The Diaper Clutch

convenience and style in hip prints

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We hand-picked this because: the clutch conveniently (and stylishly) disposes wipes!

Organization is the key to limiting the stress of outings with a messy bum, and organization might as well be the Diaper Clutch's middle name. With space to fit a full pack of travel wipes, up to four diapers, and even a tube of balm, this clutch is the savvy survival kit every mama needs. Sophisticated prints keep this accident accessory fashionable even when you call on it to do the dirty work. Ingeniously designed for one-handed action, the Diaper Clutch gives you the freedom to hold your favorite pair of cheeks with one hand while your other hand mops up. This truly is where fashion and convenience meet.

About The Diaper Clutch

The Diaper Clutch mission is to keep moms and dads stylish while making diapering changing a lot easier and convenient. Because, lets face it... you gotta change those diapers, so why not do it with style?

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