Deluxe Classic Tie Chair

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Toddlers are busy and you're a mom on the go—and just because you're out and about doesn't mean kiddo won't get hungry. Can't pack a high chair around in your trunk. Don't worry, we have the solution! This portable, foldable, machine-washable wonder is here to save the day—and all you need to make it work is a regular adult dining chair. Introducing, the Tie Chair. This fan favorite is back in fun BabySteals prints, designed just for you. Clean, safe, and fashionable, the Tie Chair is like having a highchair in the pocket of your diaper bag. Relax, with Tie Chairs, eating on-the-go with a tot will be a breeze.

Enjoy the convenience, simplicity, and timelessness
of the Tie Chair—you will be fit to be tied!

Available in Two BabySteals Designs

  • blue/grey/green/black stripe- modern stripe, in gender neutral tones
  • grey/blue rocket- simple yet youthful, with a trendy stone grey and blue pallet

Why Do Parents Love the Tie Chair?

  • ideal for little ones ages 8 months (or when they can sit unassisted) until about 3 years old
  • option to tie in the front for laid back babes, or in the back for the grabby types
  • perfect when high chairs are not available - travel, restaurants, home, grandma's house, friends and family members' houses, and dinner events
  • helps little ones feel like a big boy or girl sitting in a big seat
  • 100% wrinkle resistant cotton with no confusing plastic, buckles, or snaps
  • machine washable
  • easily rolls up and fits in diaper bag
  • deluxe soft cotton sewn with a double topstitch for extra long lasting durability
  • lined with fabric to ensure quality; lining color may vary slightly due to variance in fabric type

How To Use the Tie Chair

1. Simply slide the Tie Chair over the back of the chair, and tie the top two ties in the back so the Tie Chair is secure.

2. Next, place your child on the seat, and lift the harness between the legs, up to the top of the chest, directly under the arms.

3. Finally, wrap the straps around the back in a criss-cross, the around the front, tying them snugly. (Straps can be wrapped around again for extra security.)

4. Your child is now safely secured in the chair!

About Tie Chair

After months of design ideas inspired by her youngest daughter's demands to join the family at the table, the savvy inventor of the Tie Chair settled on a design. She began using the Tie Chair in public, at family gatherings, friends' houses, and while traveling, and questioned how she had survived without it. Not long afterward, she was being asked by others where they could find one. After encouragement from her husband, the inventor decided to patent her invention and sell it to other mom's with the same need.

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