aden+anais 50K Facebook Fan Giveaway Winner!

Over 3,000 of you entered our aden+anais 50K Facebook Fan Giveaway, and we can't tell you how much fun it was to read your comments about how much our Facebook community means to you!

Oh where to I begin? My favorite thing about the FB page (if I have to pick one) is the supportive information sharing that goes on. The page goes so far beyond being just a fan page and has become a network of great parenting information and insight. It is part of my morning (and afternoon, and coffee break...and evening...haha) routine to check out the fan page. I have met moms from all over (some of whom have become wonderful friends) and that has been absolutely wonderful. So hats off to you BS for creating such a wonderful network of wonderful mothers.
I love that fans help each other out.
I really enjoy the facebook page because as a new mom I am able to find very helpful information to help me be as succesful as possible when raising my little girl. Thank you everyone for all the helpful information you provide.

Well hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen, because we have our winner ....

Ashley #2609
I love the facebook fan page because there are so many helpful moms on there. Anytime I have a question, there are always people more than willing to help out. I love having the little community of other moms. If I am ever looking for something to do, I always log on and check out what everyone else is up to!

Congratulations Ashley! This lucky ducky will soon be swimming in the finest muslin available! All we ask is that she spread the word about one of our (and your) favorite brands, aden+anais!



For those of you whose sweet tooth got the best of you and you snagged a lollitop, check out this great story about the owner Kim, and all the happy helpers who made your hats with love and care:

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