Update on Cancellations

We get it, stealing is speedy business! You have to snap up that deal before it's gone and sometimes there's no time to think. But take a deep breath -- due to changes in the Google Checkout/Google Wallet cart, there is no longer a 15-minute window for cancellations. Since Google Wallet now charges your card immediately upon purchase, we can't accommodate cancelled orders.

Because of the steal price and speed of shopping on our website, purchasing with us is different than traditional online stores. Please carefully review your order before it is placed. Once it's stolen, it's yours!

That also means we aren't able to edit your order -- our shipping is faster than a speeding bullet. So fast that not even our shipping superheroes can stop it without altering the axis of the earth!

So take a deep breath, review your order, and steal!

And remember, our customer service team is always available to answer your order-related questions. Email us at customerservice@stealnetwork.com.

*Happy Stealing*

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