$25 Gift Code Giveaway & What do you do at 'steal' time?

Update: Contest closed - winner announced by 5pm MST

It's 8:55am Mountain time. You've snuck away from your real life for those few important moments....to get your daily fix. You're at your computer, logged into your Google account eagerly anticipating steal time. You have BabySteals.com, KidSteals.com and ScrapbookSteals.com all up in different browsers, ready to refresh at precisely 9am. Your mobile phone is next to you, ready to get the mobile alert from our Twitter or Facebook pages on your phone. You're logged into your Facebook account, ready to brag to all the other moms that you snagged your steal j.u.s.t in time!

Does this sound like YOU? You're not alone. It's time to share your story!

We're giving away a $25 Gift Code to a lucky winner- to feed the addiction even more!

To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment here on our blog and tell us:

What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve done to get to your computer at 9am MST sharp? Tell us a steal story.

Then enjoy reading the others!

Contest ends Monday March 1st at 10am MST, random winner announced here by 5pm. Winner selected via random.org. There are no strings with the $25 Gift Code. It will be valid on anything, anytime, of your choice, up to $25, in the year 2010. Good luck!

PS. Wordpress only allows a certain amount of comments per minute to prevent spam. If you get a message saying "too many comments" just try again in a few minutes or come back later- there is plenty of time to enter!

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