You're Invited โ€“ BabySteals 8th Birthday Week Celebration

It's our birthday week!ย ๐ŸŽ‰ ย We officially turn 8 years old this Thursday, April 28th, but we'll be having fun all week long from April 24 through April 30th.


Aside from the amazing steals we have lined up from your all-time favorite brands this week, be sure to keep checking the blog.ย We will have:

...and maybe a few more surprises, you just never know what we're going to do around here! It will be a fun week, that's for sure! We're so happy you're here to celebrate with us at We feel so blessed to be here and itโ€™s all because of you.

We are pulling out all the stops this week, so stay tuned to our email alerts, Facebook, Instagram and daily steals! Get a sneak peek at what's to come here.

Live Chat Schedule:


Date ย  ย  Time
Monday, April 25 ย  ย  8am PST
Tuesday, April 26 ย  ย ย 12pm PST
Wednesday, April 27 ย  ย ย 9am PST
Thursday, April 28 ย  ย  2pm PST
Friday, April 29 ย  ย  TBD



To launch the week, we are celebrating with a very special giveaway!

BabySteals 8th Birthday Giveaway
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