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Moms do it all and the ladies behind Ju-Ju-Be are no exception. For today’s Mom Tip Monday, Kristin Hunziker and Rachelle Croft share their best tips on motherhood and organization.

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Tag Team with Kristin and Rachelle of Ju-Ju-Be

Rachelle and Joe with their kids

Kristin with her kids

Rachelle: My best tip -- preparation is the key to staying organized. On school nights, the kids help me pack their lunches the night before so we don’t have to rush around in the morning. I also put their clothes out the night before.

Kristin: I let my kids pick their own clothes -- I don't care (within reason) :) if they don't match perfectly. My best organizational tip is to have everything in its place and then you are more efficient. For example, I found that I was always running upstairs for socks because we didn’t think to put them on upstairs. Now I have a drawer for socks downstairs in my house and the kids pick their own.

Rachelle: Oh… I used to do that too! When my kids were in diapers, I kept diapering supplies upstairs and downstairs (plus a packed Be Quick in the car for that inevitable time when you have run out of diapers in your diaper bag!) But my biggest and bestest tip is that I don’t sweat the messes and the chaos (much to Joe’s chagrin!) I figure it is a few short years that we get to have these little cuties in our homes and we can have a clean house when they are grown. My advice is to spend time playing with them instead of making everything perfect. Of course, you have to clean sometimes but you can involve your kids and give them age appropriate chores.

Kristin: I heard Rylan say to Natalie today "nothing in this world is perfect." I was so proud cuz I say that all the time.

Rachelle: That is GREAT! Another fun thing for our two families is having them be involved in the business. We just finished painting a school bus like a zebra to commemorate our new print Safari Stripes. The kids had a blast helping with that project! And they absolutely love helping us name new prints and bags. Of course, sometimes the names are not very creative (like “black and white circles” aka Midnight Eclipse) or they are too creative (like “Griffin’s Green and Orange Lego Creation”…aka Jungle Maze).

Kristin: Yes, they try to help but we all just end up giggling! So, Rachelle, what is your last minute advice?

Rachelle: If all else fails then eat a cupcake….or three.

Kristin: Or a whoopie pie. It solves most any organizational crisis.

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Thank you ladies! Certainly some smart tips from smart moms.

Now guess who came to visit BabySteals this summer...Ju-Ju-Be! We were so excited to welcome Joe and Rachelle to our headquarters and have a little one-on-one time. I see some great things in our future together! Watch their interview with with our owner, Jana.

Stay tuned for another great mom tip next week!

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