Weehuggers Diaper Cover and Hobo Wet Bag

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In case you haven't heard, cloth is cool! Easy, cute, eco-friendly, and much less expensive than disposables, it is no wonder they are so popular. Weehuggers has mastered the modern cloth diaper and wet bag, with some of the cutest styles available. Give your child a hug with their adjustable diaper covers. Then toss them in their funky Hobo-style Wet Bag for smell-free storage until laundry day. They've thought of it all so you don't have to and created these amazing products to make life a simpler, and a whole lot more fun.

Cloth diapers made with moral fibers.

Adjustable Diaper Cover Features

  • simple, reusable, and waterproof
  • true leg gussets
  • adjustable size snaps allow them to grow with your baby
  • secure fit
  • durable waterproof polyester
  • "stay-put" laminated bamboo/organic cotton flaps that insure inserts stay in place
  • machine washable
  • hook & loop—mitten-shaped closures & built-in laundry tabs
  • snaps—adjustable snap closures

*inserts sold separately


size weight waist thigh rise
1 6-18 lbs 11"-19" 3.5"-10" 12.5"-15"
2 15-35 lbs 15"-23" 6"-13.5" 15"-19"

Hobo Wet/Laundry Bag Features

  • deodorizing hobo-style laundry bag or wet bag
  • available in two sizes
    • small measures 16" x 14" - holds 10 wet diapers and includes an additional zippered pocket for your clean ones and/or wipes
    • large measures 17" x 25" - holds 18-20 wet diapers
  • durable and waterproof PUL
  • quality designer cotton prints
  • simply zip it up and hang it from a doorknob or hook
  • use the bag as a stylish multi-purpose pool bag, gym bag, grocery bag, or carry-all
  • perfect for those overnight trips when you don't want to offend your host with a stinky diaper pail
  • innovative wee-be-gone patch is odor-absorbing, washable and infinitely reusable
  • 4.5" x 5.75" wee-be-gone patch will also help to eliminate stink from gym clothes (perspiration), wet bathing suits (fungi), or even decomposing garbage
  • wash bags along with diaper load to renew the patch's odor neutralizing properties
  • patch works best with ammonia odors and is not recommended for heavy duty poopy smells

Are you ready to be a hands-on cloth diapering parent?

  • you would rather buy 50 cute cloth diapers than 5,000 throw-away diapers over the course of your child's diapering years
  • you'd like to save a few trees
  • you'd like to save a few bucks
  • you'd like to avoid diaper rashes and don't mind changing your baby's diaper as soon as they are wet
  • you prefer natural & organic fabrics on your baby over paper that's been chlorine bleached (dioxins), perfumed, and stuffed with "sodium polyacrylate gel beads"
  • you'd like your child to potty train early (a little known cloth diapering benefit)
  • you don't want to add to the 18 billion paper diapers that are thrown into landfills each year (fact: they take 400-500 years to decompose!)
  • you aren't bothered by an additional 2-3 loads of laundry a week
  • you don't want to contaminate local groundwater by adding soiled paper diapers into landfills
  • you're looking for sustainable solutions like bamboo and organic cotton because you care about the environmental impact of the products you use

About Weehuggers

Lisa Versaci worked in TV production, Nickelodeon to be exact. The hugging hands design came to her in the middle of the night as a flash of pure cuteness and inspired the creation of the company and the weehuggers™ brand. They are all about making cloth diapering fun, from the design of their products to the experience on their website.

About Blueberry

Blueberry offers the widest range of cloth diapers that uses organic cotton to ensure 100% good health and safety for America’s babies. They are non-toxic and non-irritating and have quickly become "the cleanest diapers on the planet.” Blueberry diapers contain no bleach, no chlorine and no pesticides on the cotton fibers. This is especially important because young children are more vulnerable to toxic exposure.

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