Jessica's Moms Into Fitness Success Story

Meet Jessica.

Mother of three kids and a customer service partner in crime, she recently took on a major lifestyle change and lost 50 pounds doing Moms Into Fitness with Lindsay Brin! She is such an inspiration to everyone in the office for getting healthy and we asked her to share her story. Scroll down to learn more and see her amazing before and after!

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I have never been a believer of workout DVDs. I have seen the pictures and just thought, "Yeah right! To get good results you need to go to the gym, have a trainer, a personal chef, etc." Well, I since have learned that is wrong.

My weight gain was typical — I had three kids and worked full time ever since I graduated college. Making poor choices in the kitchen and not making time for myself left me with the excuse I did not have time to work out and be a good mother and wife.

One day my husband told me that he was watching the kids and to go to the gym. I felt so good getting my blood pumping. I decided to start some DVDs I bought while pregnant. I started Pretty Fierce Weight Loss and LOVED IT. The workouts were short enough that I could fit them in, but still were a great workout. I won't lie — they are not easy. You sure have to push yourself. I told myself I would not give up. I found that for me the best time to workout was after the kids were in bed.

After 4 weeks I was SHOCKED to see the number on the scale. I could not believe I had lost 12 lbs! It kept me going. I followed the meal plan and stuck to my calories. I found new and healthier food for my family, and best of all, I had so much more energy. I got so much more done, and played more with my kids. At the end of the 8 weeks I lost 22lbs and a total of 22.5 inches! I could not have been happier. After I finished the 8 weeks I started it again. I lost another 18lbs and 20 inches. I went from a size 14 to a 6! I never thought I could wear pants that small.

After those 16 weeks I wanted to try something new. I started Pretty Fierce Lean Out a few weeks ago and I love it as well. It is challenging, but I am up for it. I have lost another 10lbs for a total of 50lbs and I now wear a size 4! More than anything I have learned that I am important too. I need to take time for myself and as I do I am a much better mom and wife. I will forever be grateful to Lindsay Brin for all she has taught me. She has changed my life.

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