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Meet Jessica, a BabySteals Buying Team member and mom to two kiddos. Amber necklaces were her lifesaver during teething! Read more about her experience and why our buyers wanted to bring this steal to you on the blog.

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Raising children is tough – there are hurdles to jump, milestones to meet, and development to nurture. Being a “BabySteals Mom” has introduced me to so many products that make my kids happier, and our lives easier. My very favorite find in the three years I have worked here? Baltic amber.

Amber necklaces changed my life. That sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true. I have two kids, a preschooler, and a toddler. By the time I was introduced to Baltic amber, my oldest, Miss Preschool, had most of her teeth, but was beginning the dreaded molar stage. Miserable doesn't begin to explain the pain she was in, or how we felt after a long night of comforting her. Luckily, I found myself working at BabySteals at this point in our teething journey, and in perfect timing, we had a baltic amber necklace steal. This was the first time I had truly paid attention to Baltic amber. I had seen and read about it before, but hadn't given it all that much thought. Then, with the click of my mouse, I was willing to try anything to help her; and I am so glad I did! Baltic amber changed her teething experience from being a miserable, painful, Tylenol-every-4-hours kind of time, to being one that was virtually pain free. She felt better, she was sleeping through the night, the whining and crying were dramatically reduced. With a happy, teething kiddo in tow, and first-hand experience under my belt, I became an amber believer.

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My second baby, Mr. Toddler, has had the luxury of being raised in BabySteals, meaning not a single tooth was allowed to peek from hisgums without a Baltic amber necklace included in his everyday wear. The best part of getting to do teething again (yes, I said best part!) was learning that our experience with our daughter was not a fluke. Teething does not have to be miserable! Our little man rocks a necklace as often as possible. Drooling isn’t an issue, and his pain seems much more tolerable (if not non-existent). Teething at our house goes much more smoothly when a Baltic amber necklace or bracelet is present.

Let’s be honest for a moment. My hubby was worried about putting a necklace on our little boy; a necklace, on a boy? What would people say?! We get comments and questions everywhere we go…but not the negative comments he had anticipated. Everyone wants to know what it does, where we found it, and mention just how cute our little “surfer guy” is. We jump at every opportunity to talk about amber with anyone that hasn’t heard of it. Every parent should know, love, and use Baltic amber for their children.

At BabySteals, we have so much personal experience with Baltic amber necklaces and bracelets. Because of the success we have seen with our own children, it is a steal that we want to bring back again, and again. I hope that you are as thrilled with your amber experience as we have been with ours.

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