurse reached for the towels, she cheerfully announced that it was actually just amniotic fluid that had built up while I was laying down, I was so relived as I knew I would have never heard the end of it from my husband if I had peed on him - especially while others watched.  All I could think of was the 1993 movie Coneheads when Mrs. Conehead’s water broke and she flooded her entire basement.


By this hour in the day I was ready to eat a Subway like the.Coneheads as well -ha.  It might have been the dumbest movie of the 90s but I sure relived it on the day of my daughters birth.  I never thought I would be so happy realizing that I filled my husband’s new shoes with amniotic fluid.   (Looking back on this moment four babies later – I must add that I am quite impressed with the strength of my pelvic floor in my early twenties.)


Ten hours later and nearly three hours of pushing our nine pound baby girl was welcomed with glee by my husband and I – wet shoes and all.

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