Drink the Water at BabySteals

If you ever get the question, "where do babies come from?" we have the answer -- BabySteals. With welcoming 11 new babies into the Steal Network family this year (and #12 coming next month!), everyone started to wonder if there's something in the water. Well, sure enough there is! After two years of bringing a water bottle to work, I finally got thirsty one day and caved ... I took a sip. And well, now Hotel Utero is open for business.

Want a little bun in your oven? You may want to consider drinking the water at BabySteals...

If you're looking for your own bottle, come visit us! We'll take you right to the source. But beware, this isn't diet water...it's sure to make you gain a few LBs. But it's sure to get you glowing with mommy excitement. <3

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