What You REALLY Need in Your Delivery Bag!

Hey nesting mama! Ready to pack for your delivery? Whether you're packing up to have your baby in a hospital, birth center, or even for the convenience of having everything in one place for your home birth, I'm sure you're trying to decide what to bring. But what do you really need? Have I mentioned that there have been 20 maternity leaves at STEALS.com in the last two years? Take it from us -- the moms here at babySTEALS have compiled a tried and true list of things you may not know to pack or that, as experienced mamas, we wished we had!

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What You Really Need in Your Delivery Bag from babySteals.com

Adult disposable underwear
We're talking Depends here, ladies. It might sound weird, but several of us love them more than mesh panties or maternity panties since they are comfortable, don't bunch up, and provide plenty of protection for post-delivering bleeding. Not saying you'll use them to errr...go potty, but if you leaked a bit, well, at least you'd be covered! Just casually toss a box into your cart next time you're at the store. You will thank us!

Okay this is on most lists, but even though nurses will bring you food, you may want something of your own when you're starving in the middle of the night or in between visits. And pack a few for Dad, too. With all the support he's giving you, he surely will appreciate something just for him!

Toiletries and clothes for Dad

He's a grown man, he can pack his own stuff, right? Well, he may be a great dad (or soon-to-be), but you may or may not want to rely on him remembering to get his stuff together ahead of time. Despite my reminders weeks before, my husband packed his bag as we were heading out the door when I was in very active labor. You may as well put those nesting hormones to good use!

Nursing pillow
If you plan on nursing, positioning yourself at the beginning can be difficult, especially if your muscles are sore from labor. A nice supportive nursing pillow can really help you get the hang of it those first few days.

Nipple cream
Unless you're going from nursing one baby to the next, you will probably want some nipple cream as your ninnies toughen up and get used to breastfeeding. Tip from us mamas: use it every. single. time you breastfeed at the beginning to help prevent cracking or bleeding. Good thing is it's safe for your baby, so even if your newborn wants to latch back on, you're good to do so.

Lip balm and lotion
After you give birth you may feel a little dehydrated. Your skin is a little drier than usual, so pick your favorite baby-friendly lotion and lip balm to pack along with you.

Newborn clothes
How does this miss so many packing lists?! Sure, the birth facility usually has newborn clothes, but they probably aren't nearly as cute as all those shower gifts! Pack some if you are staying for a few days or if baby has any accidents. And don't forget the take home outfit!

Swaddle blankets
Along the same lines, the hospital will generally provide a blanket for you if you need it, but if you have some of those deliciously soft and beautiful swaddle blankets, they are gorgeous for baby's first photos. 

Pajamas or clothes for mommy
Especially if you will be staying for a couple days, pack some comfortable gowns or nursing/maternity dresses so you don't have to wear the sometimes scratchy and not-so-cute gowns at the hospital or birth center. You will wear them for all those first pictures with your baby, so something cute, but comfortable. Pick something you'll be sure to wear later on, so they are practical jammies for later. Make sure you can easily breastfeed in them, if applicable.

An extra stretchy, non-underwire bra and breast pads
Whether or not you're nursing, if your milk comes in, your ladies will swell. Pick something extra soft and stretchy. It will be a good sleeping bra for you later, even if you choose to go to an underwire for the support later. And don't forget the nursing pads!

Dipes and wipes

Some of us went home with a bunch of free, high-quality diapers and wipes, while other moms got dry wipes and crummy diapers. Pack up some newborn diapers and wipes to bring with, just in case you're not in love with the ones there. Or if you're planning to cloth diaper right away, be sure to pack some.

A lot of places have DVD players in the rooms these days. You may want to get some shut eye while you can, but turning on some ambient noise may help you sleep after a long day and keep Dad entertained while you rest.

Baby book or journal
Bring along a baby book or journal to stamp baby's little tootsies in, get notes from those who helped you through your delivery, write thoughts and emotions, or maybe even log your birth story. It's a great thing to work on while your newbie is asleep in between visitors.

An extra fold up bag
Whether you get stuff to take home or people bring you gifts, having an extra bag to shove all the extras in will help when you're packing to head home.

Going home dress
Sure, many lists will tell you a going home outfit that would fit you when you're about 5-6 months pregnant, but we say go for a high-waisted dress. That way you don't have to worry about anything in between your legs if you are still sore (plus, you're wearing an adult diaper, after all). Find something that's loose on your tummy, which is also helpful if you have a C-section. Find something soft, stretchy, and nursing-friendly if you plan to breastfeed.


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