EscapeeJays Escape-Proof Toddler Pajamas

Just when you thought your little escape artist would be stripped of jamies every time you go to check on him or her, today's steal, EscapeeJays Pajamas, was born! EscapeeJays features a back zipper so they can't wiggle out with a neck-to-ankle zipper for easy access for diaper changes. All the time your mini Houdini spent escaping now leaves much more time for sleep. We thought they were so intriguing, we decided to do a little Q&A with Paul from EscapeeJays.
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How did you come up with the idea?
I had several friends who separately vented about their toddlers getting out of their pajamas during sleep times. Unfortunately, this issue didn't stop there...the diapers came off and my poor friends were left with a mess. I love to come up with solutions to problems and seeing the anguish my friends and family were experiencing inspired me to pursue a fix. After many, many hours of research and design, EscapeeJays was born.


How do EscapeeJays work?
The solution to the problem isn't solely in moving the zipper to the back (although that provides a slight deterrent to motivated toddlers!). The best solution is to prevent toddlers from pulling their arms inside their pajamas. If they can't get their little arms in, they can't get them out of the neck, or even worse, into their diaper! We were able to accomplish this with a patent-pending design that has been toddler-tested and parent-approved. We are firm believers that what happens in a diaper should stay there! We have an almost 100% success rate. I say almost due to a couple sets of collaborating twins that helped each other out. (The irony is that I'm the uncle to one set!)


So, what can I expect with a pair of EscapeeJays?
EscapeeJays look and feel like traditional zip-up pajamas. The only part visually different is the zipper placement on the back. Though they look and feel like regular PJs, they serve a specific purpose.


What is the vision for your company?
When we first encountered this issue four years ago, we were surprised to find that the common solution to the problem involved the use of duct tape. Yes, duct tape! In this age of advanced technology, why are we using duct tape to keep toddlers clothed?
As a company, we never want to forget who our customer is. Our first focus is on the toddler. We want EscapeeJays to live up to it's purpose of keeping toddlers cozy, clean, comfortable, and clothed all night long.


Tell us about your mascot, Jay?
Jay is a jailbird that wants to be as naked as a jaybird, but he can't because of his EscapeeJays. He's frustrated; but he's clothed. Jay is a companion character for your toddler. He's clothed and so is your toddler.
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